What To Wear To Hiking In The Summer

What To Wear To Hiking In The Summer – There’s fresh air, a sense of excitement and a sense of accomplishment—and a breathtaking view that makes for the perfect Instagram backdrop.

However, finding the right hiking gear can be frustrating. After all, striking the perfect balance between style and function isn’t easy.

What To Wear To Hiking In The Summer

Of course, the point of hiking isn’t to turn a trail into a runway—but we also think it doesn’t hurt to look good in nature.

East Coast Hiking: Weather And Clothing During The Warmer Seasons

Whether you’re taking an hour-long walk in the woods or an all-day hike to a mountain peak, we’ve got you covered in our guide to the perfect hiking outfit.

We review the latest summer hiking gear, winter gear, plus we’ll give you some gear for long hikes, casual hikes – and everything in between!

The main reason why putting together the perfect hiking outfit is so difficult is that you need to be prepared for everything.

When it comes to hiking gear, it’s not just about looking good – you also have to think about performance.

The Best Women’s Hiking Outfits For Summer

That’s especially true if you’re going for a long walk, let alone a transit trip (that’s a whole other story – trust us).

For now, let’s focus on outfit ideas for day hikes or outings that don’t require the mental and physical energy that comes with hiking.

So, let’s review the best hiking gear for every occasion—including heat, rain, snow, and more.

If the weather can be very cold, consider wearing warm layers. And if you plan to walk all day in bad weather – deep in the mountains for example – you can wear thick leggings as a layer under your pants.

What To Wear Hiking In Spring

While hiking on a cold day sounds like fun, you need to do everything you can to stay warm in any way possible—and that’s not always easy on the trail.

Oh, and you need to keep your feet warm too! You won’t believe how quickly your feet can get cold in the snow.

A good pair of hiking boots that are waterproof and warm are the best footwear for most trails.

Remember, no cute winter outfit is complete without a hat. A beanie will not only add a stylish touch to your hiking outfit, but will also keep you warm when you’re out in the cold.

What To Wear For A Summer Hike

The snow gets into your boots. The snow will also melt. And the socks get wet – and that’s the worst feeling in the world, not to mention dangerous.

We say that because you should know how important it is to wear long and warm socks. And keep a few extra pairs in your purse while you’re at it.

An important part of any good winter hiking outfit is the jacket. In that detail, a jacket goes well with nice walking shoes.

Trails can stretch for miles, so you’ll have every opportunity to stay warm when you’re in tough and unforgiving conditions.

Colorado Packing List For Summer

Having a pocket in your jacket is not only very practical, but it can also prevent your hands from freezing.

For example, you can wear nice gloves that match your jacket or hat.

Instead of wearing head-to-toe black, opt for a fun and flirty summer outfit.

Layer a lightweight, breathable tank top over a sports bra. If you want to go the extra mile with an outfit, get some cute underwear and throw on a matching sports bra.

Hiking Clothing 101: What To Wear Hiking & Backpacking

However, backpacking on hot summer days isn’t always a picnic. You still have a few things to think about besides the hot weather.

If the trails you’re hoping to ride are known for harboring bugs and other pesky insects, you might want to rethink your good cycling shorts and athletic shoes and stick to the classics:

And no, your underwear and sports bra don’t have to be the only thing that matches. You can also find tons of great hiking gear for the summer — like a matching tank top with cool leggings or a stylish lightweight jacket.

And if you go with stylish white sneakers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sock designs. Showing off your socks might as well be fun!

Hiking Clothes: What To Wear Hiking

If you’re hiking on a hot summer day, don’t be afraid to explore something other than the trail—complete your hiking outfit with cool accessories.

Speaking of summer hikes, remember to apply and reapply sunscreen while hiking to avoid sunburn. Sunscreen is a must!

UV protective materials that block ultraviolet rays are an essential part of hiking clothing. Using sunscreen only contributes to this – but it shouldn’t be your only line of defense.

Many people think (very wrongly) that removing the t-shirt will keep them fresher – or at least prevent them from getting too hot. But that is far from the truth.

What To Wear Hiking: A Dilemma For Women Hikers

The longer the naked body is exposed to searing heat, the worse it gets. So no, getting rid of everything you think is keeping you cool is not the solution.

Of course, this does not mean that you should wear heavy clothes. A light shirt or t-shirt (remember light colors reflect sunlight) will protect you from the sun’s rays.

A smart breathable tank with knit pants or leggings will make an all-day hike feel like a quick walk in the park!

The weather is warm enough without being too cold, the leaves change color and you can finally enjoy fresh breath after the long summer months.

What To Wear For A Hike In The Pacific Northwest And Alaska

Some people like the rain, others don’t, but we can all agree on one thing – it can be very uncomfortable!

Although it’s harder to find cute outfits for rainy weather because you have to prioritize utility over style, there are still things you can mix and match to look absolutely stunning.

The worst thing about getting wet on the climb is not being able to dry off quickly – which is not only uncomfortable, but can also be downright dangerous to your health.

Although sneakers are comfortable, they can cause your socks to get wet. If there’s a chance you’ll be walking through a lot of puddles, hiking boots are the best choice.

What To Wear Hiking

Many women are tempted to wear leggings while hiking, and we get it—very few come close to leggings when it comes to comfort.

But leggings might not be the best idea for fall walks. If it’s raining, you’ll have a hard time staying dry – that’s why we recommend pants instead.

You can always pair the pants with good hiking boots and make your hiking outfit stand out in style.

While you can wear any sports bra, you need to take extra care of your shirt. Find something that is easy to dry if it gets wet, but also matches your personal style.

What To Wear Hiking This Summer 2023

Choosing base layers that contain cotton or moisture-wicking synthetics is one of the most important things you can do to stay dry and warm.

Cotton should be avoided at all costs as it retains moisture for a long time, causing the risk of hypothermia.

Cotton is the best material to use as it transports moisture, dries quickly and does not retain any odor.

Depending on the weather and temperature of your trip, you should bring a midlayer—or more—that goes over your base layers and under your outer shell.

What To Wear On A Hiking Date In Any Season!

Start with a fleece jacket if you’re expecting cooler weather or need extra layers for really cold days.

Choosing the best hiking gear isn’t just about style—you also need to be practical.

Walking can often be hard work and you want to be prepared for anything. That includes collecting tons of outfit ideas.

As an avid hiker, you want to be able to find cute hiking gear and outfit ideas on top of your head, no matter the weather.

What To Wear Hiking In The Canadian Rockies

And after that, we hope our guide to the best hiking gear has helped you step up your game and create the perfect hiking outfit—whether for winter, summer, spring, or casual hiking. The programs shown represent an offer to apply at checkout and do not guarantee acceptance. Rates range from 0-30% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to eligibility, may not be available in all states, and are available through these lenders: affirm.com/lenders. Options depend on your purchase amount and a deposit may be required. The estimated payment amount may not include tax and shipping. California Residents: Verify Credit Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Loans may be made or arranged in accordance with California Finance Law License 60DBO-111681.

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