What To Wear In Paris In April

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With the flowers around the Eiffel Tower and the vibrant colors of spring, there is something special about visiting Paris in the summer. If you’ve bought your flight ticket for March, April or May but don’t know what to wear in Paris this spring, you’re in the right place for timeless pieces that will add style to your outfit. limit! If you’re ready to embrace French girl style, scroll down to find out what to wear to Paris this spring.

What To Wear In Paris In April

Spring is here and it can only mean one thing: It’s time to take off your thick winter coat! Elevate your spring style with a feminine mini dress. This silky versatile piece can be worn for dinner under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower or with a blazer and white sneakers in the daytime.

What To Wear In Paris

Plus, when paired with a necklace or gold heels for the perfect Parisian look, a slip dress is a great way to show off your French style.

Like all French girls, a great way to catch spring is to pair the basics with your outfit. You can wear seasonal

When choosing a basic tea, even in spring, avoid neutral colors like hot pink, yellow or green. These colors will make it difficult for you to match with other clothes in your wardrobe and suitcase.

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French Fashion Staples To Transition Your Wardrobe To Spring

We’ve all experienced the unexpected spring weather. Rainy in the morning, hot in the afternoon. It can happen in Paris too, so it’s a good idea to grab a sweater to keep warm on cold days.

But not just sweaters! A cute striped dress is perfect for spring. Loose lines aren’t just a Parisian classic, they add just the right amount of style to your outfit.

Stylish shoes should be on your Paris travel list. You can wear stilettos for your Eiffel Tower photos, but comfortable shoes are better than high heels!

Try wearing ballet shoes to help you easily master the Paris Bridget Bardot photography style, especially if you’re walking the busy streets of Paris.

What To Wear In Paris In The Spring

If you’re looking for more sophisticated travel accessories than waist bags, turn to a tote bag. Moreover, the best time to travel with a basket bag is in Paris in spring!

The scarf will not only protect your neck during spa days, but will also make your Paris outfit a classic!

Pair this black and white scarf with classic styles like a black blazer and cashmere sweater and you’ll be in tune with the chic ladies of Paris.

Anyone who follows Parisian fashion knows that luxurious leather is a must-have for French women. The black color of this leather bag can pair well with other items in your Paris wardrobe.

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Every spring wardrobe needs at least one pair of boots! I know these might just seem like the best shoes to wear in the fall, but they can be worn year-round. Not only that, she is his beloved French wife.

This style is so classy and classic that it will never go out of style. Make sure your heel height is comfortable for walking around Paris.

For a casual and casual look, wear a trench coat on your spring trip to Paris. Choose a neutral-colored trench coat that you can easily combine with other outfits, such as a striped sweater and jeans.

This tried and tested recipe is a great option for rainy days. In addition to a practical look, many trench coats have waterproof features and storm protection to ward off rain.

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Parisian women wear straight legs in skinny-leg trousers. Why are we not surprised! You can’t beat the classic straight-leg jeans. Basic trousers. No matter the outfit, you can easily carry them day or night.

While running shoes may seem like a good choice for traveling, they may not be the best shoes for Paris.

Many French women prefer casual white shoes for tennis as they don’t get their clothes dirty. So get a low pair of white shoes to avoid being looked at by strangers!

If you’re not sure what jewelry to wear in Paris this spring, consider packing a simple palette in your jewelry bag. These are the accessories that can instantly update your outfit and look stylish with everything in your suitcase!

What To Wear In Paris (plus What Not To Wear In Paris)

Gold earrings are indispensable jewelry for every stylish French woman. Follow the same process and add a vital part of your team!

These earrings will make your Paris outfit look classy and definitely classy. Pair your earrings with red lips for a glamorous look.

If you want to take your Paris holiday outfit to the next level, add the perfect sunglasses for French girls. Pair round or cat-eye sunglasses with a tight-fitting dress to create the chic look all French girls are looking for.

If you want to transform your French look, a pair of loaves is a must! Their practicality and attractiveness make them perfect for a vacation in Paris.

What To Wear

Don’t know how to make them? Pair with a white shirt, straight-leg jeans and flawless hair for a look that screams Parisian perfection.

Whether you’re heading to the Maison Ladurée for a macaron or planning to visit the Louvre, the bakers will make sure you look stylish and relaxed wherever you go.

A reliable black trousers is a must for every French woman. It’s a must-have all year, but looks especially good in spring when paired with a striped sweater.

A favorite among French women, the cashmere sweater can transform a spring break outfit from casual to stylish.

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Although they are more expensive than regular sweaters, they are worth selling. The quality is so good that you can wear it over and over for a weekend in Paris. Try pairing the sweater with straight-leg jeans and white sneakers.

This is not reserved for the outerwear board. It can also be worn during spring break in Paris. Don’t care!

Pair it with straight-leg jeans, white sneakers and a basic white tee to soften the blazer look.

You can scream by wearing a tank top on vacation, but the heat won’t cooperate. For this reason, cardigans are the heroes of spring, especially during the cold season.

Paris In April. Weather, What To Wear, What To Do

They will be your new spring outerwear. Wear it with a frilly shirt and cat-eye sunglasses for lunch at City of Lights.

Add a sophisticated twist to your spring break outfit with a white button-down shirt. Whether worn with black pants or straight-leg jeans, this dress will look great on French girls!

Knowing what to wear in Paris in the spring can be difficult. The season of spring is unpredictable, and matching Parisian style isn’t always easy.

Lucky for you, this list of 20 outfits will not only get you ready for the season, but will also help you channel your inner French girl.

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Carolyn is the founder and designer of My Borders Obsession. When she’s not imagining new ideas, you can find her watching comedy shows with her husband, raising two boys, or planning her next trip to Paris. I’m going back to Paris this week. My last trip to Paris was in January to photograph Paris in winter and holiday decorations for the Printing House. This time I’m in the City of Light with new restaurants, hotels, museums, blog content and Paris Guide updates. Spring is unpredictable in Paris, so packing in layers of warm and cold can be a challenge and may be a good idea. Check the weather before your trip. I’m gushing down in Paris.

If you are visiting Paris this spring, you can check out this post for some tips.

As you can see in the collages below, many of the items I bought can be mixed and matched to create a new outfit. Filling it with cubes helps keep everything organized and I swear I have more room.

Cashier sweater is very comfortable

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