Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend – We chose to spend a month exploring Colorado on our west coast road trip! Travel between Colorado Springs, Aspen, and Denver with tons of great attractions.

Since we had a month to explore all that Colorado has to offer, we’ve come up with the best things to do in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aspen! Check out our guide to Colorado Springs; Vacation Ideas – Top 10 Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

In this post, I share the best things to do in Denver! You’ll never run out of fun things to do in Denver, but here are a dozen that make this great city worth your time!

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

Denver is known as the Mile High City due to its elevation of approximately 5,280 feet above sea level. It is the capital of Colorado and the state’s most populous city. It was also named the best place to live in the United States by US News and World Report.

We can see why it ranks so well among other cities in the country. Denver is a thriving city with lots of outdoor spaces and opportunities for an active lifestyle, a great downtown, cultural events, and a great food scene (they just filmed Top Chef 15 here).

For example, Denver’s advertising is confusing to some people. People with asthma and other medical conditions may not do well here, and bakers take a long time to get the cakes to rise properly (it’s an art form!).

We don’t suffer from any serious medical conditions and don’t plan on sounding off while we’re around the world, so Denver is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and what the city has to offer. .

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While in Denver, our home was the historic Brown Palace Hotel. The Brown Mansion is Denver’s oldest continuously operating hotel and was celebrating its 125th birthday when we were there. If you’re wondering where to stay in Denver for the best access to many activities, The Brown Castle!

We find that the Brown Palace Hotel is unique for many reasons. The exterior construction was modern for its time, with plain or triangular stonework. They preserved the facade with interior balconies, beautiful marble work and a wide entrance leading to a great hall with corridors and great lighting.

The Brown Palace Hotel has several restaurants: The Ship Tavern, Ellingtons, The Palace Arms and two cocktail lounges. They offer Sunday Afternoon Tea (which would impress a proper Brit) and Dom Perignon Champagne. We appreciate the fact that chefs strive to use local and sustainable ingredients to produce deliciously impressive flavors.

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

The Brown Castle’s central location makes it a great start to any day of our Denver explorations. Let’s take a look at some of the cool things we did in Denver….

Romantic Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Beautifully landscaped, Red Rocks Amphitheater is a large, open-air amphitheater nestled among deep red sandstone 10 miles west of Denver. Geology geeks, hikers, bikers, and music lovers all go to Red Rocks…year-round.

The park itself is 738 acres and is located in the transition zone between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. It has truly unique structures and geological features, fossils of former inhabitants (including dinosaurs), flora and fauna, and excellent hiking and biking trails. Entrance to the park is free and is open one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.

The 9,000-plus-seat amphitheater is a naturally formed basin between Rock Rock and Creation Rock, creating “acoustic perfection.” Concerts and events take place throughout the year and include everything from techno and hip-hop to rock and country and more. Although tickets are hard to come by, all concerts are sold out – if you can snag a few, you won’t be disappointed with the experience. Sitting between the giant monoliths and stars on either side of the stage, you’ll be lost in the music.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is also known for its massive reception! This is not a breathing exercise! Peter and I tried it and I was out of breath halfway down the stairs! There are three reasons for this, the Red Rocks Amphitheater sits at 6,000 feet, there are 360 ​​steps from the parking lot to the upper fairgrounds, and we do our air conditioning in the winter, it’s cold!

Unique Things To Do In Denver, Co

All in all, Red Rocks is a great place for an amphitheater, practice, concert, event, or just to admire the red sand and the view! This is one of the best outdoor activities in Denver.

Located in the heart of Cheesman Park, the Botanical Gardens are definitely worth a few hours (or more) of your time. With 41 gardens and over 15,000 species of plants on 24 hectares, you’ll find stunning flower displays, sculptures and other art.

A great way to experience the gardens is on a guided tour. It makes everything more meaningful when someone explains and cares about the community they live in.

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

In summer, you’ll find outdoor festivals here, while winter festivals bring the Flower of Light extravaganza.

Things To Do In Denver & Colorado This Weekend: Dec. 16, 17, 18

Denver Union Station is more than just a public transit stop. Built in the early Art Deco era and still beautiful today, this station is home to city buses and train lines, as well as Amtrak, the Crawford Hotel, shops and restaurants.

Located in Downtown today, you’ll find the station buzzing with activity around the clock, with great spots for people watching on the station’s sofas and chairs. You can wander through the various shops and galleries, stop for a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a full meal, or visit a luxury hotel within the walls.

Best of all, you can get anywhere in the city with 125 RTD bus routes, 9 light rail lines (with 53 stations), and free MetroRide and free MallRide services. This makes it very convenient for those who don’t choose to own a car. You can also find transportation to Denver International Airport and many local ski resorts and resorts.

Walking around the city, we stumbled upon Union Station, looked for something to eat, and then went restaurant-hopping to see shops, bars, and a public square full of people drinking, working, and just hanging out with friends. This is a great place to relax and have a drink or coffee depending on the time of day and the holiday.

Best Colorado Towns For Summer Vacation, According To A Local

Larimer Square is a historic area of ​​Denver that is now home to art, shops, restaurants and clubs. Walking distance from downtown (and Union Station), it’s a great place to stop for some shopping and a bite to eat.

Shoppers will be delighted to find all the independent shops offering shoes, clothing, jewelry, antiques, home goods, beauty products and more. You can get hair and hair, a spa treatment for yourself (or your dog), or a personal favorite: a hat from Goorin Bros., a shop run by four generations of artisans, who are here to help you find the perfect hat. . visit Also Goorin Bros Hat Shop. In Austin, Texas, we bought two hats while living there. (If you’re planning a trip to Austin soon, check out the Ultimate Travel Guide – Top Things to Do in Austin!)

If you’re hungry, Larimer Square has “one of the most important collections of local and chef restaurants.” That means you’ll find good food regardless of the time of day. Menus include French, bar food, seafood, Italian, Mediterranean, mountain barbecue and more. Your mouth won’t regret it.

Things To Do In Aurora Co This Weekend

How about some jazz and cocktails in the Purple Room? More laughs at Comedies in Coma? Don’t miss the nightlife or great bars in Larimer Square.

Best Things To Do In Denver

Each building at the Denver Art Museum is a picture of itself. Before entering, there are 3 sections that make up Clock Mountain’s best museum.

The original building is a modern castle, with over a million reflective glass panels on the exterior thanks to Gio Ponti’s vision. I was most impressed by the museum’s second structure, called the Frederick C. Hamilton Building. I can’t tell if it looks like a futuristic spaceship from Star Wars (with 9,000 titanium panels) or if it was designed on top of it. Anyway, it’s awesome. Third p

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