What To Do In Aspen During Summer

What To Do In Aspen During Summer – Aspen, Colorado is a year-round vacation destination that offers plenty of things to do in the Rocky Mountains. A visit to this peaceful place is great for the mind, body and spirit.

I love visiting Aspen when the weather is warm! In fact, my late spring trip during the stealth season (May/June) reminded me of the importance of rest and refreshment in the mountains – especially after such a hard year.

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Aspen, Colorado this summer and spring, here are some ideas to get you started.

Aspen Vacation Rentals

I booked a morning ride at the T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen with the help of Maroon Bells Outfitters. There are many other times and lengths, but we chose 1 in the morning to travel along the melting snow stream in an aster grove to start the trip.

Hike or ride the Silver Queen cable car up Aspen Mountain for the Summit Yoga Summit (open in summer).

If it still doesn’t fit your schedule, try stretching and meditating on one of the peaks itself! These quiet moments can be truly healing.

It’s a moderate climb (if you’re not used to high) with no shade. Bring plenty of water, apply sunscreen, and show up early for the best experience! The view is worth the hike (3 miles in and out).

Aspen, Colorado Summer Travel Guide: What To Do And Where To Stay In The Rocky Mountain Town

If you want to explore waterfalls, interesting rocks and short trails, then visit the Grottoes. If you want a rugged but scenic adventure (and have a 4WD vehicle), head to Independence Pass as well.

Downtown Aspen is a walk away. It is very easy to get around, cars are suitable for pedestrians and the architecture is memorable and interesting. I love walking the brick roads and exploring the sights, sounds and colors of Aspen. Visit a farmer’s market, an art museum, and stop by the opera house.

I didn’t get to try it on my last visit, but I plan to next time! Whether it’s whitewater rafting or boating in the North Star Sanctuary, cooling off with an adventure on a warm sunny day sounds good.

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

If you want to climb Aspen, Aspen Highlands, or Buttermilk Ski Resort without physically walking, there are a number of high-end experiences to choose from.

Epic Hikes Near Aspen, Colorado

Each has a different schedule, but all offer amazing views. I rode the Buttermilk Summit Express during sneak season and loved it!

Whether you’re looking for adventure or as part of a fitness routine to relax your mind, body, and spirit, if you love the outdoors, you’ll love that Aspen is full of hiking, walking, and biking trails.

Head back to the John Denver Sanctuary east of Aspen and you can easily find a peaceful escape amidst the lush landscape. With flowing streams and river access, this free Zen garden is a meditative experience!

You can’t leave without trying some of my favorite Aspen restaurants! Since I go to Aspen in the warmer months (70F every day!), I love the Aspen scene, both as a city and landscape, and I want to socialize, and food is the perfect way to do that!

Towns Like Aspen, Co

You can book a seat on the Maroon Bells flight from Aspen Highlands to visit the Maroon Bells and take one of the many excursions.

Maroon Bells truly has something for everyone, from easy and accessible short trails for non-hikers to medium and long trails for visitors looking for a physical challenge, there is something for everyone and plenty of scenery to explore.

There are so many things to do in Aspen, Colorado and this list is just a glimpse of my favorite things to do in Aspen during my trip to Aspen!

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

If you’re looking for a step-by-step itinerary that you can easily print and follow, here’s a 5-Day Aspen Itinerary where I share all the great things I did each day of my visit to Aspen in the spring. You can refine these details to your liking! Known for its luxurious city, stunning mountain backdrop, glitzy clientele, and famous ski slopes, Aspen is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning a Colorado summer vacation.

Best Neighborhoods In Aspen, Colorado

But don’t forget this resort, because the Roaring Fork Valley has just as many things to see and do in the summer months as it does in the winter.

Here are 10 fun ways to explore Aspen this summer, from family-friendly downtown activities and trails with amazing Colorado summer scenery to great restaurants and high-end fashion boutiques.

Photographed from Maroon Lake, the striped peaks of the Maroon Bells may be one of Colorado’s most recognizable landmarks. Located in and around the scenic summit, the trail makes for a great day hike with opportunities to see lakes, poplars, wildlife and wildflowers in the summer.

There are many routes to choose from, so it can be a short walk or a full day. Please note that due to the popularity of the song, visit Maroon Bells in 2022 by private vehicle or shuttle bus.

Aspen Travel Guide: Vacation + Trip Ideas

If you don’t mind a hike to this tourist hotspot, you can easily choose one of the many other trails in the Aspen area for a great summer hike. The wildflowers are at their most beautiful in early summer, so don’t forget to bring your camera (or phone) for some spectacular hillside photos.

Take your mountain bike, gravel grinder or city cruiser on an Aspen bike tour. The bike-friendly town offers trails from easy cruises to adrenaline-pumping slopes, as well as some sweet singletrack if you know where to look. Depending on how much you like wheels, you can choose your own adventure and see the city on two wheels.

If you want to relax, check out the Rio Grande Trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The relatively flat and easy trail follows the Roaring Fork River for easy pedaling. If you’re looking for singletrack, Sky Mountain Park offers fast climbs and gentle descents with fun spots along the way in Snowmass.

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

For adrenaline junkies, Snowmass Bike Park offers 25 miles of custom-built downhill trails for beginners to experts. Everything is accessible by a short lift, so you can save your legs for sand jumping, pumping and rolling.

Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Telluride In Summer & Fall

Grab a tube or rent a stand-up paddleboard for a lazy meander down the Roaring Fork River. Aspen offers many local spots for great paddleboarding, whitewater rafting, or just floating around in an inner tube with a cold drink—a great activity on a hot summer day.

Just outside of town, the North Star Nature Preserve (known locally as Stillwater) is a popular spot for a relaxing swim or light paddle. If you’re looking for a slightly more challenging rapids to test your paddling skills, the lower Roaring Fork near Carbondale offers sharp rapids.

And if rafting is what you’re looking for, you can easily book a guided trip on the Roaring Fork or Colorado River. Aspen Whitewater Rafting Adventures offers both “easy” and “wild” options, so you can choose the route that suits your experience and adventure level. Tours start regularly in the summer months.

Food lovers rejoice! Aspen is famous for its cuisine. From fine wines to fine dining and a wide selection of luxury foods, the city is sure to have many award-winning restaurants and bars. Many restaurants have outdoor patio or rooftop seating, ideal for mountain views on cold and warm evenings.

Top 12 Things To Do In Aspen In The Summer

If you like, you can definitely treat yourself to high prices (and top dollar). Top restaurants such as Betula Aspen, Matsuhisa and Element 47 offer a pleasant aspen atmosphere and premium cuisine in a variety of cuisines. No matter what your epicurean tastes are, Aspen probably has a restaurant to fit the bill.

If you want to satisfy your gastronomic taste on the cheap, you will still find plenty of other delicious food in the city. Local favorites include Red Onion, White House Tavern and J-Bar at the Jerome Hotel. For local beer and tasty spirits, stop at Aspen Tap or drive to the nearby Woody Creek Distillery, right next to Basalt.

While Aspen has plenty of luxury hotels and cool Airbnb rentals, if you want a change, consider camping. The White River National Forest offers plenty of advanced and scattered camping options from backpacking to backpacking.

What To Do In Aspen During Summer

If you want to stay close to town, there are several small campgrounds near Independence Pass that offer great views, easy access to trails, and are close enough to pop into town for a bite to eat or a drink.

Thrilling Things To Do In Aspen, Colorado: The 2023 Edition

If you plan ahead, you might be able to get one

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