Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend – Reno, Nevada is an outdoor wonderland, close to 10 theme parks, Burning Man, and a thriving food and art scene.

If you visit Reno in the summer, be sure to take a fun hike up the hill (literally – the hill is over a mile above sea level, so spend a few days in Reno to get the experience before you travel). Rose Mountain, the bowl-shaped mountain overlooking the Great Basin where Reno sits, is an excellent day trip for experienced hikers. You will see a variety of wildlife, including eagles, jays and finches. Watch out for large predators like coyotes and bears, and be sure to keep your food and pets on a leash.

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Connected to the Truckee River that runs through the city of Reno, Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake are two interesting but different local wonders. Surrounded by multimillion-dollar mansions and ski resorts, Lake Tahoe’s vast expanse has nothing but beautiful mountain views.

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Dala Lake is the smaller of the two lakes and is named for the stone pyramids that stand next to the lake. Surrounded by sand dunes, most of the land is protected by the pyramid and belongs to the Paiute tribe. It is a quieter place, popular with fishermen and boaters. To stay at the pyramids, bring your own camping gear.

Reno is just a day trip from the famous Yosemite National Park, the West’s best destination for climbing, hiking and breathtaking views. Get up early and plan a four- to six-hour drive. Staying in Reno is a great way to avoid the crowds that stay in the park during the warmer months. If you are not on your Yosemite trip at this time, or if you are looking for a local campsite near Lake Tahoe, go to Toya Bay National Park, which is located on the north side of Lake Tahoe.

Visit the Berlin-Ichthyosaur Park to see the region’s most interesting collection of ichthyosaurs in a real ghost town in Nevada. A water giant swam through the area 225 million years ago, and more recently prospectors have come to Nevada in search of valuable minerals. Both have passed away, but you can learn about local history by exploring what they left behind.

The Nevada Museum of Art, which reopened a decade ago with a new look and a new mission, is home to a rotating collection of nationally renowned artifacts that do not disappoint. From Native Art to Native American artifacts, the museum attracts tourists and locals alike.

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Spend the night on the town and head to a local bar in downtown Reno. Skip the casinos and head to the bars around Arlington and 1st Street. While you’re there, you can also see the designated “biggest small city in the world.”

Discover the great independent bars and eateries in downtown Reno. Start at Arlington Bridge and walk along the river, stopping at cafes, bars and restaurants along the way.

Sit on the steps leading to the Truckee River near the Arlington Bridge. In the summer, you can watch the locals enjoy the arts festival held in Winfield Park, an island in the center of the river town. In winter, you can sit and drink a cup of hot coffee while the snow wind blows.

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

For a taste of one of the area’s top parks, head to San Rafael Ranch Regional Park in Downtown Reno. The park is family and pet friendly, with many hiking trails, small lakes and beautiful views.

Spring And Summer 2023: Creative Things To Do In Downtown Reno’s Art Scene (sponsored)

Delaney Ross was born and raised in Reno (like her father). She interviews local business owners for this.

Millions of people around the world rely on recycling and recycling – an important role in promoting waste management, but squeezed by government policies.

A breakthrough technique to extract human DNA from bone artifacts is giving scientists an unprecedented look at who owned or created objects deep in the past.

Restoring the History of the Native Hawaiian Monument honors the rich and sacred history of the Māhū—which are two types of male and female spirits—and whose role in Hawaiian culture continues today.

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Off the coast of Italy, the Mediterranean’s most active hydroelectric system is under terrible strain – but a photographer has seen the marine life clinging to it all. Halloween and fall are just around the corner. Reno is climbing for the holidays with pumpkins, drunken zombies and family-friendly ghouls.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the spooky Facebook page and our wacky trick-or-treat event calendar to give you four fun and cheap things to do this weekend.

After being canceled last year due to COVID-19, Zombie Crawl returns to downtown Reno for an evening of fun and adventure. Participants can get a copy of the exercise and an activity card for $10. The mug acts as a ticket to the event, giving participants access to 31 bars and crawl spaces. They can be purchased here.

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Organizers recommend that participants start the night at the Sands Regency at 345 North Arlington Ave., which also has free parking.

Reno Nevada Bucket List: 10 Unforgettable Experiences

The Reno City Foundation, an organization focused on changing the way communities eat and learn through gardening, hosts the Haunted Basketball Fall Festival. Events include a variety of art stations, haunted house tours, and friendly horror experiences. Participants are encouraged to dress up.

The annual PumpkinPalooza draws more than 25,000 people to Victoria Plaza in Sparks for family fun. Named a Top 10 Fall Event by Food Network Magazine, PumpkinPalooza offers free and affordable events for all ages, including Nevada’s only Pumpkin Derby, more than 20 local carnival games, pumpkin costumes, food and more.

There is no better way to prepare for the end of the world. One of the most visited gun shows in the United States, Western Crossing stops this weekend in Reno, bringing hundreds of items for all levels and needs.

Follow Evan Haddad for relevant, related, and coverage of food, drink, and city life in Reno. Please consider support his work by subscribing to articles about Northern Nevada that you won’t find anywhere else. Located in northwestern Nevada, Reno is sometimes considered the sister city of Las Vegas. Yes, they have both casinos and fun surfing, but Reno has some unique places to discover. In fact, Reno has many great things to do not only in the city – there are attractions throughout the region.

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Close to some of the best places in California and of course wonderful Lake Tahoe – Reno is a great place for a small town break as part of a larger trip through Nevada or California.

It even has a Burning Man festival that takes place in Black Rock every year around the end of August. It is a 150 minute drive from here. All of this makes Reno a great place to end your Burning Man adventure.

No matter what brings you to Reno, the most important thing is to make the most of your time in the city. So, to help you get the most out of your stay, I want to share some of the best things to do in Reno once you arrive.

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Check out the best things to see and do in Reno below. Have fun in this city!

Best Things To Do In Reno

If cars and classic road trips are your thing, the National Automobile Museum is for you!

With over 200 cars from the 19th and 20th centuries demonstrating their history and use, it is the perfect place to visit in the morning.

Now the museum has divided the car show into four main museums. One of these sections has the Hands-Off Cars Hall of Fame and various other cars.

Watch out for Elvis Presley, Eldorado of Kings. Oh, and Frank Sinatra’s Ghia, and President John F. Kennedy’s Lincoln Continental.

The Best Things To Do In Reno Nevada For A 2023 Trip

It’s a nice place, but if you don’t have a car, it’s best not to go. Cars are heavy, and you can get them for less money.

Yes, it has many of those places, but it also has many other great places that you sometimes miss when traveling to the city. The Nevada Museum is one of them.

Known for its extensive collections and its role in staging national and international exhibitions, the museum offers an immersive visual and cultural experience that is pleasing to the eye.

Things To Do In Reno This Weekend

Collections housed in the museum include works by E.L. Wiegand and the Sierra Nevada/Great Basin Art Works. You can also see iconic museum exhibits,

Fun Things To Do In Reno With Kids (for 2023)

About 20 miles from downtown Reno, Rose Mountain Ski Resort is a great place to spend a day on the slopes, with stunning views and lots of fun on the slopes.

Today, Rose Hill is considered one of the largest resorts in the Tahoe area. This all leads to some really cool features for the car.

However, one thing to consider is the number of people attending.

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