What To Wear In Finland During Winter

What To Wear In Finland During Winter – Finnish summer is often described as short and light snow, but what about winter? Although the winter in Finland cannot be compared with, for example, Siberia, but in any case we can talk about difficult and sometimes difficult conditions to determine your needs for clothing. In this blog post, we present the basics of layoffs that play an important role.

Of course, layering starts with the base layer, the main task of which is to effectively transfer moisture to the upper layer and thus keep the skin dry and warm.

What To Wear In Finland During Winter

Most backgrounds are made of pure polyester or compounds containing it. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that does not absorb moisture, which means it dries faster than cotton. The disadvantage of polyester is that it absorbs more odors than natural fibers, making it difficult to remove even in the laundry.

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In addition to polyester, due to its fragility, several different silk and wool materials have appeared in recent years, the most popular of which is merino wool. The biggest strength of these types of natural fibers is their thermal insulation ability, which is in its category compared to other materials. In addition, merino wool garments are more comfortable against the skin and, for example, more comfortable when worn with polyester. In addition, merino wool effectively wicks moisture away from the skin and does not absorb odors like polyester.

A good quality foundation is the true foundation of layering and it’s a good idea to use it whenever you go out. Although bras can also be worn with sleeves and shorts, it is better to prefer long options that protect it in winter, for example, ankles, wrists and lower back can be easily Freeze the “seams”. Special attention should be paid to children in winter clothes, who also need high-quality pads in a short period of time.

The mid layer is worn over the base layer, its main purpose is to provide the wearer with much needed warmth, which is important to maximize your outdoor comfort.

Porous materials such as wool or wool are often used in the middle layer. In recent years, many clothing manufacturers have also introduced lightweight fiber-filled jackets that are suitable for use in middle-class clothing.

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If the situation requires, you can wear more than one layer. Here, however, it is good to remember that using several layers and thus reducing the space to retain heat is not ideal, but requires air between the layers and the material. It plays an important role in creating a feeling of warmth.

Moisture transfer and thermal insulation play an important role in the middle layer of the fabric, which means that cotton is not the best choice here either. Although cotton looks like a material, it absorbs moisture and does not particularly protect against heat.

If you want to use natural materials in the middle layer, you should definitely look to the side of woolen clothes. Wool, as a material, has the property of evaporating moisture and repellants needed in the inner layer. Woolen fabrics cannot easily create odors, but odors can also be eliminated by ventilation. Among the individual materials, merino wool, mentioned earlier in relation to the first layer, is the best choice in the middle layer.

Among the types of synthetic fibers, wool is the best choice. Wool has a softer material, is warmer and more absorbent, and is cheaper than merino wool. When finishing with synthetic fibers, it is good to consider e.g. Factors related to flammability and cleaning materials and odors such as polyester also apply to wool.

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High quality winter clothing allows you to stay outdoors in any weather © Jacko Posti | Visit Finland

As its name suggests, the main function of the shell layer, which becomes the outer layer, is to protect the wearer from natural weather phenomena. A high quality shell layer protects its user. UV rays from snow, water, wind and sun. In addition to protecting it, the function of the shell layer is to evaporate moisture from the substrate into the air and help with thermal insulation. The shell layer needs a lot in terms of properties.

Hooded and down jackets are often used as a shell layer. As the popularity of the layer increased, the thickness of the shell layer became thinner and the raw materials used became lighter.

Especially in mild climates, the base layer and the middle layer perform most of the thermal insulation functions, while the main function of the shell layer is to protect the wearer from wind and rain. Since shell dresses need to be as wide as possible, separate vents are added to many dresses, which usually open with separate zippers. The purpose of vents is to ventilate certain areas such as the armpits without opening the jacket.

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For the skin layer, it is important to choose the right clothes for the current weather conditions. You can also wear a thick jacket in heavy snow, but in milder weather you should invest in durability.

In addition to the material, it is good to pay attention to the fit of the clothes. Clothing that fits the user’s movements and is comfortable to wear, but does not let the wind chill.

Regarding the shell layers, the type of external activity should be considered at any time. Lighter winter sports such as hiking require less breathability than active sports such as cross-country skiing. When traveling with sweat, mild and strong wind, but on the other hand, a protective layer against the wind is the most suitable choice. However, if you still want to spend time outside after your run, it’s best to wear a jacket or coat with strong thermal insulation.

In Finnish winter, temperature fluctuations can be large and other weather-related conditions can actually vary from side to side. Especially in cold weather and harsh winters, you may need to turn to extra layers that allow you to enjoy the outdoors in any weather.

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Additional layers, like other layers, are chosen according to weather conditions, and almost all weather conditions do not require that layer.

Various winter coats such as tops or coats and parkas are good choices for thermal underwear. These clothes allow you to go comfortably in any weather. In particular, long parka jackets are a good choice because they also protect the thighs, plus, they usually have a larger fabric that is better for protecting the head, neck and back.

On the other hand, when it comes to winter dressing, don’t forget the really important shoes in every department.

More importantly, good winter boots should hold up on all surfaces, including ice, glass, and winter coats. Along with a strong and high-quality sole, the durability of the shoe helps with better balance and increased comfort.

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In addition, winter boots should be very resistant to moisture and allow the feet to breathe. The soles of used shoes are stronger and more comfortable, making it easier to wear them outside the house in winter.

When it comes to winter activities, their footwear ranges from boots and ski boots to winter running shoes designed specifically for winter conditions. Choosing the right shoes for different sports is really easy, so this section focuses on real winter shoes.

When participating in outdoor activities, it is good to remember to choose shoes that are suitable for outdoor use. In urban and rural environments, short heels work well when walking in snow, it is recommended to prefer shoes with good insulation and weather protection and low heels. As a person, Gore-Tex is a good choice because boots using this technology are especially designed for harsh winter conditions.

When choosing shoes, it is also good to remember that shoes that are too tight on the feet do not leave room for the necessary ventilation to create a feeling of warmth. On the other hand, shoes that are too wide are not firm on the foot and, for example, cause blisters with movement.

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