Where To Stay In Tamarindo Costa Rica

Where To Stay In Tamarindo Costa Rica – No longer just a sleepy surfing and fishing spot, Tamarindo has great restaurants, shops, art galleries, a thriving nightlife, sightseeing tours and plenty of places to stay.

Tamarindo hotels are different in style, but what they have in common is a convenient location, close to beautiful beaches and nightlife.

Where To Stay In Tamarindo Costa Rica

Horseback riding, ziplining, kayaking and nature tours are all here. There is sailing, sport fishing and diving or snorkeling to enjoy. And in town, restaurants, bars, shops and nightlife are suitable for all tourists.

Hotel Capitán Suizo, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

When looking for a Tamarindo hotel, there are a variety of options. Let your travel advisor know if you want to be close to nightlife or if you want a private hotel or resort.

Cala Luna is hard to beat when it comes to relaxation. Ideal for couples and families, Cala Luna is one of the best hotels in Tamarindo, located in the “suburb” of Playa Langosta, in the south of the city.

Tamarindo Diria is a few steps from the beach and well located near the city center. This large beach resort has 239 guest rooms with luxury furnishings, cable, air conditioning and wireless internet.

Another option, in the hills outside the city, is the Wyndham Tamarindo, which has a wonderful view of the sea. There is an infinity pool, swim-up bar, sun loungers, gym, spa and restaurant. If you want to go into town, the hotel offers a boat to the beach every hour.

Tamarindo Dreams Villas With Private Pool From $220. Tamarindo Hotel Deals & Reviews

The Coast Hotel is located on the beach, with each room steps from the sand. The hotel offers hammocks and deckchairs under the trees. There are also free boogie boards. This boutique offers personal attention, attention to detail and a modern, inspired vibe.

The famous Capitan Suizo is also located on the beach, next to the Beach Hotel at the end of Tamarindo Beach. There are 35 bungalows here, each decorated with local items.

The JW Marriott Guanacaste is about 40 minutes from Tamarindo, near Playa Avellana, but it deserves credit for this location. This resort offers a five-star experience with four restaurants, two bars and a full-service spa. The 25,000 square meter beautiful pool has a sunken swim-up bar.

With accommodations for every taste, Tamarindo is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy every moment of your Costa Rica vacation.

Ten North Tamarindo Beach Hotel

Although it is not like the “real” Costa Rica, or most of the country, where you will see a different culture, it offers the perfect place for a party that is loved by many visitors.

About four nights will be enough. It would be nice to split the trip into two areas, adding a rainforest, volcano or cloud forest to Tamarindo. However, there is a lot to do in Tamarindo, so there is no need to split the trip into two parts.

Yes, although it is not as cruel or loud as many people think. There are stadiums, but also lots of good restaurants and fun bars.

A trap, no, but Tamarindo is for tourists. It has a great view and offers a great destination for tourists looking for surfing and nightlife. There are many ways to describe the best places to stay in Tamarindo. We have listed ten of them. (And yes, this review is one of the reasons!)

Kelly’s Surf Shop, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We have a philosophy. A proverb, if you will. Like this: Although everyday life can be hectic, the holidays should be the one time of the year when you can have it all. This should be the one time you don’t have to settle, you don’t have to give this up for it – the time to insist on being on your point and being happy with everything you want, no compromise required.

After all, this is the time to find the best accommodation in Tamarindo and book the one that fills your heart. Because this is your time. That is our philosophy and we stick to it.

And so, with that in mind, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite Tamarindo homes and spots. And by that we mean greater Tamarindo – especially the town, Playa Langosta and Hacienda Pinilla. (We’ll cover Playa Flamingo in the next post, promise!)

Located in the Los Malinches neighborhood of Hacienda Pinilla, Villa Lucia takes the home vacation experience to the next level, housed in a large colonial house. This is not your typical residential building, it starts with a grand scale: Villa Lucia is over 5,400 meters of stunning contemporary design.

Beach Bungalows In Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Walk through the front door and appreciate the details: Vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen, private patio and backyard and your own private bath. Every detail is perfect, from quality furniture and large windows, to coastal colors and thatched roofs. And, have we talked? Los Malinches luxury pool is also available.

And then, of course, there’s all of Hacienda Pinilla to explore: hiking/biking trails, a five-star beach club, miles of pristine beach, a golf course, and so much more. Well, this is an easy favorite.

Why it’s popular: In addition to its privileged and exclusive location, Villa Lucia has all the bells and whistles: air conditioning, wireless Internet, cable TV, and a washer/dryer. And we know it’s often the little things that put the cherry on top of your vacation.

The Crystal Sands community in Playa Langosta easily makes our list, thanks to its ocean views and amenities.

New Price. Exclusive!! Elegant Eco And Yoga Lodge Hotel Nestled In The Hills Near Tamarindo Beach

Located on the beach at Playa Langosta, Crystal Sands is a luxurious resort on the southern tip of Tamarindo Bay. This is a wonderful place for sun worshipers, surfers and anyone who loves the sound of waves, the sight of a peaceful sea and the feel of sand between their toes.

We are pleased to offer two rooms within Crystal Sands – Crystal Sands 104 and Crystal Sands Penthouse 504 – with two different experiences: the first, located on the ground floor, and the second, located on the fifth floor (tenant). Both are studies in seaside luxury, offering gourmet kitchens, ensuite bedrooms, panoramic sea views, elegant furnishings, playful color palettes and plenty of natural light.

Why it’s popular: Crystal Sands is more than just a place: An invitation to relax by the pool and sunbathe. And we can’t think of a better place to spend a lazy afternoon – or a lazy day. You’re on vacation, after all!

Located in Tamarindo, just across the street from the waterfront, Monte Perla condominiums offer million dollar ocean views and the luxury of a luxurious, affordable residence.

Hotel In The Shade — Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We now offer both Monte Perla #2 and Monte Perla #10, each offering ocean views from almost every room. The curved walls complement the beach of Tamarindo, setting the design of the houses and setting each one apart from the average cottage – the difference that goes between the houses, seen in their outdoor kitchens, airy bedrooms and interiors. Bonus points for air conditioning, WiFi and cable TV.

Why it’s a must: When you stay at Monte Perla, you have access to the resort’s amazing pool and sundeck. The traditional pool offers plenty of places to splash and swim, while the patio is the perfect spot to catch the rays, dine alfresco and watch the sunset.

There is something special about the Spanish-colonial architecture: the pink color palette, terracotta accents, ceramic tiles, arched doors, handmade wood and beautiful balconies – the desire and culture of the whole continent, reduced to a garden area.

We are pleased to offer Pueblo Colonial #1, Pueblo Colonial #2, Pueblo Colonial #5, Pueblo Colonial #9 and Casa Sunshine for your vacation – each room, two bedrooms, bathroom with all amenities: air conditioning, wireless internet, Kitchen fully equipped, private parking and large swimming pool with barbecue area. Go ahead, sunburnt.

Tamarindo Village Hotel

Why it’s desirable: The heart of Pueblo Colonia revolves around lush gardens and a private swimming pool. All in all, it’s a magical, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, but it’s only a 5-minute drive from the town of Tamarindo and one of Costa Rica’s best known for surfing and sand.

Casa Hamacas is a special place. Named after the awesome garden hammock that elevates a shady backyard into a private space, this is a space that invites you to kick back, relax, and embrace your vacation spirit.

Casa Hamacas strives to exceed all your expectations. Recently renovated, six bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen and two living rooms combine simple modern living with the tropics – reflecting the true meaning of Costa Rican luxury. And it’s all enhanced by the lush gardens, backyard wildlife, tame parrots and Hacienda Pinilla’s community amenities.

Why it’s popular: As beautiful as the inside, Casa Hamacas invites you to entertain outside. Step into the sun and go to a Balinese farmhouse with a full living room,  private pool, stylish hammocks and cool bags, lounge furniture and a large outdoor cooking area, grill,  large dining table. There is almost no reason to stay inside. Well, except this is Casa Hamacas and the interior is amazing.

Tamarindo Beach & Langosta

Located in the Lagos de Palma Real village of Hacienda Pinilla, Villa Almendro resides in a two-story condominium overlooking beautiful water and lush greenery. Because here it is

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