Things To See In Maine In September

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Oh, Maine. It’s a great place and remains my favorite state in New England. (I’m a proud Vermonter!)

Things To See In Maine In September

Things To See In Maine In September

If you’re looking for things to do in Maine, you’ll find that the state’s activities, sites, and entertainment are endless. You can enjoy 35,285 square miles of mineral wealth from north to south and east to west.

Road Trip From Boston To Maine

Let this Maine travel guide help inspire you as you create your Maine bucket list. I’ve compiled a list of the top 50 things to do in Maine: Top Maine Things Visitors to the Pine State Shouldn’t Miss.

I have great charms for all seasons, so whether you’re planning a cold weekend where you can play in the snow, a fun vacation with a beautiful car or a trip to spring in Maine. The snow is starting to melt, but we think the best time of year to visit Maine is in the summer, when you can enjoy all that Maine has to offer!

Maine and lighthouses go together like butter and jelly: made for each other! When you think of Maine, rugged and beautiful coastlines come to mind. With 3,478 miles of coastline (more than California), there is plenty of coastline to explore, and the lighthouse is often the best view of the Maine coast!

I have 65 lighthouses on my bucket list along the Maine coast. Although some are open to the public, others can only be seen from the outside or sometimes from the water.

Best Time To Visit Maine

Be sure to include a visit to your itinerary, including some of Maine’s 5 most beautiful lighthouses near Portland.

New England is a haven for beer lovers. Many of these beers can be found in Maine, especially in the Portland area. Don’t forget to visit and drink at some of Portland’s best breweries, and don’t be afraid to venture further afield in search of unique beers. (Like Funky Bow Brewery in Lyman). If you’re looking for indoor activities in Portland Maine, now is a great time to enjoy a taste of the state!

Want to learn about Maine through the eyes of a local? Red Clock Tours is one of the largest tour providers in Maine with many testimonials from past guests.

Things To See In Maine In September

The company specializes in historic tours in Bar Harbor, Bath, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Damariscotta, Hallowell, Rockland, Wiscasset, Maine and offers tours to learn more about the history of Maine and the best places for Maine tourists. A great way to show off. .

Things To Do On Vinalhaven Maine + Travel Tips

Another thing that Maine is famous for is the home of famous horror writer Stephen King. Not only did King live here, but he wrote many of his books in Maine or New England. King fans love to visit Maine, especially Bangor, which is associated with King’s home and his fictional city of Derry. For an authentic experience, travel to Stephen King or create a DIY tour of Stephen King’s Maine.

Want to dress up like a real minnow? You can see the stock price of L.L. There are a few things that beans need. LL Bean is a staple of New England clothing and merchandise, with beautiful flannels, high-end shoes and more. If you are making a list of things to do in Maine, you must visit their store in Freeport (there are other interesting stores) and check out their famous bean boot. It’s definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Maine!

Autumn in Maine would not be complete without visiting the Damariscotta Pumpkin Fest, an annual tradition that hosts several events, the most famous of which is The Pumpkin Boat Regatta, which Damariscotta Maine is famous for. A water-based race where competitors row or fly 400-700 pounds, the Pumpkin Hollow in Damariscotta Harbor is clearly one of the best things to do in Maine in October!

Taking a road trip to Maine is never a bad idea, especially if you base your trip around Maine destinations. Driving in Maine may be one of the top 5 things to do in Maine, especially on scenic routes like Route 27, also known as the Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway, when the colors are lit. the autumn.

Things To Do In Acadia Maine

The trail begins in the quaint town of Kingfield and continues along the Carrabasset River, offering spectacular views of Mount Abraham and the Bigelow Range. Heading north, Route 27 takes you through Cathedral Pines.

One of the best things I did in Maine was take a boat trip to a historic school. I sailed two Maine Windjammers and spent two nights on a J&E rig. It was an incredible feeling! The experience of driving a regular boat (and being able to help a boat) is unforgettable. Maine Coast View: Yes, it’s something special; If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure in Maine, consider sailing the Maine Windjammer.

Whether you’re going for a short cruise or an overnight adventure, I highly recommend getting out on the water when visiting Maine. Here’s a day cruise option to consider!

Things To See In Maine In September

Whale watching is another popular activity in Maine. My whale watching season is from mid April to October when the whales enter these waters. It’s amazing to see them at sea, and for wildlife enthusiasts, there may not be a better activity during the Maine summer; If you are visiting Maine in September, now is the best time to go on a whale watching trip.

The Best Maine Lighthouse Driving Tour Itinerary (2023)

If the scary and paranormal appeal to you, you’ll want to visit the Maine towns: Perkins Town or Swan Island.

On an island in the Kennebec River, the town has been abandoned since the 1940s. A few buildings still stand on the island. Only open to visitors during the summer, this island is only accessible by boat, but it’s a great place in Maine for the curious and those who want to do something a little weird and wacky!

Maine equals blue skin in summer! If you are here during the blueberry picking season, go to the farm and get your blueberry joy; This is one of the best Maine date ideas for a really fun trip. Otherwise, get ready to enjoy mangoes in a variety of desserts and meals. A few things you can try are blueberry pie, blueberry beer, and blueberry jam.

Maine Brew Bus is known for fun and memorable Portland brewery tours like the Old Port Walk, Talk, & Taste Tour.

Top Things To Do In Delray Beach/boca Raton From September To December

Oh, those cute puffins! I have never seen these birds in Maine, but they are 100% items on my Maine bucket list.

If you’re looking for fun things to see in Maine, puffins are a good choice. Check out my guide on where to see puffins!

Camping is a quintessential activity in New England, and it’s especially true in Maine, with its lovely, wilderness scenery; This is one of the best things to do in Maine, especially in the summer. You can choose to camp “hard” in many places in the state. But with a campsite or glampground you will be more comfortable!

Things To See In Maine In September

Sandy Pines Campground near Kennebunkport is an interesting place to consider. This place offers traditional camping and glamping options, beautiful salt water pools, and many things to do on site. Camping and glamping are some of the best things to do with kids in Maine.

Visit Acadia National Park In September: A Maine Escape • Svadore

Even glamping is too rustic for you? Don’t worry, because there are plenty of beautiful and cozy cabins in Maine that are perfect for those who want to experience the true Maine outdoors without going too far!

Try some action at this Maine outdoor activity: rafting. According to tour provider North Country Rivers, “The Kennebec River isn’t technically a river. Instead, it’s a very deep, fast river with a big ‘fun’ river. That’s why it will be perfect for beginners, youth groups, and families. Sounds like a perfect trip for experienced rafters, right? I have many options.

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