What To Wear Hiking In Colorado Summer

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I remember my first trip to Colorado during the summer and it was very difficult to know exactly what to pack for the summer weather in Colorado.

What To Wear Hiking In Colorado Summer

Before my first trip to Colorado, I had heard that it could get cold at night (yes, even in the summer!), and even snow in the mountains.

What To Wear Hiking In Colorado

So, when it came time to pack, I didn’t have the summer packing list I really needed for Colorado!

Now, after living in Colorado for over 20 years, I can tell you exactly what should be on your Colorado summer packing list to be prepared, comfortable, and well-dressed for the warmer months.

To make sure your trip is fun and as stress-free as possible, I’ve compiled a list of things to pack for an amazing Colorado summer vacation! I hope this summer packing list is very useful for you.

Whether you’re preparing for a family adventure trip to Colorado or a mountain getaway with friends, this summer packing guide has everything you need to prepare for your summer trip to Colorado. .

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Summer afternoons in Colorado are very pleasant with lots of sunshine. The days are often warm and then sometimes cool in the evenings as the sun sets.

The climate is very dry, so unless it has rained recently, you will not feel very humid. But the moisture does not last long.

As the altitude increases, so does the temperature. The higher you go, the colder it gets in Colorado, especially in the mornings and evenings. Check the average temperature (and month) of the city you’re visiting. Be sure to read about Colorado weather here.

Just what you need on a summer afternoon in Colorado. I have included items for light hiking as well as more adventurous activities.

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A t-shirt or tank top is a great way to stay comfortable most days you’re outside while visiting Colorado. A t-shirt and shorts or pants are casual summer mountain attire in Colorado.

The sun is hot and the weather is dry, so you’ll be really comfortable in a short-sleeved top during the day. If you’re planning a light hike or a more active afternoon, you might consider a hydration t-shirt.

Colorado weather is very warm and pleasant in June, July and August. Happy warm day!

Colorado weather should be suitable for shorts or capris. If you are going to be active, hiking and walking, it is great to have shorts with an active mix of material. While tailored in Colorado, these dresses have a great blend of cotton, linen, and nylon. Only suitable for Colorado weather in June, July or August.

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It offers flexibility, comfort and style for the perfect travel outfit. If it’s really hot (August), you might want to wear activewear (rather than any heavy cotton) for breathability, durability and comfort.

In my opinion, a long sleeve shirt is the perfect Colorado outfit for those days that start out cold, warm up, and then get a bit cloudy.

When this happens, you need to be completely calm. A long sleeve shirt is the perfect travel outfit that you can wrap around your waist for as long as you need. Let’s talk more about the layers of your Colorado winter packing list. A great way to pack layers for winter or summer in Colorado.

If the forecast is windy or very cloudy, you’ll want to bring a light jacket.

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Clouds and wind can keep Colorado temperatures quite cold. Go pack that light jacket, you’ll need it and you’ll be glad you did! Summer hiking gear in Colorado should include a light jacket.

For those times when you want to swim in the river or soak in the hot shower or hot tub, you should bring your swimsuit!

Many Colorado hotels and resorts have hot tubs that you can use year-round, so a swimsuit is always a good idea. Even in the middle of winter!

In the sandal department, when I’m getting ready for a trip to Colorado in the summer I usually pack a pair of sandals to wear to lunch or dinner with friends.

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Also, I bring very comfortable outdoor shoes such as Birkenstocks, Chacos or Keens. These are styles that are comfortable and supportive to wear on somewhat flat surfaces. Even if it’s just for mud or sand, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of slightly rusty shoes. Especially if you travel to mountains and high altitudes.

A pair of country shoes will also come in handy if you plan to spend time by the Colorado River or lake.

If you plan to walk a bit, be sure to bring appropriate shoes. For this, I lean toward trail running shoes because I find them lighter, more comfortable, and take up less space in my bag than hiking shoes. Plus, they’re more flexible than hiking, which I also enjoy.

However, if you’re planning a moderate to strenuous hike or an all-day hike, you’ll want hiking shoes that offer more support than hiking boots. Make sure one of these items is on your Colorado packing list.

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Interestingly, many people in Colorado use running sneakers or sneakers as their everyday shoes. It’s an outdoor lifestyle. So, when you’re planning your Colorado summer outfit, consider lightweight sneakers as trendy and comfortable shoes.

If you want to be active on your trip to Colorado this summer, you need to wear socks that support your feet and toes.

Socks designed specifically for walking are also great and cost more than regular socks. Wool is the most popular hiking sock material because it’s great for temperature regulation and durability. Some of my favorite brands are Smartwool and Darn Tough. Add some of these items to your Colorado packing list.

Lots of sunlight in Colorado makes it very important to cover the head. If you’re outside for long periods of time, you’ll benefit from any hat that protects your scalp.

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Whether it’s a lightweight baseball cap for hot days or a wool hat for cold days, it’s a good idea to be prepared with a hat! If you’re on a boat or boat, an adventure helmet with a brim and chinstrap is a good choice. They are lightweight and usually have a sunscreen effect.

Also, hats are great for shading your face. Protecting your eyes and skin from the sun is very important, especially in a sunny destination like Colorado.

Colorado weather in June, July and August is guaranteed to be sunny, so these accessories are a must. A cute summer hat is the perfect addition to your Colorado summer outfit.

Sunglasses are a must on your Colorado travel list. With over 300 days of Colorado sunshine, you’ll be glad you brought your sunglasses.

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Choose a pair of polarized lenses as they are designed to filter out glare and reflected light. Even if you live in Colorado in the winter, you should wear sunglasses. Without sunscreen, reflections and glare from the snow can be harsh.

Things to consider when packing for a Colorado vacation. You need different bags for different activities and situations. And it’s disappointing not to be true.

Backpacks to consider when planning some short trips or excursions are rucksacks, rucksacks or small daypacks. If you are a cyclist or something like that, the crossbody is the best choice! No need to hold the bag as it fits snugly around you. And they make small movements and do not interfere with hand movements. This bag is big enough for the essentials and is a great item to add to your Colorado packing list.

A fanny pack is another very handy way to carry your essentials for walking around town or on the asphalt. Keeps your phone charged, some extra sunscreen,

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