What To Wear In Iceland During Winter

What To Wear In Iceland During Winter – Are you planning to visit the land of fire and ice from October to March and wondering what to wear in Iceland in winter? (Yes, Icelandic winter usually lasts at least 6 months a year).

This Iceland winter packing list includes everything both men and women need to pack for the coldest season of the year! From warm base layers to waterproof jackets and even little things you never knew you needed.

What To Wear In Iceland During Winter

When we went on our first trip to Iceland, we didn’t know what to wear in Iceland in winter. We live in Brisbane, Australia and it’s hot all year round. So our standard clothing doesn’t have many suitable clothes for Iceland winter. We had to buy a whole suitcase of new clothes for our winter trip.

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At the beginning of March, we took a trip through Iceland, which is part of the ring road. This might be the best time to visit Iceland. If you are planning to travel in winter, this Iceland packing list will not only help you prepare for your trip to Iceland in March, but also for those who are on Think October and November. What to wear in Iceland in December, January. , February, March or April.

If you pack minimal but love to look good (like me), then this packing list is for you! Before our trip, we did a lot of research and put together our winter gear list for Iceland.

However, we actually packed a lot of clothes on our trip to Iceland and didn’t wear a few things (stopping mistakes). Turns out, a lot of research didn’t prepare us for what we actually needed to pack for Iceland in the winter.

That’s why we decided to share with you our personal experiences, as well as examples of what we wear (and don’t wear) in winter in Iceland. We hope this article helps you prepare for Iceland’s winter packing list a little better than we did!

What To Wear In Winter

This list should help you figure out what clothes you should (and shouldn’t) wear in the winter in Iceland.

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When you decide to go to Iceland with you in winter, you should think about what you plan to do. The best things to do in Iceland in winter are outdoor activities where you can be exposed to strong winds and bitter cold. It is very important to pack correctly.

Some of the activities we did were snowshoeing, snowshoeing, glacier walking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, swimming in geothermal pools, hiking and tracking the northern lights.

What To Wear In Iceland During Winter?

Icelandic winters at this time of year are characterized by cold weather and strong winds. The cold weather is an important factor when choosing what to wear in the winter in Iceland. Weather conditions in Iceland can be very harsh and change dramatically, so it’s important to be prepared.

As mentioned earlier, winter in Iceland can last from October to April. While the average temperature stays around 0°C (31°F) from December to March, the cold wind can make it even colder. There are also storms and freezing rain.

Waterproof Jacket – The number one piece of clothing you need for Iceland in the winter is a waterproof jacket or outer shell! I kept my outer shell on all the time in inclement weather (which was on and off most days). Choose a lightweight waterproof jacket to wear on warm layers – I like this Patagonia Triolet jacket or the Arc’teryx Alpha SV jacket. The North Face is also one of the best options. Shop all waterproof jackets for men and women.

Down jacket Another good outer layer option for your Iceland winter packing list is a warm down jacket. I wear my jacket as outerwear on sunny days. If it was windy or raining, I wore it under an outer shell that provided an extra layer of warmth. I love this Patagonia down jacket. In addition, this Ghost Whisper 2 mountain gear is waterproof and designed for alpine conditions. Shop all men’s or women’s insulated jackets.

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Long Down Jacket – Another good jacket option that keeps you cool while keeping you warm below the waist and the cold wind, is the Canada Goose Long Down Jacket which is perfect for alpine temperatures. It’s part of the investment, but it’s worth it. Shop all men’s or women’s insulated jackets.

Travel Tip: If you’re only visiting Iceland for a week and don’t want to pack a lot, I’d recommend at least a down jacket and a waterproof top layer (because they’re clean. It gets really cold and rainy). I took three – a down jacket, a coat and a long down jacket. On days when we were driving or walking around town, I used a long, long jacket, and when we were on the glacier, hiking, or in heavy rain, I used a long jacket. I wore the down jacket everyday as a mid layer.

Waterproof Winter Boots – As the best boots for Iceland in the winter, many people recommend the Sorrel Caribou boots with their waterproof construction and warm fleece interior. Shop waterproof shoes for men and women.

Snow Boots – I have personally found these Sorrel Jon arctic boots to be the perfect boots for Iceland in the winter as you can get away with just one pair for the entire trip! They are waterproof, warm and stylish and I never get cold. I literally wear them everywhere – I wear them on most evening walks as well as out to dinner. Shop all winter boots for men and women.

What To Wear In Iceland

Comfortable shoes – I often wear them while driving, walking and in the evening. I love Diner shoes because they are stylish and have great options for comfortable city shoes that can handle even short day hikes. I like the Danner Edrica Hiker or the Danner Mountain Light boots because they are both waterproof. Shop all casual shoes for men or women.

Hiking Boots – If you plan on hiking in the snow, you’ll want a good pair of hiking boots designed for alpine environments, or waterproof hiking boots. Shop all men’s and women’s hiking shoes.

Travel Tip: I actually went to Iceland with only two pairs of shoes. A comfortable pair of shoes for short trips, car rides and evenings. The second pair of boots I picked up were Sorrel Joan of Arctic snow boots – I used them when we were hiking, on the glacier, and when it was really cold. I think one pair of water or snow boots and one pair of comfortable shoes is enough, unless you want to do long snow hikes then you need waterproof hiking boots.

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