Whitewater Rafting Canon City Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Canon City Colorado – So you tackled Bighorn Sheep Canyon Whitewater Class III last year and now you want more? Royal Gorge Rafting could be the perfect white water rafting trip for you! You might want to know if you or your pads are ready? How can you tell?

No one can tell you if you are ready, but we can prepare you for your experience. Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Browns Canyon bring you primarily Class III rapids at most water levels. The classification scale is from I to VI, from I to VI it is a very light current, it is impossible to pass this effect. The classification does not reflect the extent of the recklessness, but the consequences of its navigation. When you take Class IV and V whitewater, there are more technical exits or entries in true rapids, more difficult obstacles, and larger wave formations. Bottom line, there is more white water, more technical, more continuity and more excitement. Do you need more information on whitewater classification? Check out our rating guide on our FAQ page!

Whitewater Rafting Canon City Colorado

The riverbed (gradient) of Bighorn Sheep Canyon drops about 30-35 feet per mile. King Canyon has double the gradient per mile at Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the speed increases as the river narrows. There are three main features of the rapids in the Royal Gorge… continuous. Because the section is classified Class IV and V, there are fewer routes through the rapids, bigger waves and less time to recover after each rapid. The teams must be prepared for the additional challenges, but the adrenaline rush is well worth it.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting On The Arkansas River

Before we go, the guides will give you all the information you need about river safety. That way you and your team will be well prepared. We usually spend the first mile of white water rafting the Royal Gorge early in the day practicing all this from a safety point of view. Our guides take time to walk each crew to prepare for non-stop action. Our team wants to give you a safe and fun experience and we make sure we swim as a team.

Because the rapids are so close together, we also practice stopping the boat on purpose to catch our breath and enjoy the scenery. As part of this strategy, we will ensure that the rest of the boat fleet can proceed safely. You, the rowing crew of our Viking warship, are the key to our success. With everyone paddling together, feet locked and smiles on their faces, we can offer a safe and fun rafting experience on the Royal Guiana River.

We have five different Royal Gorge white water rafting trips. Our Half Day, Full Day and Grand Slam (2x) tours are the best bang for your buck for the perfect day’s adventure! If your group or family is looking for overnight adventures, multi-day trips on the Arkansas River also include King’s Gorge.

Your safety and comfort is our top priority. As your leading specialist in white water rafting in Colorado, we are dedicated to providing the best experience for your group or family. If you’re having trouble deciding which tour is best for you, give us a call and we’ll help.

Most Popular Colorado Springs Rafting Trips

Since its founding in 1973, Arkansas River Tours has been dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality river tours available. A summer visit to Canon City, Colorado is a vacation you’ll never forget! With such a wide range of outdoor activities, shops and restaurants – you won’t have time to get bored! America’s most popular white water rafting river, the Arkansas, flows through Canyon City, Colorado. A Canon City vacation doesn’t end with white water rafting on the Arkansas River, especially through the Royal Gorge. You won’t find better whitewater rafting gear than Wilderness Aware!

Many guests return year after year to enjoy Canon City, the Royal Gorge and the beautiful Arkansas River. With so many things to do, white water rafting is just one of the many activities you can do.

When you book a Brown Canyon rafting trip, you are participating in Colorado’s most popular white water rafting experience! Draw the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colorado, near Denver, Colorado Springs, and major resort towns. Suitable for all skill levels and ages 7 and up, you can enjoy a Brown Canyon rafting adventure anytime between May 1 and Labor Day.

Enjoy a half day full of white water on the Arkansas River. Based out of Buena Vista, Colorado, this adventure is close to Denver, Colorado Springs, and major resorts. This trip, which will run from May 1 to Labor Day, is open to all skill levels and to children ages 7 and up.

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Enjoy a gentle stretch of the Arkansas River on this mild and gentle half-day adventure. This family tour leaves from Buena Vista, Colorado near Denver and Colorado Springs. Toddlers ages 4 and up and strollers of all skill levels will love this tour, which runs from May 1 through Labor Day. Beautiful scenery and exceptional guides make this tour a favorite among guests!

Take in two amazing sections of the Arkansas River in one day! You’ll start with the fun and fast pace of Brown Canyon and finish with the challenging and technical pace of Numbers. This tour departs from Buena Vista, Colorado, near Denver and Colorado Springs, and is recommended for advanced riders and ages 14 and up. Available from 15 May to 20 August.

Experience great rafting and relaxation on one amazing trip on the Arkansas River. Enjoy whitewater rafting sessions, comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations, and delicious dining options at local restaurants. Sail from Buena Vista, Colorado – near Denver and Colorado Springs – anytime between May 15 and Labor Day. Suitable for all skill levels and ages 10 and up.

Enjoy two full days of spectacular Class III-IV whitewater rafting and secluded river camping in Browns Canyon National Monument on this famous Arkansas River trip. This multi-day adventure for all skill levels and ages 8 and up leaves from Buena Vista, Colorado, Colorado Springs near Denver, and major resorts. The tours are available from 1 May to 25 August.

Visiting The Royal Gorge In Cañon City: Where To Eat, Play, And Sleep

Escape everyday life on a thrilling, action-packed adventure on the Arkansas River. Enjoy spectacular white water during the day, including white water rafting in Brown Canyon National Monument, and secluded camping at night. This tour departs from Buena Vista, Colorado – near Denver and Colorado Springs – and is suitable for all skill levels and ages 8 and up. Join us between 15 May and 15 August.

Take us to nearly every site we offer, including Browns Canyon National Monument on the Arkansas River – all in one unforgettable 5-day trip! Flying between 15 May and 15 August, this adventure welcomes rafters of all skill levels and children aged 8 and up. Meet and drop off in Buena Vista, Colorado, near Denver and Colorado Springs.

Before western settlers came to the area where Canon City is located today, it was a frequent camping site for the Ute Indians, Colorado’s only indigenous tribe. In 1858, settlers appeared on the banks of the Arkansas River. By 1860, the first buildings were completed and the town was nothing more than a mining camp.

It was the gold they were looking for. Canyon City grew rapidly due to the gold rush that created prosperous communities throughout Colorado. However, when the search for gold did not yield the desired amount, oil was found instead. In late 1861, a man named A. M. Cassaday drilled for oil about six miles north of town. It struck oil at a depth of 50 feet and completed the first commercial oil well west of the Mississippi. After the arrival of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad in 1874, the community became a shipping point for agricultural products, livestock, minerals, and quarried marble. Smelters were built in Canon City after the last great Colorado gold rush in 1891 near Cripple Creek.

Echo Canyon River Expeditions

Since then, Canyon City, with a population of nearly 16,000, has continued to thrive. The area attracts large crowds during the summer for various tourist activities.

Canyon City is the perfect destination for your first Colorado vacation. Outdoor activities abound – hiking, rafting, and camping make a Canyon City vacation the trip of a lifetime. Take a white water rafting trip on the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge, hike through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, or camp in the wilderness.

Be sure to visit many other towns and vacation destinations on your Canon City, CO vacation, including Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville, Breckenridge, Keystone, Aspen, Vail, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Gunnison . White water rafting is popular in Colorado rivers. And the costumes work to make a day on the river safer. On Echo Canyon River Expeditions in Canyon City, clients wear life jackets and helmets and listen to a safety briefing from the guides before boarding the boat. Echo Canyon Raft on the Arkansas River, Friday, July 26, 2019.

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