Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend – A weekend in Tucson, Arizona surprised me with a heavy dose of Southwestern culture, trendy foods, and nature. One thing is for sure, the many things to do in Tucson are very interesting for visitors

A great Tucson itinerary includes hiking and horseback riding, as well as plenty of time in nature, along with a healthy portion of delicious food. Tucson is a wonderful city in the American Southwest Whether you’re spending a week here or just stopping by on a road trip to Arizona, here are the best things to do in Tucson.

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

Looking for some great photos, Mission San Javier del Bac is one of the most photogenic places in Tucson. On my first day, with a cup of coffee in hand and some fresh air, I went to the church The exterior of the church is magnificent and one of the best examples of Spanish architecture in America

Fantastic Things To Do In Tucson, Arizona

From the outside, it’s easy to understand where the church got its name, “The White Dove of the Desert.” It is a Roman Catholic church that has a large congregation every week and is open to visitors. It’s not just the outside that’s worth visiting, as the inside is adorned with beautiful frescoes

Visitors can enjoy a guided tour with the Patronato San Javier, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for the restoration of the church. Ten times the visit is available from Monday to Saturday. They are completely free and we encourage you to leave a donation or visit the store in support of the church

Downtown Tucson has a lot to attract visitors, so I went in search of some more fresh coffee. When it comes to getting a drink in the historic Congress Street and Fourth Avenue neighborhood, there aren’t many options.

There are many hotels such as the famous and historic Hotel Congress. The hotel was a hideout for John Dillinger and is now an eclectic boutique hotel with a cafe, bar, nightclub and restaurant. If you’re looking for something sweet, head to their Cup Cafe for a nice homemade cake and coffee.

Days In Tucson, Az: The Perfect Weekend In Tucson Itinerary

The historic Fourth Avenue area is home to places like Exo Roast Co. that serves delicious house-roasted coffee, or you can grab a craft beer at Frontier Brewing.

At its heart, the neighborhood serves as an entertainment district with bars, restaurants and theaters. If you’re looking for nightlife or dining, Congress Street is one of the best things to do in Tucson this weekend.

No trip to Tucson is complete without a taco or two. Mexican food is one of my all-time favorites, so there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to rave. I went for some authentic double corn tortilla tacos with lots of hot sauce.

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

You can find amazing tacos at BOCA Tacos Y Tequila and Seis Kitchen or classic spots like Los Tacos Options and El Guero Canelo. It all depends on the mood because they serve completely different atmospheres

Weekend In Tucson

The Mount Lemon Scenic Byway is the most spectacular drive in Arizona. It is about 30 miles away and ends near the top of Mount Lemmon in the small town of Summer.

Visitors pass grand canyons, rocky peaks and scenic forests on scenic drives. The route winds through the Coronado National Forest and the peaks of the Santa Catalina mountain range.

The greatest attraction is the diversity of flora, as the journey begins in the Sonoran Desert life zone full of saguaro cacti and ends in an alpine forest with Pandorasa pines on the valley walls.

As the drive climbs from 3,000 feet to more than 10,000 feet in elevation, nearly 7,000 feet, temperature changes can be extreme and snow falls on the mountaintops during the winter months. Snow is common enough that it is the southernmost ski resort in the US when there is enough snow. It provides a welcome respite from the desert heat during the warm months

Under The Radar Usa: Tucson Is More Than Its Cactus

Tucson is fortunate to be surrounded by incredible wilderness areas that are ideal for recreation. There are some great trails in the area

While hiking in the woods I used one of my favorite apps, the Ultrarail app works well for trip planning and uses my phone’s GPS on the trail.

Windy Point is the most famous place to enjoy the sunset on the east side of the city. It offers a picnic area and overlook along the trail and a unique view of Tucson and the Push Ridge Wilderness. The variety of interesting rock formations and the spectacular evening light make it a must-see for photographers

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

It is about 18 miles from the start of the lookout and a good hour drive from Tucson to the lookout. You can find the location on Google Maps. These were probably some of the best photos from my weekend in Tucson

Things To Do In Tucson — Choice Hotels

Popular canyon recreation area located within the Coronado National Forest It is a large valley that ascends into the Santa Catalina Mountains and offers numerous trails, viewpoints and swimming holes.

The nearby valley, Bear Canyon, offers one of Tucson’s most popular hikes. The Great Seven Falls has plenty of pools to cool off in and some cliff jumping opportunities (

The recreation area also has a shuttle service that can transport visitors to and from Sabina Canyon. Or save some walking by taking a canyon trail Getting in and out of the shuttle is easy

I was lucky enough to spend my time at Tanque Verde Ranch, one of the best places to stay in Tucson. You can’t find a better or more appropriate activity on a buck ranch than grooming. It was a great opportunity for me to develop as a rider, as they offer lessons to guests as an inclusive activity. After our horse safari in South Africa, I was eager to get back on horseback and develop my skills

Things To Do In Tucson, Az

They offer an advanced ride almost every night where riders travel on a rope through the Sonoran desert. However, the cowboys must first pass the rider through a lope test that assesses the rider’s ability. This means handling the horse and controlling the pace between walking, trotting and running

I tried it and was able to pass the test after my studies. This is a great destination for beginners who plan to learn to ride on a ranch. They offer incredible rides in the Sonoran Desert that any rider can handle; you can make it easy. walk It’s easily the best thing to do in Tucson!

The city of Tucson is surrounded by some high desert areas such as Saguaro National Park to the east and west. The park is the best place in Arizona to find the famous icon of the Southwest, the saguaro. The saguaro is a giant cactus that can grow 50 feet tall and dominates the landscape of the national park.

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

It is a privileged place to reconnect with nature and explore a fascinating biome with unique flora and fauna.

Weekend Travel Guide To Tucson, Arizona

The parks are prime places for recreation, with many opportunities for cycling, walking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding. After riding at Tanki Verde Ranch, I thought it would be perfect to capture some of the spectacular evening light from Rincon Mountain, east of Saguaro National Park.

It was pure code that the best hike for the view is Tanque Verde Ridge, more info here

I found myself on the trail alone with the temperature dropping and the beautiful evening light. It was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of Tucson and hear the birds flying in and out of the cactus.

As I climbed, I saw the desert landscape and mountains overlooking what looked like a large city. It was a great way to end the day and the weekend in Tucson.

Fun Events Happening In Tucson This Weekend July 21 24 🎒🎬🐱

One of the best things to do in Tucson with kids is to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum. It’s not far from the airport and has over 350 planes and spaceships! This makes it one of the largest air and space museums in the world. It has some historic and record-breaking aircraft and unique designs developed for aviation.

You can also visit the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). It is better known as the “Boneyard” and there are hundreds of abandoned planes in the desert

Boneyard tours cost more and require reservations, but are well worth it. Museum hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day.

Tucson Az Things To Do This Weekend

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