What To Wear In Iceland In Winter

What To Wear In Iceland In Winter – Are you planning to visit the land of fire and ice between October and March and wondering what to wear in Iceland in winter? (Yes, Icelandic winters usually last at least 6 months of the year).

This Iceland winter packing list outlines everything men and women need to pack for this winter time of year! From warm base layers, waterproof jackets and little things you didn’t know you needed.

What To Wear In Iceland In Winter

When we booked our first trip to Iceland, we had no idea what to wear in Iceland in winter. We live in Brisbane, Australia, where it’s relatively warm all year round so our normal wardrobe doesn’t include many clothes suitable for Iceland in winter and we had to buy a whole suitcase full of new clothes for our winter trip.

What To Wear On A Trip To Iceland

In early March we did a road trip in Iceland along part of the Ring Road. This is definitely a good time to visit Iceland. If you are planning a trip in the winter months, this Iceland packing list will not only help you prepare for your trip to Iceland in March, but also what to wear to Iceland in October, November, and December. Anyone wondering if it will work. January. . , February, March, or April

If you’re a small packer, but like to look stylish (like me), then this packing list is for you! We did a lot of research before our trip and came up with our list of Iceland winter packages

However, we actually overdressed and wore nothing (rookie mistake) on our trip to Iceland. As it turns out, even a lot of research hasn’t prepared us for what to pack for Iceland in winter

So, we decided to share with you our personal experiences with examples of what we wore (and what we didn’t wear) in Iceland during the winter. We hope this article helps you get more prepared on your Iceland winter packing list!

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This list will help you figure out what clothing you need (and don’t) need in Iceland in the winter

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When deciding what to pack for Iceland in the winter, it’s a good idea to consider the activities you plan to do. The best things to do in Iceland in winter are outdoor activities, and you may be exposed to strong winds and harsh winter weather. Proper packaging is very important

Some of the activities we did included snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, soaking in geothermal pools, hiking, and Nordic pursuits.

What To Wear In Iceland: Iceland Winter Packing List

Winter in Iceland is characterized by cold weather and strong winds at this time of year. Cold weather is an important factor in knowing what to wear in Iceland in winter. Iceland’s weather can be very harsh and changeable, so it’s important to be prepared.

As mentioned earlier, winter in Iceland can last from October to April, although the average temperature between December and March is above 0 °C (31 °F), although wind chills make it even colder. There are also snowstorms and hailstorms that you need to watch out for

Waterproof Jacket- The number one piece of clothing you need for Iceland in the winter is a windproof and waterproof jacket or outer shell! When we get bad weather (which is on and off most days) I wear my outer shell Choose a lightweight waterproof and windproof jacket to wear over warm layers – I go for this Patagonia Trilet Jacket or this Arcatrex Alpha Ace Jacket like together The North Face also has good options to buy all women’s or men’s waterproof jackets

Down Jacket – Another great outer layer option for your Iceland winter packing list is a warm down jacket. I wear the jacket over me on sunny days and if the wind or rain picks up I wear it under my outer shell, it provides an extra layer of warmth I love this Patagonia jacket Also, this mountain hardware Ghost Visor 2 is water resistant and designed for alpine conditions has been. Shop all women’s or men’s jackets

What To Pack For A Winter Trip In Iceland (free Checklist!)

Long Puffer Jacket – Another great jacket option for keeping stylish and warm below the waist and protecting against the wind chill is this long puffer jacket from Canada Goose for alpine temperatures. It’s a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it Buy all women’s or men’s jackets

Traveler’s Note: If you’re only going to Iceland for a week and don’t want to carry a lot of luggage, I’d recommend at least a down jacket and a waterproof outer shell (because it can keep them together when it’s really cold . . . and wet) I took three – a down jacket, an outer shell and a long puffer and I used a long puffer for a day when we were driving or walking around town and it was snowing or hiking or it was raining heavily. I always wear the down jacket as my middle layer

Waterproof Winter Boots – For the best Icelandic winter boots, many people recommend the Sorrel Caribou Boots, due to their waterproof construction and warm interior made of Sherpa wool. Shop all waterproof shoes for men or women

Snow Boots – I personally think these Sorrel Zone Arctic Boots are the best boots for Iceland in the winter, you can only get one pair for your entire trip! They are waterproof, warm and stylish and I never get cold feet I wear them everywhere – most evening walks and even dinners Shop all winter shoes for men or women

Iceland Winter Packing List And What To Wear In Iceland!

Casual Shoes – I wear them for walking, sightseeing and evenings out I love the Danner brand boots because they are stylish and great alternatives to casual city boots that can handle short day hikes. I prefer the Danner Adrica Hiker or Danner Mountain Light Boots because they are both waterproof. Buy casual shoes for men or women

Hiking Boots – If you plan on doing any hiking in the snow, you need a good pair of hiking boots with good grip designed for alpine environments or waterproof hiking. Shop all men’s or women’s hiking boots

Traveller’s Note: I actually took two pairs of boots to Iceland A pair of casual boots that are great for short trips, sight seeing and evenings out Another pair of boots I carry are the Sorrel Zone Arctic Snow Boots – when we visit them, when it snows and of course I have used them when it was cold. I think a pair of water proof or snow boots and a normal boot is enough, if you don’t want to do a long snow hike, you should take a waterproof hiking boot.

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