What To Do This Weekend In Montreal

What To Do This Weekend In Montreal – If you’ve traveled around Canada, you know that Quebec is different from other provinces. The French Canadian influence can be found in this unique area with its historic architecture, great cafes, French and great restaurants. If you want to experience this side of Canadian culture, Montreal is the place to be!

As autumn begins to set in and the skies change, we’re in the mood for a fun and scenic trip to beautiful Montreal. Luckily for us, the beautiful Canadian city is just over a five-hour drive away. We spent five days walking the streets of the beautiful old city, trying as many restaurants as possible and watching from Mount Royal.

What To Do This Weekend In Montreal

What To Do This Weekend In Montreal

Our biggest concern about entering French Canada was getting around the country, none of us could speak the language. Except for a few small things when we tried to read the street signs, we found that almost everyone spoke English. Even though we don’t have a language, the people are very friendly and nice.

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If you’re thinking of moving to Montreal, we’ve rounded up the best places to see, stay, eat and drink around the city. Continue reading to learn more about the amazing Canadian music tour.

We decided to split our trip into two hotels so we could check out some of the most recommended hotels in the city. First we stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. One of our favorite things about all Fairmont hotels is that they are furnished and decorated with a sense of place. Queen Elizabeth has a warm modern decor, highlighted by extravagant chandeliers and other extravagant accents. The first room we stayed in was spacious and lofty, offering great views of Montreal’s beautiful cobblestone streets.

Room 1742 is our most anticipated room at the Queen Elizabeth Fairmont Hotel. The foundation was where John Lennon and Yoko Ono camped for a week to protest for peace during the Vietnam War. The couple were taken to a bed, which had a peace sign on the window behind them. To this day, the room is set up as a tribute to historical events, complete with the experience of real reality where you can lie in bed and complain to Lennon and Ono. We loved the 60’s decor, the vintage decor, and the attention to detail in the grand entrance that featured the words “Give Peace a Chance.” It’s an absolute privilege to be here, we recommend it to anyone who loves stories or music. The building also features a beautiful outdoor patio for guests to enjoy the views and the Beatles style.

After our memorable stay at the Fairmont, we wanted to check out an independent hotel in Montreal in the heart of Old Town. Hotel Nelligan was the best choice for us. With Notre-Dame Basilica just a stone’s throw away, this recommended hotel took us straight to Paris. The country home features brick and exposed timbers surrounded by a beautiful garden. We stayed in a luxury corner room

What To Do In Montreal For 3 Days: Suggested Itinerary And Travel Guide

, and enjoy the scenery from all sides. One of our favorite things about the Nelligan Hotel is the old bar. Visitors and locals alike enjoy delicious wine and delicious food here.

Of all the places we’ve visited, we’ve never received more food advice than when we visited Montreal. The city is truly the food capital of the world, and we cannot miss the great food scene.

Our first stop on our food tour was a famous bagel shop in Montreal called Shwartz Deli. The restaurant may look like your parents’ typical grocery store, but this humble establishment serves up some of the best smoked meat sandwiches in town.

What To Do This Weekend In Montreal

For our next stop, we decided to check out some of the top restaurants in Montreal. There were suggestions in our inbox, but one of the recommended places was the lovely George pub.

Hours In Montreal

This beautiful resort is housed in a 19th century mansion and features red carpets throughout, velvet furniture and inspired decor. If you love vintage luxury, this is the best place to dress to the nines and have an unforgettable meal. When we checked in, the bartender made two traditional cocktails and named them after us. This is a good start to our diet. Chef Alexander Selina prepared some of the most amazing dishes we tried.

Another great restaurant that deserves a mention on our trip is Le Muscadin. Italy is one of the best places to visit and the food is a big reason why. We were always looking for an Italian restaurant in North America compared to the old town, and we finally found it here. We try spaghetti con pistachio e burrata and a selection of traditional Italian desserts and everything is really good.

Other popular dining experiences have taken place on site at our hotel. At the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, the Naracat Terrace is the perfect place to look out over the city and have great food and wine at the end of the day. Nelligan’s Hotel also has a large brunch room where you can enjoy your favorite breakfast dishes.

Before our time in Montreal ended, we had to try the world famous Saint-Viecher bagels. Montreal is famous for their special “Montreal Style” bagels, which none of us tried before coming to the city. These bags are boiled in a mixture of water and honey and cooked in a hot fire to give them a sweet taste and a hot exterior. We went to St.Viateur’s classic bagel sandwiches with layers of smoked meat, and they did not disappoint.

Best Time To Visit Montréal

On our way out of the city, we had time for one last stop, so we decided to follow the Orange Julep Gibeau, a unique hiking trail known for its highest level. The house itself looks like a big orange, and it’s fun to photograph. Poutine lives up to Montreal’s high standards, and makes for the perfect street food.

If you thought that all we did in Montreal was eat, you are almost right. Our food tour takes up most of the city, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great things to do and see in Montreal. First of all, walking around the beautiful old city was a special experience during our time in Quebec. We went on the famous Ferris wheel, La Grande Rue de Montréal, and did the famous mountain climb for a great view of the city. Autumn is a good time for this trip. The weather is nice and the green leaves are starting to change color. When you arrive at the port, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Montreal and watch its beautiful exhibits. We decided to go at sunset, a good time to get some photos and take in the view.

If you are planning a trip to Quebec, don’t miss the wonders of Montreal. This is a special place that makes us Canadians proud! Some of the posts on this site contain affiliate links, which means that if you write a book or buy something through one of these links, I will receive a small commission (without money). whatever for you!) Read the full policy for the show here.

What To Do This Weekend In Montreal

Montreal, Quebec is the land of friendly Canadians, delicious poutine, and a quaint and charming old town. I fell in love with the province of Quebec on my first visit to Quebec City, and I deepened my love for it during my trip to Montreal with my friends for my bachelorette party. Explore this fascinating city, visit Mont-Royal, of which the city is named, or eat everything. However, be sure to have a great time in this vibrant, culturally diverse country. Check below for a complete 3-day tour of Montreal.

A Weekend In Montreal: What To See, Eat, & Do

If you only have 3 days in Montreal, this is the perfect Montreal weekend itinerary for you!

Best Montreal Activities 3 Days: Things to do in Montreal in 3 Days 1: Explore Mont-Royal and its amazing museums for the perfect start to your Montreal destination.

There are many options to do in Montreal, but if you only have 3 days in Montreal, this is a good place to start!

First, I will start with a tour of the city’s name, Mont-Royal. Not only is it a beautiful park, the views along the trail are beautiful, but the views from the top of the entire city of Montreal are spectacular.

Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend To Really Make It Count

You will see the beautiful city skyline,

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