What To Wear In France In March

What To Wear In France In March – The style of the French woman is legendary. Get the Parisian look with stylish tops so you don’t look like a tourist when visiting Paris, France.

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What To Wear In France In March

No one wants to look like a tourist. And especially not in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. With French women known for their style and understated “je ne sais quoi” skills, you’re going to want to up your game!

France Paris Fashion Week Elie Saab

(Incuriosity). The motto of Parisian style is always that it’s better to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed than to look like hours.

Instead of anything too extreme, I’m going to cover some French style tips that will help anyone coming to Paris on vacation to look a little more presentable.

Now I mention that a typical day for this “young and modern Parisian” is taking the subway to work, running all day to the office, going to the gym at lunchtime, going out to eat with friends before returning home. . late in the afternoon

So he doesn’t look “perfect” because he’s been running all day. The look she wants is beautiful and comfortable for her from morning to night. With this in mind,

Paris France March Model Walks Runway Chanel Show Part Paris

Unless you’re traveling to Paris during a heat wave, you’ll need a good jacket. It’s the first impression you make wherever you go, so you need to make a good one.

Paris is usually quite rainy and cloudy in the winter, and since most people don’t commute by car, it can get cold and rainy very quickly.

Pro tip: Wear your jacket buttoned up. Open jackets tend to look messy unless you wear a plain white t-shirt underneath. French ladies tend to know that a zip-up jacket with a clean line from the neck down will instantly make them look better.

One of the unpleasant facts about Paris is that there are a lot of pickpockets, especially in the metro. A zippered shower bag that you can easily access on the go is a must.

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Forget shoulder bags that are bulky and easily tear during photo shoots. Also avoid backpacks as they are often not allowed in museums and stolen on the subway.

Pro tip: Get a bag with a vent at the top of the zipper to keep your passport and valuables even more secure (see the Fossil bag above).

You may have heard that Parisians like to wear a lot of black. As tempting as it is to wear all dark colors, don’t. Remember you are on vacation! Choose something with visual interest. The color spectrum makes a difference with your outfit or accessories and also complements your Instagram photos.

Pro tip: Navy, brown, brown, white, and gray are usually just as popular neutrals in Paris as black.

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Color blocking is great, but why not use a subtle pattern? Visually, it makes the outfit much more interesting. I like to go for a patterned top, usually in pastel colors. Works easily in any situation and can be versatile with different pants/skirts/etc.

Counseling. Avoid Logos The LVMH logo may be a pattern, but it’s not really that discreet. Logos get some attention

Walking around Paris requires a comfortable pair of shoes. Although you will see people wearing runners and trainers, the trend for French women and men is definitely canvas running shoes or sneakers. As I mentioned earlier, Stan Smiths and Vejas are very popular, but Aigle and Faguo are also two quite popular French brands.

Pro tip: If you’re coming in the fall or winter, grab Aigle rain boots instead. As I said before, it rains a lot in Paris!

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The French tend to wear headscarves for fear of the “courant d’air”. Immigrants are often puzzled by French explanations as they attempt to explain the great suffering caused by drafts.

The French fondness for scarves has waned in recent years, but many people still carry them because they are so handy and add elegance to any outfit.

Pro tip: If you don’t mind wearing a scarf, opt for a thin necklace to complete the outfit instead.

Nothing makes you look like a tourist and/or teenager like wearing shorts. Choose a skirt or even better a dress. Bermuda or Capri shorts are also not very popular in Paris, unless you’re going on a picnic by the Seine.

Elle No 2043 March 4 1985 French France Paris Foreign Original

Tip: For maximum freshness, choose loose white linen pants. Can you say “instant chic”?

And yes, in Paris you will regularly see women wearing floral dresses like the one above with white canvas running shoes. Canvas shoes go with everything

Along with short shorts, leggings are equally relegated to the bottom of the French wardrobe. There’s a reason why Lululemon isn’t big in France. Leggings are only worn in the gym and must be used. And I think

Insider Tip: If you like running, go along the Seine! It’s a great way to see the city and get into the heart of Paris. Bastille is only 7 kilometers (4.4 miles) east of the Eiffel Tower. And yes, you can wear tights while doing it

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If you enjoyed this article and are planning to visit France, you may want to read more about places to shop in Paris. I first moved to Paris in the summer, so I packed my suitcase with typical American summer fashions – tops, shorts, and flip-flops.

While it’s true that Parisians are a little more edgy (I think the same can be said of New Yorkers), Europeans generally have a more classic and understated approach to dressing.

For Paris, think romantic but functional: a t-shirt and blouse with simple black pants or jeans. Paris is a compact and beautiful city that is best seen on foot, so be sure to bring plenty of comfortable shoes. Some Paris Metro stations are usually only a 5-10 minute walk away!

I have included everything you need for your trip to Paris in the packing list below.

Paris, France. 8th Mar, 2021. A Model Presents A Creation By Lanvin During The Paris Fashion Week’s Women Fall/winter 2021 2022 Ready To Wear Fashion Digital Show In Paris, France On March 8, 2021. Credit:

Clothes You can’t go wrong with bright pants and jackets in Paris! I avoided shorts and opted for skirts, t-shirts and blouses instead.

Shoes Paris has many cobbled streets and is a very compact city. For example, a subway station in New York is about 10 blocks away, but in Paris, subway stations can connect very short distances, so it’s very walkable! I recommend comfortable shoes like these and maybe flats, brogues or heels for a night out.

Accessories Scarves are effortlessly Parisian! Beans are a little higher, but hey, why not?

Bag For sightseeing, I recommend a large trunk and a duffel bag. At tourist attractions, make sure you have a secure bag with a full zip.

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Luggage I love this super stylish side luggage collection from Delsey Luggage, a luxury French brand known for their quality and generous warranty.

In hand luggage, I use another bag from the French brand Lipault, which makes luggage from shiny and durable canvas. The black bag I have can slide over the luggage handle so it’s perfect for day trips and travel!

Cube packaging I like to group clothes by color or function and easily pack each group of items in my packing cube.

They’re a lifesaver for keeping your luggage organized in your hotel room, and they’re my top secret for maximizing space and functionality in a simple suitcase.

Paris, France March 24 Image & Photo (free Trial)

I usually reserve a packing cube for all my second hand clothes to separate the dirty stuff from my clean clothes!

Amazon has their affordable 4-piece packing cube set, and several travel bloggers swear by this set of e-bags.

I personally use a set of CalPaks that I like. They’re machine washable for easy cleaning, and if you have a CalPak, they’re perfect for carry-on luggage!

By the time I brought my own shampoo and conditioner, it was horrible on my straight hair – I love those refillable toiletry bottles. I also recommend putting coconut oil in a small bottle of coconut water to use as a weekly wash.

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Finally, carry this micellar water with you to clean your skin instead of washing it with tap water. This will help!

Laptop charger You definitely need it! I currently use an iPhone 6S and this Anker portable charger to keep my phone charged at all times, even though I technically live in the city and can’t see the view.

Me too, really

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