What To Wear In Iceland In July

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Now that I’ve been to Iceland twice, I definitely think I’ve mastered the basics of packing the best stuff and the best fitting clothes.

What To Wear In Iceland In July

No matter when you go to Iceland, the weather is always cold, so this is the main preparation!

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If you’re looking for more posts to help you plan your trip, I have tons of blog posts about Iceland!

I went to Iceland for 7 days 2.5 weeks and below is my packing list for a week in Iceland.

The weather in Iceland can go from mild to crazy wet and cold very quickly, and you need to have the right clothes and gear.

You probably won’t sweat as much in cold weather, so you won’t need to pack much for your trip to Iceland.

What To Wear In Iceland With Handy Iceland Packing List

If you fall on your back while walking, you won’t ruin your pants (unless they’re white).

You can also slip on a pair of jeans while exploring cities like Reykjavik and Akureyri so you won’t be spotted

You’ll also want a pair of waterproof flip flops or flip flops for dirty Airbnb shower floors, outdoor spas, or even to keep your feet safe from bulky shoes.

If your feet or shoes get wet somewhere, you’ll be thankful for a pair of fresh, warm socks.

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You’ll need gloves when it’s cold, they’re also great for walking on rocks etc. Can be used for snapping.

You can also check out my posts on Canada’s Best Swimwear Companies and Amazon Canada’s Best Swimwear.

If you’re going from Airbnb to Airbnb or hotel to hotel, you want to travel as little as possible.

If you can only hold a backpack and a carry-on bag, or this light, choose just a backpack!

The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Iceland: What To Pack, See And Eat — The Wardrobe Consultant

Between rainy weather and waterfalls, Iceland is a pretty wet place, so you’ll want to pack a waterproof phone case.

I swear by this waterproof phone case from Amazon – when I buy a new phone, I get the updated version.

It comes with a strap so you can wear it around your neck or on your wrist.

It’ll keep your phone safe in the rain or taking pictures under a waterfall, but it’s also great for going to the pool or even a boat ride!

My Iceland Packing List, Perfect For Any Time Of Year

A tripod is essential if you want to get long exposure photos or even photos of the Northern Lights.

If you don’t want to carry around a big tripod, the Gorillapod is a great option that fits easily in your backpack.

Since Iceland is cold year-round, you’ll have more to worry about staying warm than being cute.

It’s easy to get sick with a simple t-shirt and waterproof leggings. You can wear it with warm knits and any jacket!

The Ultimate Iceland Summer Packing List

Feel free to mix and match different jackets to change up your look. I recommend at least a waterproof raincoat and a thermal jacket or both.

Due to our budget we stayed in Airbnbs when in Iceland and I have a separate blog post on how to find the best Airbnbs.

You can check out my YouTube blogs 1 Week in Iceland and 2 Weeks in Iceland for more of our Iceland travels!

If you’re looking for more fun things to do and do in Iceland, be sure to check out some local tours!

Iceland In August

Have you been to Iceland before? What else would you add to your packing list? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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If you don’t pack the right things, you’ll be unhappy and probably end up with meaty ice cream, which probably isn’t on your list of things to experience here. No matter what season you’re visiting, your Iceland packing list needs are sorted here.

Perfect 7 Day Iceland Itinerary

In general, as with most of the year, the seasons in Iceland are not important and you experience them all in one day or at least a week.

What you pack for Iceland is very important as it will definitely require special items. The word “Layer” will become your best friend and your choice of shoes, or bring you joy or tears. So get ready to make your “things to pack for Iceland” list and double check, here’s what to pack…  

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Don’t think you can go to Iceland without the right gear. It will be “good enough” to keep warm, but not with your favorite boots that look cute in the picture.

Amazing Things To Do In Iceland In Winter (unforgettable Experiences!)

No. It just doesn’t. It’s a brutal country in terms of weather and terrain. You need proper clothing and shoes.

You don’t need much, you can wear it over and over again (you’ll be sweating a lot anyway), but you do need quality outdoor clothing to live comfortably in Iceland.

For reference, I visited in September, which is a wonderful time to visit, and I experienced the “middle” of the season. Like, it’s not freezing yet, but it’s not hot either. No matter when you visit, I have plenty of options for your Iceland packing list as many of the items are versatile, or I have more extreme weather options for you!

Looking for a camper? Hint: it should be you! This is the best way to explore the country… ➡️ Find your perfect camper in Iceland

What To Pack For Iceland In July: 25 Items To Stay Cozy + Chic

Comfortable, lightweight and waterproof/durable boots are not an option, but a necessity. Don’t think you can handle everything. If your fingers are freezing, you’re dead wrong.

Also, the ankle brace is a great idea! Iceland’s terrain and weather are no joke, and your feet will get worse for it. I live in these boots! They keep me comfortable and dry.

You might think you don’t need them, but I always travel with flip flops wherever I go, and guess what? I have used them. Not much, but I have used it!

They’re perfect for when you need to shower, who wants to wear socks and boots after the shower? These are the flip flops I wear when I leave the van to take a midnight pee. This may not work if you have snowy feet.

Weather In Iceland In July

These are the flip flops I’ve been using for years. They are durable, dry quickly and are lightweight.

Ideally a warm, multi-purpose jacket that combines windbreaker and raincoat so you don’t have to wear more. This Columbia jacket made it so easy to pack and stay warm and it solved all my Iceland needs. They also come together so when you take off the jacket, you don’t have to take off two, just one. Wear alone or together.

The picture on the left is my outer layer and the picture on the right is the inner layer of my 3 way jacket!

The photo of me with a lovely Icelandic horse is the outer shell of the jacket and the next photo is the inner fluff layer of the jacket.

Minimalist Iceland Summer Packing List (that Fits In One Carry On!)

This jacket literally saved my life…without it, this girl from Florida would be a permanent glacier in Iceland.

Bonus: Down jackets are a great addition to my pillows since we sleep in the van and need extra down.

Instead of multiple shirts or an extra sweater or jacket, you may want a vest as another layer to warm your heart. A simple liner or down vest will keep you warm!

These will be your basics for packing for Iceland. You need them as a base layer to keep you warm. You can buy a top and a bottom and wear them again, and they don’t make any commitments, but considering you’ll be wearing this almost every day, it might be a good idea to buy two.

What To Wear In Iceland: Iceland Winter Packing List

Make sure they fit snugly. When tight, they keep you warm. Plus, you’ll be able to dress more easily, even wearing jeans over thermal leggings.

It’s easier to wear jeans over thermal leggings, but you can do that if you’re on a budget and Iceland’s packing list is too long.

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