Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

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Colorado’s scenery is second to none as it boasts snow-capped Rocky Mountains, red mesas and shifting sand dunes! While you could spend weeks exploring this part of the United States, if you plan your trip properly, you can cover the best places to visit in Colorado in just a few weeks.

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Colorado is a true outdoor mecca with a well-established hiking trail, and while there are many popular places to visit in Colorado, there are also many great places off the beaten track that many tourists don’t get to see.

Unique Places To Visit In The Us

I have spent a lot of time in Colorado and have firsthand knowledge of the state. I decided to put this article together because I always get so many questions about how to plan a perfect trip to check out some of the best. Places in Colorado on your list. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes as you plan your Colorado road trip.

Located along the Front Range of Colorado, Denver is one of the most popular up and coming cities in the United States with a great dining and entertainment scene. The Mile High City has undergone dramatic transformation over the past decade, and today boasts amazing museums, world-class restaurants, and access to the great outdoors.

Looking for a great atmosphere and a fun night out in Denver? Head to Reno, the city’s River North District, a former industrial area that has been revitalized and is today one of Denver’s most popular dining and sightseeing spots.

Pro Tip: Need help planning your Denver trip? Read my guide to some of the best things to do in Denver!

Best Mountain Towns To Visit In The U.s

Fort Collins has an attractive downtown with a thriving art scene and restaurants, as well as quiet outdoor spaces such as the Cache La Poudre River Canyon and Horsetooth Reservoir, one of Colorado’s most beautiful lakes on the less crowded Colorado Front than other popular locations. , series.

Hop on the Fort Collins Municipal Railroad, which runs on summer weekends, and continue by sampling local beers at Fort Collins breweries or taking a bike tour of the city.

Whether you’re traveling from Colorado to Wyoming or just making a quick getaway from Denver, you shouldn’t just take Fort Collins as a stop on your Colorado tour: There’s a lot to do here, so plan to spend at least one night in town.

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Denver’s smaller neighbor, Boulder, is home to the University of Colorado Boulder and a booming tech scene. It is also home to the University of Colorado Boulder, the state’s flagship school.

Best Small Towns In Colorado

But in addition to being a trendy college town, Boulder is a true adventure oasis with great opportunities for an active lifestyle year-round. Recently, Boulder was named one of the best places to live in the United States, and it’s not hard to see why.

Nestled in the foothills of the iconic Rocky Mountains, Boulder offers year-round climbing, hiking, mountain biking and a great dining scene with dozens of restaurants to suit all tastes.

Also worth visiting in Boulder are the Flatirons, a popular destination for hiking, climbing and mountain biking. A 2.5-mile drive through the Chautauqua Park meadows takes you to the first and second sets of Flatirons — and more if you want a good challenge.

Another great hike in Boulder is Mount Sanitas, a steep trail with a quick elevation gain. Just outside of Boulder, you’ll find the stunning Eldorado Canyon State Park, which offers views of the snow-capped Continental Divide.

Incredible Colorado Bucket List Ideas You’ll Love

When you’re done burning calories, head to the Pearl Street Mall, the city’s main thoroughfare, where you can enjoy a local beer, buy some souvenirs, and grab a bite to eat.

A historic town with a rich pioneering history, Golden is one of the best places to visit in Colorado if you want to learn more about the state. Although most Denver residents are familiar with Golden, it flies under the radar for many tourists.

Golden is a popular destination in the summer when many people bring their inflatable tubes to float down Clear Clear Creek. Or visit the American Rock Climbing Museum, where you can learn about the favorite activity of many Colorado residents.

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Whether you choose to explore downtown Golden with its restaurants and breweries (Coors Brewery is a must-stop if you’re a beer fan) or decide to take one of the best hikes near Golden, you won’t be bored here.

The 12 Most Beautiful Places In Colorado

If you have more time, consider driving to the top of Lookout Mountain for panoramic views of the Mile High City and surrounding eastern plains.

Pro tip: Because of its proximity, Golden is one of Denver’s most popular road trips and gets crowded on weekends. For a better experience, plan your visit for a weekday.

Where to Stay in Rocky Mountain National Park: There are no hotels in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are plenty of hotels available in nearby Estes Park, such as Bear Paw Suites.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best day trips from Denver and is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Colorado that should be on every traveler’s itinerary.

Must Visit Attractions In Colorado

One of the most popular national parks in the United States, it boasts majestic peaks, alpine lakes, and hiking for all levels. Gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Estes Park is a charming little town with famous attractions like the haunted Stanley Hotel where you can book ghost tours, the Estes Park Tramway, and an outdoor adventure park.

Estes Park is perfect for eating and staying overnight after a day of hiking instead of driving back to Denver.

Beginning in 2021, reservations are required to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the most beautiful spots in Colorado, it is very popular and the place fills up quickly. Visit the website to reserve a time slot.

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Pro tip: One place near Rocky Mountain National Park that should be on your radar is the Indian Peaks Wilderness — a popular area for multi-day hikes and backpackers. One of the most spectacular hikes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness is Mirror Lake, which is usually tackled in two days.

Altitude With Attitude: The Best Places To Visit In Colorado

While it serves as a convenient stop for tourists thanks to its many restaurants and accommodations, Estes Park also offers spectacular views of the outdoors, and you can easily spend several days here enjoying kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking. After you go to RMNP.

Summer is Estes Park’s busiest time, while winter is a quieter time when you can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and the stunning views of the winter wonderland.

The famous Stanley Hotel is a popular stop for many tourists visiting Estes Park because of its storied history. To learn more about this popular historical landmark (which is believed to be haunted), you can either book a stay at the Stanley Hotel or take a guided tour.

Similar to RMNP, Estes Park has an alpine climate, which means that temperatures here can vary greatly during the day and night.

The 12 Most Incredible Natural Attractions In Colorado That Everyone Should Visit

When you visit Boulder, you’ll feel like everyone else had the same idea and decided to come here – Boulder is actually one of Denver’s most popular day trips, with many visitors making the trip here.

If you feel like it, just west of neighboring Netherlands, in the Rockies lies a small town that’s home to the Eldora Ski Resort, a great music scene and plenty of opportunities for an adventurous lifestyle.

If Boulder seems too busy for you, you’ll love the Netherlands for its laid-back atmosphere and slower pace of life.

Top Ten Attractions In Colorado

Grand Lake, one of Colorado’s most beautiful lakes, is located near the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Best Places To Visit In Colorado

It is also an ideal place to enjoy many outdoor activities like camping and hiking, kayaking and boating. Nearby, you can hike to Audubon, located in the “Thirteen” Indian Peaks Wilderness and one of the most popular hikes near Denver, offering breathtaking views of several peaks throughout the Front Range and swath.

The trail to the summit of Mount Audubon begins at the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. While hiking, be aware of wildlife, as moose and mountain lions are common in the area.

Outside of Holland, you can discover the spectacular Peak to Peak Highway, a 55-mile route that takes you along the Continental Divide and offers stunning views of the adjacent Rocky Mountain National Park. This drive is popular during the fall when all the aspen trees in the area explode in color.

Although the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway is most popular during the fall for its stunning golden hues, this scenic byway is one of Denver’s best day trips if you want some time outside.

Colorado’s Hidden Gems: The Best Places To Visit In Colorado

This 85-mile scenic drive is one of the most popular trails in Colorado due to its incredible views and

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