Whitewater Rafting Colorado Denver

Whitewater Rafting Colorado Denver – At MAD Adventures we offer white water rafting trips for most ages. At Colorado River we specialize in family and group friendly tours.

If you want to experience white water rafting with your kids for the first time, have a family reunion, or see the beautiful terrain from a river perspective, book a half-day, full-day or overnight trip. Rafting from Winter Park and Steamboat Springs Colorado is only 45 minutes away, so you can river rafting before campfire and marshmallow time.

Whitewater Rafting Colorado Denver

Clear Creek has both family friendly sections and more adventurous sections. For every mile, Clear Creek has more rapids than most rivers you can float. It makes for a very exciting ride even in the family friendly section. Clear Creek’s location near Denver (35 minutes), Winter Park (45 minutes) and Breckenridge (45 minutes) makes it an easy choice for rafting without a lot of driving. Clear Creek Rafting Trip is rated 4.8/5.0 by guests based on 56 ratings.

Take A ‘taste’ Of Poudre River Whitewater Rafting

Four-year-olds, grandparents, the young at heart, and everyone in between will enjoy our whitewater rafting on the Upper Colorado River…

Take it up a notch, as Emeril says, on a whitewater rafting adventure in Clear Creek. Our rafting meeting place in Dumont is easily accessible from Winter Park, Denver, Estes Park and Grand Lake…

If you’re looking for an overnight experience, these two- and three-day adventures make the perfect whitewater rafting vacation… Ask a non-native in Colorado how they got here, and chances are they’ll have something to say to say winter ahead. But to stay in the summer. It’s not uncommon for the state’s famous snow-capped peaks to open up. The star of the show, however, often emerges when the spring sun turns that mountain snow into liquid and flows down Colorado rivers in the early summer and early fall.

In an area known for its ski resorts, there are plenty of places to play in the water once the lifts close.

Best Rivers To Raft In Colorado

As with most ski resorts, river and raft tours are available for all levels of paddlers. Just like planning the right clothes and gear before climbing a mountain, going on a rafting trip involves some prep work. Whether the goal is a scenic raft or a tingling thrill, there are trips – and rivers – to suit both.

Beginners interested in whitewater rafting should “start small and work your way up,” says Travis Hochardt, a guide with River Runners in Buena Vista. He recommends finding a decent outfit for a “lightweight” raft trip or family raft.

Rating information is available for each river, but this can be confusing as each body of water is suitable for sustaining rapids of different intensity. Changes in water levels combined with Colorado’s turbulent weather can make river crossings easier one day and more difficult the next.

No significant waves or swells are characteristic of Class I water. Medium rapids and wide channels are typical of Class II. A more complex maneuver is expected in Class III waters due to the narrow channels and the number of obstacles encountered. Class IV is for advanced paddlers who can handle fast-moving water and sharp channels, but only experts should attempt Class V water because of the steep, difficult course and rough, fast water that allows rest between each obstacle. Finally, Class VI waters exist but are considered obsolete.

Colorado White Water Rafting

Hochard advises inexperienced or inexperienced paddlers not to hit the river until July and August, when the snow usually melts and the water calms down a bit. For rafting during peak runoff – which varies but often occurs between late May and early June – be prepared with a wetsuit or splash top.

The general consensus of experienced guides is that the Arkansas River (through Milk Run and Cottonwood Canyon) is a great place for beginners because its relatively steady rapids make for a gentle family-class trip. Another good entry-level spot is Clear Creek, although the family-friendly section isn’t as long as Arkansas.

The more advanced level of difficulty at Royal Gorge makes it best suited for families with older children. With some of the most breathtaking stretches of whitewater in the state, if not the country, people have to lift their jaws from the bottom of the boat two miles off the highway for Instagram-worthy photos of the dramatic cliffs. Even after a half-day trip, their social media feeds are flooded.

In addition to Royal Gorge, Browns Canyon and Numbers (both in Arkansas) are excellent places for advanced hiking for the more athletic and adventurous.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips And Tours

Whatever you choose, don’t go on a cruise thinking it’s a walk in the park. Ben Sack, who has been guiding rafting trips for 23 years and works with Echo Canyon River Expeditions in Ca, CT, says one of the biggest risks people take is not considering their own limitations.

“They think the rafting outfitter will keep them safe no matter what,” says Zack. “Don’t assume it. If you misjudge your physical and mental abilities and things go wrong on the river, you put yourself in a very dangerous position.

If you don’t heed the guide that shows you how to protect yourself in an emergency, the danger can start while you’re dry. They will offer tips that can make the difference between a good day and a very bad one.

“If you fall off the boat into the river, don’t get up,” Hochard warned. “You can get your foot stuck on a rock and drift away.”

White Water Rafting Denver, Colorado

Zack also says that even if you’re on a basic guided rafting trip, don’t assume you’ll never fall off the boat.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the raft (ie in the water) and can’t get back, don’t fight. Hover down on your back with your feet in front until you can find a point of departure and get to safety.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it alone. Even if you have a life jacket and your mobile phone is in a zip lock bag, a lot can go wrong. If the boat capsizes, gets stuck or gets lost, your dry cell phone will do you no good if there is no cell service and no one with you to plan a rescue.

If you are going without a professional guide, it is important to plan in advance how you will get from point A to point A, so make a plan – plan B too, because the raft will not be set up. A reverse option if you turn off the course

The Closest Spots For Whitewater Rafting In Northern Colorado

Half-day family floats start at $37 for children and $47 for adults, while more advanced trips start at $37-$90 for children and $45-$115 for adults. Some equipment is included in the price of the trip, although there are no tips. For half-day trips, a fee of $5-$7 per person is standard, while for full-day trips, $7-$10 per person is more appropriate. Experience our white water rafting near Denver, Colorado and it will be the highlight of your summer. A short drive from Denver, A Wanderlust Adventure offers great Denver rafting blasts with fun, continuous rapids. If you live in Denver and have never rafted the Poudre River, this is your chance. Why spend hours on another river when you can be in Colorado’s only “Wild and Scenic” river in 90 minutes? Another reason the Poudre River flows is that it is less congested than other rivers near Denver.

As one of Colorado’s least navigable rivers, the Poudre has limited headwaters. In fact, Clear Creek takes half the amount of Poudre rafting guests. Clear Creek also runs along Interstate 70, which is very busy with construction and traffic. Poudre runs along Highway 14, which is less busy than Interstate 70. When you raft Poudre Canyon with our company, you will feel like you are truly in the wilderness.

The scenery is breathtaking, but you’ll really remember the world-class rapids of the Poudre River! Unlike other pool and trickle rivers in the state, the Poudre River bursts with almost constant Class III and IV technical whitewater. Poudre also offers soft whitewater stretches that are perfect for families and first time rafters. May 15 – June 15 Raft to experience the high tide and excitement of this unique river and beautiful canyon. Experience a different river this summer. Raft the Poudre River with Wanderlust Adventures. For those on vacation

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