What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend – Located in the far northwest corner of Nevada, Reno is considered the little sister of Las Vegas. Yes, there are casinos and attractions nearby, but Reno has unique spots to explore. Of course, there are many fun things to do in Reno and not just in town. There are many things to see and do in the country.

Close to some of California’s best and most beautiful locations, Lake Tahoe-Reno is the perfect anchor point for a city break as part of a Nevada and California vacation.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

There’s also Burning Man, held in Black Rock City around the end of August each year. It is about 150 minutes by car. Taking all this into consideration, Reno could be a great place to relax after your Burning Man trip.

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Whatever happens to Reno, the most important thing is to make the most of your time in the city. So, here are some things you can do when you get to Reno to make the most of your stay.

Check out some of the attractions and activities in Reno below. Enjoy the city!

If you like cars and vintage cars, the National Automobile Museum is just around the corner.

More than 200 cars from the 19th and 20th centuries are on display, along with exhibits about their history and use, making it a great place for a morning visit.

Fun Things To Do Near Reno, Nv (2023): Best Places To Visit!

The museum has divided its car exhibits into four galleries. Some of these sections also feature Hall of Fame Off-Road Motorsports and other race cars.

Check out Elvis Presley’s Eldorado. Oh, and Frank Sinatra’s Gear and President John F. Kennedy’s Lincoln Continental.

Nice place but don’t go if you don’t like cars. The car is quite heavy so you may find it a bit bulky.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

Yes, there are a lot of places outdoors, but there are also a lot of cool places that you might miss on your trip to the city. The Nevada Museum of Art is one of them.

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Known for its unique collections and its role in hosting national and international exhibitions, the museum offers a rich visual and cultural experience that is a joy to behold.

Among the collections on display at the museum are works by EL Wigand and art from the Sierra Nevada/Great Basin. You can view the exhibits of the museum.

Located 32 miles from downtown Reno, Mount Rose Ski Resort offers beautiful scenery and exciting skiing perfect for a day on the slopes.

Mountain Rose is considered one of the best ski resorts in the Tahoe region. These create ideal conditions for skiing.

Aba Therapy Reno Nv

One thing to keep in mind, however, is the number of visitors. During the busy season, the number of visitors will increase and become very large. Don’t skip the weekends if you want to avoid the crowds.

The Truckee River District is one of Reno’s most vibrant areas and a great place for hiking. Located on the banks of the Truckee River, this place is worth a visit (especially in the evening).

It’s also easy to stop at bars and restaurants before exploring art galleries, museums, and theaters.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

One of the highlights of the park is the two farms that remain on the property. But that’s not the only thing happening at the park. You can easily access the Evans Canyon Trail or visit the Wilbur D. May Center, perfect for exploring the collections and gardens.

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If you’re visiting in September, be sure to check out the Great Reno Balloon Race, which takes place in the park. This is one of the best activities in Reno and one of the largest balloon festivals in the world.

Some of Nevada’s best recreational spots are located on the Truckee River. Idlewild Park is a 50 acre park that has been around for over 100 years.

Even cooler than downtown Reno, it’s worth a visit for a city break.

If you don’t want that, head to the Reno Aces Ballpark to see a game. Home to the Reno Aces, it’s the perfect place to get a taste of baseball.

Top 10 Things To Do In Reno, Nevada

But as an Englishman I had no idea what was going on. Still fun!

The National Bowling Stadium was established in 1995 and is named after the Taj Mahal in Tenpin. It is a huge stadium with more than 70 courts and it is worth a visit.

Additionally, the grounds of the stadium are home to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, providing a glimpse into Reno’s bowling history.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

The Reno Air Race is a long-running air racing event in northern Nevada. Every September, right after the Barron Festival, Stead Air Force Base comes alive.

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The event is one of the most anticipated events in the city as hundreds of pilots and sailors take planes to compete in six exciting races.

Not only that, but there are also many aircraft exhibits and civil and military flight exhibits worth checking out.

One of Reno’s top attractions is Pyramid Lake in the Truckee River Basin. We actually visited here before going to Burning Man and loved it.

Today, the lake gets its name from the pyramid-like formations of tuff that rise above the calm, dark waters. Very happy to see.

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The Hunter Creek Trail, about 10 miles long, is one of Reno’s top things to do when you want to get out of town.

This path is easy to follow for a walker, but for inexperienced walkers it is a low path. Anyway, it’s a great trail and you can also see the falls.

Be aware that like most popular spots in Reno, it can get expensive. If you want to go slow, avoid weekends and early evenings.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

Reno may not be as glamorous or as big as Las Vegas, but there are some famous casinos in the city.

Reno Events And Lake Tahoe Events

Walk through Circus Circus, visit the Peppermill Resort Casino and visit the Silver Legacy Resort. They are all huge and you can spend hours in them.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the “World’s Greatest City” sign that adorns the streets of downtown Reno.

As with all gambling, settle your money before entering. Don’t overspend your money. Also remember that these casinos are not building your own casinos. The house wins.

Washoe Lake, about a 30-minute drive from Reno, is worth a visit on your trip south to Carson City.

Reno Ahead Of Las Vegas In Recovering From Coronavirus Pandemic

Here you can explore pristine Washoe Lake State Park or go boating on the lake itself.

Puppy defender. food. The chocolate devil and the custard lover. Dip something in sugar, cover, roll and I’m yours!

My parents are from Reno, Nevada, and in between visiting their parents, friends, and old places, I was able to spend much of my childhood there. So even though I don’t technically live in Reno, every time I come back I feel like I’m home. But that house was nothing like my childhood Reno. The city where I played games with my grandparents was recreated ten years ago. Reno’s vibe is decidedly outdoorsy, artsy and down-to-earth.

What To Do In Reno Nevada This Weekend

Reno is one of my favorite places to visit, but you don’t have to leave the city to enjoy it.

I 580 Lane Closures This Weekend In Reno

The world’s largest small city has changed. Yet he has not lost his personality. The Reno Renaissance didn’t throw out the old for the new. I just turned it on. Now is the perfect time to experience the change for yourself. To get you started, here are 12 unique things to do in Reno, Nevada.

The beautiful Riverwalk neighborhood, with walking trails along the Truckee River, is lined with cafes, restaurants, and a variety of art. From giant street art to staged images from past Burning Man festivals, the festival is no less than a sight to behold. Grab a coffee at my favorite Hub Coffee Roasters or a pint at Sierra Taphouse and start walking.

No matter the time of year, walking through the Riverwalk District is a great way to get out of Reno.

The last time I was in Reno I stayed at the Renaissance Reno Downtown. The hotel is located on the Truckee River on the Riverwalk, so it’s easy to get to many places.

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