What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend – A destination with cultural events, historic landmarks, vibrant downtown areas, beautiful Art Deco buildings, and exciting entertainment options, Tulsa has a lot to offer. Sights range from restaurants and trendy bars to world-class art museums, shopping malls and more.

A number of great theatres, art centers and stadiums are worth visiting. Here are the top 20 things to do in the multicultural city of Tulsa.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

The Woody Guthrie Center is a museum dedicated to the legendary American musician, singer and composer Woody Guthrie in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District.

The Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

One of the most impressive parts of the museum is the Woody Guthrie Archive, which houses the largest collection of Guthrie memorabilia in the world.

The Tulsa Center for the Performing Arts is a large performing arts center in Tulsa that includes four theaters, art galleries, large studios and auditoriums.

Opened in 1977, the facility regularly hosts performances by 14 different local performing arts groups and is regularly sponsored by the Tulsa Ballet, the Tulsa Opera and the Tulsa Symphony.

The 26-mile (41 km) stretch of the Mother Road through Tulsa is lined with rustic Art Deco buildings that showcase pure American small-town life.

Tulsa, 100 Years Later

Some of the old hotels, theaters and service points along the way have seen better days, but many are in very good condition with new landmarks and monuments.

The beautifully restored 1920s Campbell Inn has 26 rooms and features various sculptures, including Cyrus Avery’s Centennial Square and Bridge over Route 66.

The 85-acre (34-hectare) Tulsa Zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats through a variety of initiatives.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

You can visit this zoo to see some of the world’s rarest and most unknown animals like South American jaguars, Malayan tigers, snow leopards, Chinese leopards, Siamese and binturons.

Top 15 Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Check out Helmerich Sea Lion Cove, Penguin Habitat, Rainforest, Lost Kingdom and Chimpanzee Connections, which shed light on the private lives of chimpanzees.

You can go hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, relax in the park, or play basketball or volleyball in the stadium.

The Tulsa Botanical Garden is located on an amazing 7 acres (2.8 hectares) of lakefront and is one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in the city.

The park’s scenic walks, ponds and lakeside picnics are full of colorful plants, flowers, trees and shrubs that are a joy for leisurely strolls.

Things To Do With Kids In Tulsa, Ok (plus 5 Frugal Travel Tips)

Although the garden is still in its infancy, its notable features are the long A.R. And Maryloux’s Tandy Floral Terrace plants 120,000 spring bulbs each year.

Visitors can stroll through the beautiful Children’s Discovery Park and the scenic lake that surrounds the lake.

A tour of the Air and Space Museum near Tulsa International Airport is a must for any visitor to Tulsa.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

Highlights include the mighty F-14 Tomcat, one of the only Spartan C-2 aircraft, interactive activities such as flight demonstrations and a class specifically designed to teach children about aviation.

Fun Things To Do In Tulsa With Kids (for 2023)

Part of the museum is the Tuskegee exhibit, which tells the personal stories of the fighter pilots, known as the Tuskegee Airmen, who became heroes for their exploits and exceptional flying skills.

The Gold Driller is a 75-foot (23 m) steel frame covered in concrete and stucco that symbolizes and honors the city of Tulsa.

A year after its completion in 1953, this huge oil rig was placed in front of the Tulsa Exposition Center, the 6th tallest monument in the United States.

The Gold Mining Monument is one of Tulsa’s shorter tourist attractions, but it’s so important to the city’s history that it shouldn’t be missed.

Best Things To Do In Tulsa » Savoteur

While you’re busy taking photos, you can attend events at the fair or visit other attractions in the city.

One of the fun things to do in Tulsa is to explore the Philbrook Museum of Art. There is a bronze statue and monument to the oil men.

One of the most popular things to do in Tulsa is to visit Philbrook, a combination of art, history, architecture and nature.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

Located just south of downtown Tulsa in Woodward Park, the museum is housed in a beautiful Italian Renaissance villa and is as charming as the collection itself.

Best Things To Do With Kids In Tulsa, Ok

The 72-room mansion was built for wealthy oilman Wyatt Phillips and his wife, but Wyatt gave the house to Tulsa in 1938, and the museum opened the following year.

Located just steps from bustling downtown Tulsa, this quaint cave house attracts a steady stream of visitors.

According to legend, the house was once a cave garden restaurant, where guests entered the house carved into the hillside at night through hidden tunnels.

As it was the prohibition period in the United States, the beer house quickly became a popular, clandestine discourse.

Things To Do In Tulsa This Weekend

One of the most unique buildings in the city, it offers great photo opportunities and an unparalleled view of the interior.

In addition to photographing the unique design, visitors can ask to reveal all the secrets of the tour.

Woodward Park and Gardens is a public park and botanical garden located on South Peoria Street in Tulsa.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

Opened in 1929, the park was once the private property of Helen Woodward and today includes a beautiful residence, conservatory and spa.

Top 10 Things To Do In Tulsa Oklahoma

The terracotta flower beds and outdoor artwork are beautiful, and the rock gardens with streams and small fountains stand out.

In addition to exploring historic mansions and the Victorian Conservatory, visitors can take classes, workshops and even tai chi in the garden.

Cain Ballroom, Tulsa Glass Lighting Studios, and Brady Theater are some of the top attractions in the area.

If you’re planning a trip to Tulsa, the arts district should be at the top of your list, as it’s a fun and entertaining way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Tulsa Sports Teams, 2023 Game Tickets, Matchups & Schedules

Looking for more things to do in Tulsa today? The city is easy to visit and a pleasure to visit.

The area that really comes alive at night is the Blue Dome area, which spans nine blocks and is the epitome of all the city has to offer.

Close to downtown and the Tulsa Arts District, you’ll find a variety of entertainment options.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

Visitors have plenty of trendy restaurants and hip bars, including comedy clubs, art galleries and local boutiques.

Free Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Another fun thing for adults to do in Tulsa is to try their luck at the gaming tables.

At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, experience the speed of Jacko slots, the adrenaline of a perfect blackjack hand, or a royal flush against the world’s best poker players.

The Oklahoma Aquarium is the largest in the quad-state area, covering 72,000 square feet and displaying more than 100 aquatic animals.

Various species of marine life such as jellyfish, lions, seahorses, leopards and sea turtles can be found in the museum.

Winter Things To Do In Tulsa

Viewing the wildlife here is a great opportunity to learn more about the relationships between different species.

The aquarium also has interactive exhibits that allow visitors to get up close and personal with animals, including otters, turtles and baby sharks.

You can see sharks, beavers and crayfish in the Ozark Stream and learn all about sharks at Shark Adventures, the world’s best aquarium collection of bull sharks.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall is located in the Central Train Station in downtown Tulsa, in the 1931 Tulsa Union Depot.

A Weekend In Tulsa Ok

After extensive renovations, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall opened its doors in 2007 to showcase jazz, blues, gospel artists and other music groups.

The building houses a museum dedicated to Oklahoma music and hosts many concerts, art events and other events.

Discovery Labs is a children’s museum in Tulsa where children of all ages and their families can have fun while learning new things.

One of the highlights for the kids in the Discovery Lab is a 30-foot (9-meter) duct tape made using more than 16 miles (4.8 km) of duct tape.

Things To Do In Tulsa Ok [infographic]

Throughout the year, kids can participate in camps and after-school programs at the Discovery Lab, focusing on science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.

In addition, there is a workshop and a science laboratory where visitors can participate and receive help from an experienced teacher.

Another interesting attraction is the center of the universe, which marks the location of an unusual acoustic phenomenon that no one understands.

What To Do In Tulsa Ok This Weekend

The attraction is not impressive at first glance, it is basically a concrete circle surrounded by several concrete circles. But once you get up and start talking, you’ll see the appeal.

Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma [suggested 3 Day Itinerary In Tulsa]

A popular spot has to do with the speaker effect, where if you stand in the middle of a particular circle and make a sound, it will echo loudly back at you.

Also, those outside the circle can only make distorted sounds and cannot understand what is being said.

This attraction has become a popular event in downtown Tulsa.

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