Weather In Paris In April What To Wear

Weather In Paris In April What To Wear – I’m going back to Paris this week. My last trip to Paris was in January to capture images of Paris in winter and holiday decor for this year’s The Print Shop. This time I am returning to the city of lights to discover new restaurants, hotels and museums to update the blog content and Paris guide. Spring in Paris is full of unpredictable weather, so it can be challenging and it can be a good idea to pack in layers for hot and cold weather. Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip. Below are the things I packed for spring in Paris.

If you’re going to Paris in the spring, you can check out this blog post for packing ideas.

Weather In Paris In April What To Wear

As you’ll see in the collages below, many of the things I pack can be mixed and matched to create new outfits. Packing with packing cubes helps keep everything organized and I swear I have more space.

What To Wear In Paris Summer Spring 2023

A cashmere sweater is a great layering piece as an extra layer on colder days. I usually wear a simple t-shirt under some sweater. This Gaspard sweater is always a favorite of mine and it’s available in 3 colors. The Charlotte sweater is a new favorite and will be perfect for Paris in the spring.

I have some jeans ready for Paris. Straight jeans and skinny jeans are still very fashionable. Black, white jeans and denim with different Paris outfits. Frank & Eileen jeans are new favorites and I also have a few long sleeve button up shirts.

Since the best way to see Paris is on foot, comfortable shoes are a must and you should plan on walking a lot. This is the only difficulty I have with packing, as I want to bring four pairs of shoes. If it rains, I still need a good pair of sturdy shoes for wet weather, Chelsea boots. Last year I almost always wore boots because the weather was cold. The weather forecast looks more optimistic this time. I always recommend wearing your thickest shoes on the plane and packing a light pair in your luggage so they don’t take up too much space. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must for walking around Paris.

Ballet flats are really in style right now and these are my favorite from Margaux. A tie at the top makes them adjustable if you feel they don’t fit well. By binding the spring, you can work it on your feet, which makes all the difference. I fell in love with this pair of brown loafers. White sneakers are very popular in French men’s and women’s fashion today. Vejas is a favorite of mine, usually available at various retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus (now in stock in all sizes), and Anthropologie. Many seats are sold out, so check the stock. You can always buy them at a Vejas store or in Paris like Galeries Lafayette or BHV.

What To Wear For A 21 Day European Vacation In April Outfit Options

High heels are nice, but not ideal for the cobblestone streets of Paris. Leave them at home unless you plan on going out for dinner. You won’t see them on many French women unless it’s fashion week.

I have packed a lot of items that I plan to wear in Paris and they are all neutral colors of black, brown, white and denim. This makes it very easy to create different outfits from wardrobe essentials.

A crossbody bag is a great option for walking around Paris. The most important thing is to have a zippered bag to keep all your belongings safe. I love the Cuyana zipper bag and the Longchamp bag for hiking. This Polène bag is also great and a personal favorite.

Two dresses are made for spring. I don’t expect the weather to be too hot, but it goes well with a leather jacket. This belted black dress would be a great black dress with sandals or heels. I have my eye on a pair of Sézane espadrilles that I plan to pair with this dress. This white dress suits you very well; It can also be combined with espadrilles or sandals.

A Fall Outfit To Wear In Paris

Sunglasses I hope to get some sun on this trip. I love these Rayban sunglasses. The Jimmy Fairly brand is similar to the French Warby Parker brand; You will find them in different parts of Paris. This is a great place to buy Paris sunglasses. I have bought two pairs of these in the past.

Umbrellas seem to be required. Plus, you never know when you’ll need it, especially in the spring.

Because of the changeable weather, I like to take a trench coat and a leather jacket to Paris. If the weather is very cold, you can fold a leather jacket under the plates, as I did in October. A jacket can instantly bring an outfit together and you can throw it over skinny jeans or a pump dress.

If you are going to Paris in late spring, you can replace your leather jacket with a light jacket.

Paris In April. Weather, What To Wear, What To Do

My makeup will be minimal, but I do have lip liner and this Sisley lipstick. I love Merit products especially foundation, foundation, mascara and blush.

When planning your gear list, I always recommend leaving your sports gear at home or storing it as an airplane cabin. You won’t see many active-wear Parisians unless you’re on a phone call or hitting the gym.

*This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission on items purchased through my links. This is in addition to the money I spent on coffee and croissants.

I am a photographer, blogger, croissant lover and world traveler. I hope Everyday Parisian inspires you to add a little France to your everyday life and helps you plan the best trip to Paris with personal recommendations for places to stay, explore and eat. Since the beginning of the year alone, we’ve shipped nearly 450 Paris guide orders, which is no surprise as Paris remains the world’s number one travel destination. The number one question I always get is what to wear in Paris during certain months of the year. Due to climate change it is really difficult to give definitive advice. It’s been only 50-60 degrees every day in New York this week, which is crazy for February, and when I went to Paris in April and last May, I found Paris much warmer than usual. But whether you’re heading to the City of Light or a weekend in your hometown, we’ve found three outfits that can be a starting point. They are inspired by photos I took myself in Paris and some Parisians in Paris.

What To Wear In Paris In October: A Guide To Staying Warm And Stylish

The French are relaxed but also more elegant than Americans. The best way to describe the look of Parisians,

Which translates to smart casual. They don’t wear leggings or sports like Americans, so leave them at home. It also leans more toward neutrals.

If you want to perfectly replicate the look next to the Eiffel Tower, this double-breasted wool navy coat also comes in camel. I chose navy blue because I’m going to Paris in April with a navy blue coat. Double-breasted wool is perfect for transitional weather and much cooler evenings.

Here you can find navy blue double faced woolen jackets. I actually ordered this version and it arrived at the time of writing this post. The quality is incredible for the price and it’s available in gray too. On the long side, it’s good if you’re tall, but not so tall if you’re shorter, but there’s also a petite option. You can put your hands back, but I’ll keep mine. I tried it on a light colored cashmere sweater and it didn’t scratch, which is a good sign.

Paris In April: Weather, Festivals, & Things To Do (2023)

The key to spring dressing anywhere is layering. I like to layer a blue shirt under a sweater in case the weather warms up and I need to take the sweater off. You can find a cheaper blue shirt option here.

The French, and Europeans in general, do not like to have a cold because they think it will make them sick. When it’s too hot to wear scarves, you’ll often see a sweater over their shoulders. This cotton blend sweater is great worn up or thrown over the shoulders, and this striped sweater is your cheap option.

When the weather in Paris gets a little colder, or even colder, I prefer longer pants with a slightly wider leg, like these navy blue pants worn with sneakers.

When I posted that everyone in Paris is wearing sneakers this spring, enough is enough

Ultimate Paris Packing List: 12 Cute Paris Outfits To Copy For Every Season

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