Whitewater Rafting Llc Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Llc Colorado – The Colorado River is the most famous river and the most commercial river in America. The upper Colorado River has its headwaters at Grand Lake near RMNP and flows southwest through Kremlin, Glenwood Springs, and Grand Junction.

The Colorado River is bisected by several dams and has two main branches: the Upper Colorado River (in Colorado) and the Lower Colorado River (beginning at Lee’s Ferry in Coconio County, Arizona). It is a major river in the southwestern United States that originates in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and flows southwest to the Gulf of California. Some people try to kayak the whole way.

Whitewater Rafting Llc Colorado

There are several popular sections of the Colorado River for rafting. One of the most popular river trips is the Grand Canyon on the lower Colorado River. We review several rafting trips in the state of Colorado on the Upper Colorado River.

Family Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Gore Canyon – This is the whitest commercial canyon in Colorado. The Upper Valley portion of the Colorado River has some of the fastest V-class rapids in the country and the highest gradient drop per mile in Colorado. This trip is for advanced paddlers only. It is located near the Kremlin.

Little Gore Canyon – There is also a section called Little Gore Canyon that features Class I-II, suitable for families, children and those who want to swim a little.

Pump house / Radim – The Colorado River flows southwest between Kremlin and Bond. Along the way, it passes through a beautiful valley along Route 1. At the bottom of the Gori gorge is the entertainment center of the pump house. Includes a campground and three boat launches to access Class II and III rapids.

You can see people diving in the ancient radium hot springs near the Colorado River. The pump house is a few miles downstream from the boat launch. Adjacent to the popular camping and rafting headquarters of Rancho Del Rio, this area of ​​the Colorado River is popular for recreational swimming and river tubing.

Whitewater Rafting Trips, Tube And Sup Rentals

Glenwood Canyon – Take in the views of Glenwood Canyon on a class III-IV whitewater rafting trip, or just relax on a scenic float tour. This is a more accessible section of the Upper Colorado River near Glenwood Springs.

Rafts will land on the banks of the Colorado River after traveling through Glenwood Canyon. Photo: Steven Martin Early-season whitewater rafting in Colorado often requires a wetsuit, a helmet, and a minimum of experience. Even though the snow melts are slow in July and the pace isn’t great, there’s still plenty of fun to be had, especially if you’re new to the sport. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned river rat, here are the ten best whitewater rafting tours in Colorado:

Named Best Rafting in Denver by Fairlieson’s 2018 Edition, Royal Gorge is a must-see for thrill seekers. On this stretch of the Arkansas River in Cayon City, intermediate and advanced rafters will encounter giant slides and rapids that reach Class V difficulty. Book a half-day tour with Raft Masters, or if you’d like to warm up a bit, consider a full-day tour that starts in the tranquil Bighorn Sheep Canyon.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Clear Creek, a great rafting experience for the less fortunate – especially families with young children; Beginners as young as six can experience Idaho Springs’ historic mining valley. Although the trip is only seven kilometers long, eleven Class II-III rapids keep things interesting and provide advanced visitors with a great introduction to rafting. Learn more on the AVA website or search for similar tours from other local organizations.

Colorado River & Roaring Fork River Whitewater Rafting Trips

It takes a high level of skill, physical strength and serious courage to lug the entire 24 kilometers of the Upper Animas River. Two- and three-day trips are available through Mountain Water Rafting, and reservations include tickets for the famous Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The train rides to Put In, where class III-V rapids, camp meals and amazing views await.

Interested in a night tour but don’t have advanced enema skills yet? Check out the San Miguel River near Telluride, where cool and wild rafting offers two-day trips with Class II-III rapids. At the top of the mountain, the mountain terrain turns to desert, where climbers slide down a red sand canyon. Ten or more children can join us, making for an unforgettable family experience.

There are many rafting tours in Glenwood Springs, but a half-day trip from Whitewater Rafting LLC is rated as a top choice among locals. The three-hour excursion hits Shoshone Rapids in Glenwood Canyon, and while the rapids are rated Class III-IV, children as young as five can participate. Where the river below is calm, lumber is invited to the natural hot springs found along the Colorado River.

The easiest rafting trip on the list, the Upper Colorado River is known as one of the best Class II rivers in the country. With AVA, even two-year-olds can join a 5-mile swim through Gore Ridge and mountain ranchland. By booking with Downstream Adventures, you’ll have the opportunity to jump off a 25-foot cliff and soak in the all-natural Radium Hot Springs, considered one of the hottest springs in Colorado.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting & Outdoor Adventure Trips

If you’re looking for a less strenuous hike, check out Brown Canyon. This national monument, located between Salida and Buena Vista, is known as the most popular white water rafting destination in America. A half day or full trip with Brown Canyon Rafting is perfect for the family, but whether you’re looking for a romantic, weekend outdoor adventure, there are hot springs, scenic drives and more nearby. Together it is a beautiful place.

Located just five minutes from downtown Aspen, Slaughterhouse is a signature whitewater spot on the Roaring Fork River. Adrenaline junkies will love the six-foot Slaughterhouse Falls Plunge, and other class IV rapids along the six-mile route. Half-day trips are available through Aspen Whitewater Rafting and Elk Mountain Expeditions.

The only National Wild and Scenic River in Colorado, Cache La Poudre is known for fishing and kayaking and is one of the best miles near Denver. Despite its proximity to Fort Collins, special use permits prevent tour companies, making for a less crowded experience. Book a full-day Mountain Whitewater tour to experience these exhilarating Class II-IV wetlands.

The Blue River in the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area offers whitewater rafting near Summit County. The three-mile course is full of Class III rapids, perfect for the inexperienced but ready for a challenge. Due to the controlled water flow of Dillon Reservoir, swimming time is shorter than other areas. Contact AVA to inquire about its availability for express tours.

Thrill Seeking Travelers Can Find A Rush In Glenwood

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Best Rivers To Raft In Colorado

Just 20 miles west of Mile High City, you can hop on an inflatable raft and cruise Clear Creek with its cool waters and wild rapids. In fact, Clear Creek has more waterfalls per mile than most commercial rafting rivers in the state.

That’s why whitewater rafting and other family adventures on Clear Creek are our specialty. Enjoy breathtaking views and the chance to see Colorado wildlife as you run.

Clear Creek County is home to several great rafting companies ready to organize your ultimate rafting trip today. Check out our list of local organizations below.

When the river starts to flow fast, rapids can form and create turbulence, resulting in foamy currents known as “whitewater”. In Clear Creek, local rafting companies have found the best “white water” spots on our river and surrounding waters.

Whitewater Rafting On The Colorado River Near Glenwood Springs

Because white water rapids move faster, they can make for a more exciting rafting experience. Go for a swim along the river or ride the waterfalls with the outdoorsy people.

By law, all rafters must have a Colorado River Equipment License, as regulated by Colorado State Parks, which conducts safety inspections during rafting.

This means that all rafts, equipment, guide details, cleaning procedures, safety rules and trip planning meet strict standards.

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