Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend – For many, Labor Day weekend is their last visit to the beach. But for those planning to stay or visit the City of Brotherhood, we’ve got your back, even if you can’t get tickets to a Made in America concert. A little money? Even better, here are 10 free things to do over Labor Day weekend, from boating on the Schuylkill River to watching an outdoor movie or relaxing in a hammock one last time.

These free items are listed by date. Know of another low-cost weekend event? Leave a comment or send us a tip.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Parks on Tap Mobile Brewery will be in Clark Park this weekend, with an extended run until the actual Labor Day. It will remain in the park until Monday, September 2. Park breaks are free, food and beer are not.

Best Things To Do After Dinner In Philadelphia

Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00. You can take a boat ride from Bartram’s Garden and cruise the Schuylkill River for free. Please note: Boat tours are limited to 30-minute trips. Take a stroll along Bartram’s Mile while you’re there.

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The Museum of the American Revolution has a long list of activities planned for Labor Day weekend starting Saturday, and admission is free for children 12 and under. They will also receive a back-to-school pack with crayons, coloring books and, of course, a pocket Declaration of Independence.

Here’s your chance to enjoy the air-conditioned fresh air of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while everyone else is on the waterfront. This Sunday, September 1, is the museum’s Pay You Want Day; The same goes for the nearby Barnes Foundation.

Exciting Things To Do In Philadelphia At Night

On Sunday, September 1, the last fireworks display of the summer will be held at Penn’s Landing. But first, enjoy a free concert by the US Army Band Downrange at 8 p.m. Fireworks continue till 9:30 pm.

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to join the Summer Festival at Blue Cross River Field. Access to the beach at Delaware Waterfront is free, but you have to pay a few dollars to ride along the roller skating rink.

Free yoga classes at Race Street Pier run through November 11. Extend your approach with yoga mats on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday during Labor Day weekend. Two.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Thanks to its success in recent years, Spruce Street Harbor Park will be open until September 30. So if you want to relax in a hammock for the weekend, this is the place.

Things To Do In Philadelphia In Winter

Franklin Square is open on Labor Day weekend for “Splash the Square” and more walks.

It will also be held all weekend with a chance to ride the Lightning Bolt Express, but it costs $5 for adults and $4 for children.

Catch a free screening of “Aquaman” with a garden tour Friday night at Bartram Gardens. The tour starts at 6:30 and the movie starts at 7:30. Please note: This article contains affiliate links to products we like and recommend, meaning we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You click on a link and decide to buy something. The money will be used to support this cozy blog we call our virtual home. Find out more

Planning a trip to Philadelphia? Wondering what to do with kids in Philly? We’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Philadelphia with kids.

Top 5 Fun And Warm Things To Do In Philadelphia In Winter

Philadelphia or more commonly known as Philly is a city with a long history in the United States, where it was once an independent nation.

With its roots deep in history, it’s hard to imagine Philadelphia as a kid-friendly city. Even when we have to take our kids out, our first thought is always the idols nearby.

But the city proved us wrong and surprised us with its sights. There’s a lot to do with kids in Philadelphia and you’ll love it. And, if you’ve ever explored all that Philly has to offer, there’s nowhere close to Philadelphia.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

An essential place for children to experience the outdoors. There are great immersive exhibits, meant to immerse the imagination in space.

Fun And Free Things To Do In Philadelphia

Children enjoyed the River Adventures exhibit as they sailed the Schuylkill River and worked on the dam. This is a fun way to help kids understand that they are also learning STEM principles at the Please Touch Museum.

Pro Tip: Admission is $2 on the first Wednesday of the month after 4 p.m. – at 19:00. But beware of long lines and wait times.

An iconic symbol synonymous with American freedom, the Liberty Bell is located in downtown Philadelphia. It is revered by all residents and is a must-see attraction in Philadelphia.

Taken from London in 1752, it was intended to report important predictions. The bell is said to have rung for the Declaration of Independence, but not on July 4, but on July 8, 1776.

Things To Do In Philly During The Holidays

The inscription on the biblical bell reads, “Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.”

This huge bell weighs about 2000 kg and is 12 meters wide at the mouth of the bell. As soon as the bell arrived it was rung to test the sound, but it let out a crack which is still there.

There are some interesting pictures and facts about its history on display that are worth the time.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Named after the famous American scientist Benjamin Franklin, the Museum of Science and Technology is one of the best science museums in America.

Things To Do In Philly This Weekend With Your Kids

The Franklin Institute was founded in 1824 and moved to its present location in 1934. But the goal remains the same: to ignite the scientific fire with a variety of hands-on demonstrations.

Apart from exhibitions, there is also an IMAX cinema showing interesting films/documentaries. Living science exhibits are most appealing to children, who continue to marvel at the experiments.

The museum also has some fun after-hours events, like the Night Sky Observatory, where the whole family can gaze at the stars and step outside into the mysterious universe.

The Philadelphia Zoo, spread over 42 hectares, houses more than 1300 animals, including orangutans, lemurs, tigers, hippos and polar bears. It is the oldest zoo in the US, having opened in 1874.

Things To Do For Memorial Day Weekend 2023 In Philly — Visit Philadelphia

Pro tip: Don’t miss the tigers, leopards and lions that stroll outside their exhibits on the archways that extend from their habitat. Maybe you are looking at the big cats sitting near you.

As part of Zoo360 tours, there are similar tours for other animals such as monkeys, meerkats, gorillas and orangutans.

Children will be overwhelmed by the various exhibits like petting zoo, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and penguins.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

Tickets: If you plan to visit the zoo several times a year, it is recommended that you register as a member. We certainly enjoyed many trips to the zoo.

The Top 15 Things To Do In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Zoo Hours: 9:30 – 17:00 (March – October); 9:30 – 16:00 (Winter)

Public Transportation: The zoo is also accessible via SEPTA bus route 38 or trolley route 15. Buses connect to Suburban Station or Jefferson Station.

This small zoo in Norristown is our favorite and most frequented animal. We will also arrange a private visit after school.

While entering the zoo, you will see giraffes and zebras on one side, and eagles on the other. We like to feed these tall creatures lettuce.

The Best Things To Do In Philly This Weekend And Next Week

This zoo has some animals that we have seen for the first time such as bison, prairie dogs and flamingos.

Covered with different species of amphibians, reptiles and bats, the enclosure is certainly interesting. But be aware that the smell in the enclosure may be caused by bats.

Don’t miss Avery where the colorful birds fly. Start their feed if you want to experience it up close.

Things To Do Near Philly This Weekend

The children’s park, rides and swings are the perfect way to end a great day at the zoo. So pack your breakfast/lunch and start the day off.

The Best Things To Do In Philadelphia This Weekend

Pro tip: It tends to get busy in the summer with school and camping groups. So it is better to come late evening.

Then head to Philadelphia’s Treetop Quest for a fun time. From 4 years old to adults, everyone can join the adventure.

Treetop Adventures, located inside the Elmwood Zoo, is another place to tackle tree obstacles. There is also an adult zipline that goes through the stream.

Pro tip: If you’re an Elmwood Park Zoo member, tickets to Treetop Adventures are 50% off.

Things To Do This Week In Pa., Del., And N.j.

It was built in 1899 by a couple, Richard and Sarah Smith, with the sole purpose of providing children with plenty of opportunities for free play.

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