Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June – For outdoor enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than the southwestern Colorado town of Durango. Hikers looking for wilderness, river rafting or hiking trails have something in common in Durango, Colorado. This place is a whirlwind of activity regardless of the season. There is never a bad time to use the mountain.

With outdoor activities, art galleries, family outings, museums, wineries, parks, hot springs, resorts and more, you’ll never run out of things to do in Durango CO.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Here are 21 things to do in Durango CO that we know you and your fellow expats will love.

The Best Things To Do In Durango, Colorado

When visiting Durango, there is one activity you must participate in: ride the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Come aboard

Named the nation’s #1 scenic railroad, see for yourself why this historic railroad is all the rage. You can even pop into their free railroad museum on your way back to the Durango station.

For winter visitors, the train gets a makeover to become The Polar Express. Other tours throughout the year vary, from scenic tours from May to October (9 ¼ hour tour) to shorter 5-hour tours offered in spring, summer and fall.

The cliff dwellings along the geological formations of Mesa Verde National Park are only part of the history preserved by the Park Service. Throughout this UNESCO World Heritage Site are remnants of the ancestral home of the Pueblo people, who have called this land home for over 700 years. Most of the cliff dwellings you’ll see in Mesa Verde date from the 6th to the 12th century, according to UNESCO.

Parks & Recreation Enrichment Guide

Mesa Verde became the 100th member of the International Dark Sky Park to be designated, making it a top spot for stargazing. Hikers and campers are at home in this park with plenty to see, especially the historic sites around the park. Take the time to learn about the history of the people who first called this land home many centuries ago.

Inside the historic coal-fired AC plant, the Powerhouse Science Center Maker Lab is an interactive experience. Its purpose is to make the study of science fun for everyone, regardless of age, and to provide an understanding of science in its past, present, and future iterations.

The lab also offers traveling exhibits, which include things like the Living with Wolves Photographic Exhibit, Gear Up: The Science of Bicycles, Portraying Women Inventors, and Dinosaur Discoveries: Ancient Fossils, New Ideas.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Ten kilometers north of Durango is James Ranch, a working farm known for its market and cheese.

Nature Abounds: The Ultimate Travel Guide To Durango & Things To Do

A scenic ranch beloved by tourists everywhere, James Ranch offers guided tours year-round, but self-guided tours are popular. Visitors can pick up a tourist brochure from the market and it only takes 15-20 minutes.

Visitors can see goats, chickens, a milking parlor and much more around the farm, and learn about how they care for their fields and livestock.

For over 130 years, the Strater Hotel has been welcoming guests to Durango. Built in 1887, the Strater is considered one of the “grandest hotels” in the western United States. The hotel itself is a living museum, with exhibits depicting its history, as well as the city itself, throughout the resort. They even encourage people to log in to view the story in full screen.

Although it was built to house the miners, that didn’t stop the boogers from coming home during Prohibition. The Bootleggers hid all their liquor at the Strater Hotel, with many secret stashes built into the walls or other elements of the hotel. Do you think you can find it?

Summer Activities At Copper Mountain For Less Than $25 Each

Fort Lewis College may be a place of higher education in Durango, but it’s also a place of fun. Their Durango Disc Golf Course is an 18-hole course on their campus that is open to the public. Players can pick up course maps at the Student Life Center on campus or download one from the Fort Lewis website.

Another unique feature of the campus is the SkySteps, which were built to connect the city and the university. These 500 steps create a path that is less than ⅕ of a mile long, but follows a natural path, making for a beautiful walk.

The Animas Museum is operated by the La Plata County Historical Society and is located inside the 1904 Animas City School.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Among the permanent exhibits are a restored classroom from the 1905 era, the Native American gallery and Forged by Flame, which talks about the formation of fire in the region.

Top Things To Do In Durango, Colorado

They also have events throughout the year to continue to engage visitors with history. Some of their past events include Animas City Looking Down on Durango Since 1876, The Woolly West, and Durango Through the Eyes of Frank Gonner.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a cowboy? Now is your chance! At Colorado Trails Ranch, you can become a member of the Wild West. This breed started as a working farm in 1960.

If riding a horse with a beautiful view of the San Juan Mountains sounds good to you, why not be enchanted? They have many accommodation options to choose from, including all inclusive. Freshly baked bread and banana splits in an old soda fountain? Sign us up!

In the juggernaut you can ride the Colorado Trail to Gudy’s Rest. This is considered an out-and-back route, and at eight kilometers round trip, it is a favorite among travelers. The view from Goody’s Rest, overlooking the Animas River Valley, is beautiful to behold.

Things To Do In Durango, Colorado During The Summer ⋆ Every Avenue Travel

The stop is named after Gudy Gaskill, who is called the “Mother of the Colorado Trail”. It was his idea to build a long road connecting Denver and Durango.

Get out into nature and enjoy hiking in the Perins Peak State Wildlife Area. You can hike to the top of Perins Peak on the 5.9 mile round trip here. Considered to be moderately challenging, it is a popular hike that rewards travelers with spectacular views.

Seeing cover is especially important for visitors to Perins Peak State Wildlife Area. Why? The park is an important breeding ground for peregrine falcons, and they are passionate about conservation.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

Just 40 km north of the center of Durango you will find a retreat with an ominous name: Purgatory Resort.

Fun Things To Do In Colorado In The Summer

Surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, this resort is a popular destination any time of the year. Enjoy skiing and all kinds of fun activities offered in the winter, and their summer events are also worth a visit.

Just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean the mountains can’t be fun. The Inferno Mountain Coaster is an absolute favorite among visitors to Purgatory Resort during the summer months. The roller coaster is 4,000 meters long, and the highest drop is 300 meters. If that’s not your speed, you can always take a free ride down the mountain on the Alpine Slide for a less-than-thrilling, less-than-ideal half-mile ride.

Other warm-weather activities include exploring the lake by kayak or canoe, visiting the bike park, riding an outdoor trail, or riding a ski lift to see the summit view. The panoramic view of the San Juan National Forest is stunning no matter the weather.

As one of the top 10 Condé Nast readers’ destinations in the world, Purgatory is at its best in the winter months. Skiing and hiking are the bread and butter of this ski resort. Other winter activities such as sledding, tubing and snowmobiling are also popular with Purgatorio guests. You can also take scenic drives or dine in Snowcat-looking country.

The Best Things To Do In Durango With Young Children

If you don’t mind braving the cold air, why not take the Inferno Mountain Coaster for a winter ride? Yes, it works in winter. Maybe it needs a cool rebrand like Fridgeferno? Let’s work on it.

Although technically part of Purgatory Resort, Durango Hot Springs & Spa has allowed its own retreat. In addition to the outdoor pool and hot tub, this full-service spa has everything you need for a relaxing time.

From Mountain Athlete Rescue Massage to tired sports enthusiasts to CBD body treatments, you will be in heaven. Or purgatory?

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In June

The name of the game at the Durango Arts Center is multifaceted. DAC does not address a specific type of skill, but develops programs around a variety of skill types. Whether that means taking hands-on visual art or performance classes, your work doesn’t fit into one box.

Five Scenic Hikes To See Durango’s Best Fall Colors

DAC is also home to the Durango Fall Arts Festival, which has welcomed thousands of attendees each year since the first festival in 1993.

The Animas River is one of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, and its name comes from a Spanish translation that means “river of lost souls.” This river of dreams flows between mountains descending, even from above. It is popular with rafters and pipes because of its exciting flow.

The bathing area around Baker’s Bridge

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