What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend

What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend – About five years ago, on my daily commute from Chicago to my office in the suburbs in reverse traffic, a billboard on the street caught my attention. This is for Columbus, Indiana. There are two or three billboards in Columbus, Indiana that I can’t remember all of them. It’s about architecture, history and less than a 4 hour drive. At the time, I couldn’t convince my family or my boyfriend, now my husband, to visit. When my cousin’s Indiana baby shower arrived in the mail, I knew I had a chance! I told my family we were taking an extra day so we could try all the fun things to do in Columbus, Indiana.

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What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend

What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend

Columbus, Indiana was incorporated as a city in 1864, so there is a lot of history to see. Why not make history by staying at the historic Columbus Hotel? They are so beautiful, there is no end to things to do in Columbus, Indiana. Let’s get up close and personal!

Best Things To Do In Columbus, In

The Inn at Irvine Park is a truly beautiful place to visit. I visited in late spring, when the flowers are blooming and green.The garden is open from June to October on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons, from 14:00 to 18:00. Since it was Friday, I looked behind the fence and saw a field in the distance. I didn’t know there was such a beautiful place in the area and wanted to make a reservation. This multi-generational home has been built and renovated 3 times since 1864, the current subdivision reflects its 1910 building. The Pompeii-inspired gardens are a real gem of this property, so not to be missed between April and October. You can also plan a tour here.

When you hear the name I.M. Pei, you might think of the British National Library or the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris. You can’t miss Columbus, Indiana! The library was open to the public so we went in for a quick bathroom break. It reminds me of my university library with a 1970s feel!

Some people like to find the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the neighborhood, but that’s not my style. Having lived in Chicago for over a decade, I like to think I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants the world has to offer. While traveling, I always want to eat delicious food, I want to feel the culture of the region. Joe Willie’s Burger Bar does just that. Set within the confines of an 1800s Queen Anne Victorian home, it is quite a sight to behold. Hardwood floors, ornate staircases, delicious food, and friendly service make this a must-do in Columbus, Indiana.

As good traditional urban planning, streets are usually numbered with the names of important historical figures and green areas. It’s the same as Columbus, Indiana. One of the most popular things to do in Columbus, Indiana are architectural tours. While there are many guided tours, you can park yourself on or near Fifth Street and walk the length of it from Lindsey to Chestnut, and bring your camera. For more information, use this handy guide from the city’s tourism office.

Calendar Of Events In Columbus

If you’re looking for more Midwestern architecture tours, I’ll be sharing some of my small town favorites!

As soon as I saw the AT&T switching station in Columbus, Indiana, I immediately thought of Paris. Brightly colored utilitarian pipes ruined the Pompidou Center.

Of all the things to do in Columbus, Indiana, a tour of the Miller House and Gardens is my top pick. This 90-minute tour begins at the Visitor Center and includes a tour of the interior and exterior of this commission residence by Aero Saarinen. Known for his work at JFK Airport and the TWA Terminal in St. Petersburg. Louis Arch, one of the few residential commissions he completed.

What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend

Zaharakos Ice Cream Shop was established in 1900. To this day, he continues to delight the people of Columbus, Indiana with his sodas, sundaes and milkshakes. In addition to delicious food, most of the products are original, which means thoughtfulness. The store also has a small museum and a general store of American-made goods.

Guide To Signature Events In Columbus, Indiana |

There are many great ways to enjoy the outdoors in Columbus, Indiana. Visit Columbus offers a map of several bike routes on its website. Check out Mill Race Park, voted one of the top 100 parks in the United States by Landscape Management, for design, sustainability and accessibility.

The Columbus Indiana Visitor Center is amazing. A gift shop filled with architectural items and toys, and traditional cherry blossom sculptures spread over several floors.

I recommend spending at least two days in this hidden gem of the Midwest. The educational opportunities are excellent for adults and youth, and there is also plenty of fun and food. If you’ve visited Columbus and have something to add, please leave a comment below!

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Travel Diaries: How To Explore Columbus, Indiana From A Distance

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What To Do In Columbus Indiana This Weekend

Any cookie that may not be absolutely necessary for the operation of the website and is used specifically to collect the user’s personal data for analysis, advertising, other additional content is called a junk cookie. You must obtain user consent before enabling these cookies on your website. Heard of Columbus, Ind. If not, you are not alone. Even after growing up in nearby Illinois, I didn’t know about it until one day last year when I saw it listed as one of the best architecture destinations in the United States. Always on the architectural road trip, I immediately got to Chicago and texted my best friend, who happens to be an architect. We will soon be planning an adventure to see it for the first time, as it should be at the top of every architecture lover’s bucket list!

First Christian Church In Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, not to be confused with Columbus, Indiana — a city of just 47,143 residents — ranks sixth in the United States for innovation and design, according to the American Institute of Architects stands This means that for architecture, this small city surpasses almost anywhere in the country, except for Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C. with the exception of The best part is that Columbus is small. , its architectural highlights are close together, and it’s easy to see them all in a day or two.

Ready to find out what makes this city so great and what to do on your trip there? Read on!

If you’re out of town in Columbus, chances are you’re here for the architecture. And if you want to see it, I recommend checking it out on the Architectural Landmarks bus tour that passes by the visitor center.

The tour lasts about two hours, but this time is enough to familiarize you with the city, its history and architectural treasures. It begins with a brief account of Columbus’ medieval transformation into the modern mecca. Short version? Eliel Saarinen, the first Finnish-American Christian architect to start construction in those days, helped the leaders of the local Commons Engine company to start the Commons Foundation architectural project. The foundation covered the architect’s fees for the new public building, as the architect was selected by a renowned master.

Fun Things To Do In Columbus May 2023

As a result, world-class banks, schools and church buildings, as well as I.M. Pei (his works include the Louvre Pyramid and the Doha Museum of Islamic Art).

The tour begins with a stop at Saarinen’s minimalist medieval First Christian Church, which looks nothing like it.

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