What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

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What comes to mind when you think of Scottsdale? Golf and a resort where you can train or get a massage, right? At least I thought about Scottsdale before I spent the weekend in Scottsdale too!

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

Scottsdale, Phoenix’s neighbor, has attracted crowds eager to enjoy the beauty of the trails and the spas it deserves. But it turns out that it is

A Complete Weekend Guide To Scottsdale Arizona · Le Travel Style

A lot more than Scottsdale. It’s an easy flight to Scottsdale from most West Coast cities – it’s two hours or less from Denver, Los Vegas, Los Angeles, etc.

So if you’re looking for a new weekend destination or heading to the greater Phoenix area for spring training, consider spending a weekend in Scottsdale. Admire Scottsdale’s wonderful activities, such as delicious food, museums and the great outdoors, such as tea time and massage therapy. Why not all of them? Here’s what to do when you only have 3 days in Scottsdale.

In this post I promote a trip to a destination that is the traditional land of the Mvskoke (Muscogee) people. I respectfully offer my thanks and respect to the past and present people of this land and land trust. I invite you to explore local lands to learn more about the people who call these lands home.

Scottsdale is a great weekend destination because a 2.5 to 3 day trip to Scottsdale can see the best of the city. Below are my recommended things to do on your weekend in Scottsdale; Then I recommend putting it all together for a Scottsdale weekend getaway.

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As you stroll along the lively streets of the Old Town, you may feel like you’ve stepped into the Wild West. The heart of Scottsdale, Old Town has shops and restaurants and some Scottsdale businesses. Because of this, the entire area is one of Scottsdale’s most popular attractions.

While the Arizona sun can warm a walk around Old Town, this part of town is completely walkable and a great place to base yourself for any other trips to Scottsdale and the surrounding desert.

Scottsdale is full of amazing restaurants and truly unique food and drinks – but my favorites come from the surrounding desert and the flavors you can find there.

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

Look for homemade guacamole (Barrio Queen) and chorizo ​​elote (Granada) before pairing it with pineapple tacos (Diego Pops) and prickly pear margaritas (Trun North at the Four Seasons Resort). For dessert, try the chocolate mesquite cookies (Super Chunk) or pear macarons (Růže Cake House). Eating foods created or inspired by the Southwest and Mexico will help you learn more about what makes Scottsdale unique.

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I have a whole list of foods to try at the end of this post, so check it out if your mouth is watering right now!

Is hot air ballooning on your bucket list? If so, Scottsdale is the perfect place to do it! I woke up while traveling

Morning hot air balloon and hot air flights. This is definitely one of the fun things to do in Scottsdale.

Cactus and homes in the Scottsdale neighborhood known as Carefree Valley. As the sun rose, the desert changed from gray to brown, ending the trip with champagne and breakfast in the desert near our landing point.

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If you love museums, Scottsdale’s museums may surprise you. The open-air museum offers a respite from the heat and a great opportunity to view the art of local artists. Here are some I visited and a few to add to your itinerary:

Because of its proximity to the mountains of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale has great hikes of any difficulty. It is truly a perfect destination for nature lovers looking for outdoor activities.

Whether you want to take a short, flat hike through the wilderness (Jane Rau Trail at McDowell Sonoran Preserve – ½ mile) or take on a bigger challenge (Pinnacle Peak Summit Trail at Pinnacle Peak Park – 3½ miles at an elevation gain of 1,300 feet), there are plenty of other options. If you have your heart set on a trip near Scottsdale, check out two of Scottsdale’s great attractions for easy hikes and other attractions.

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

To combat this, go early in the morning or early morning (near sunset). Always bring extra water so you don’t get dehydrated – the desert can dry you out if you’re not careful!

Best Hotels In Scottsdale. Hotels From $9/night

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can also choose to go horseback riding or visit the Desert Botanical Garden to enjoy the outdoors without exploring the desert on your own two feet.

As I, uh, got a little older, I loved treating myself to the spa. Whether it’s a good massage (hard journey on the body!) or a massage, I’ve become a young person who takes care of my well-being this way.

Many resorts in Scottsdale also have spas, which are a great way to enhance the rest of your trip. For example, book an afternoon massage at the Andaz after exploring the Old Town or take a tequila bath at the Westin Kierland’s Agave Spa. I did the latter feeling refreshed – not with any tequila, but with a salty soap and sage lotion that made my skin softer than ever.

I’d be remiss not to mention Scottsdale’s #1 tourist attraction: golf. The Scottsdale area has incredible golf courses that cater to all skill levels. Although I’m not a golfer, I can understand why people love to play golf in the Scottsdale area: warm weather, blue skies (no lag!) and world class.

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Now that you have some idea of ​​what to do, it’s time to put it all together. Based on my weekend in Scottsdale, here I organize my recommended activities in Scottsdale during the weekend trip.

I’m assuming you fly into Phoenix on Friday morning, so you have Friday evening to Sunday afternoon to explore Scottsdale. If you have more time, you can enjoy the old town, add a round of golf or take a long walk. In the end, it’s up to you – these are just my suggestions.

Don’t panic when you visit Scottsdale for the weekend – check into your resort, hotel or Airbnb. You’re going on a weekend trip! Start by walking around the Old Town and browsing some of the shops.

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

If it’s too hot, opt for a wine tasting at Carlson Creek Vineyards, Merkin Vineyards or another tasting room in Old Town. These wineries usually offer Arizona wines, and I won’t spoil it by telling you the whole story of how (and where) they figured out how to grow grapes in the desert.

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For dinner, head to Citizens Pub next for a delicious salad made with super chunks. I recommend the mesquite chocolate chip cookies; If you have enough room for it, make it into an ice cream sandwich!

Start your perfect day in Scottsdale bright and early—you’ll wake up at 4 a.m. for your hot air balloon ride. (

) The actual sunrise/sunset time depends on the time of year you visit and the sunrise.

After a peaceful walk in the desert, you will finish by 9 am and return to your home. That gives you plenty of time to play golf or take a short walk before the heat of the day sets in.

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After it’s too hot to breathe, head home for a spa treatment. You can choose one from your hotel or resort – or book one from a nearby apartment if you’re staying on Airbnb. I recommend any tequila treatment at Arizona Spa Agave at the Westin Kierland.

For dinner, keep it warm and enjoy Brussels sprout nachos, tacos or Sonoran hot dogs with Diego Pops. Grab a Margarita or a Boozy Sno-Cone from Saturday Night!

Perfect for Sunday morning brunch and museum tours, don’t you think? Hula’s Modern Tiki serves a variety of Caribbean and Pacific Island cuisine and opens at 10:30 a.m.; Missions make sense of guacamole and

What To Do In Scottsdale This Weekend

Scottsdale’s Museum of Contemporary Art or the Museum of the West are both great museum options to make the most of your last few hours in Scottsdale. Both are located in the old city. If you’re driving and traveling young, the Musical Instrument Museum is perfect for the family.

Things To Do In Scottsdale Arizona

In the southwestern United States, you can expect to find foods that include avocado, tortilla chips, street corn, and chorizo. Would you be surprised to learn that pears or mesquite taste good? How about a dish with Brussels sprouts, Pinto

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