Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado – Best known for its impressive collection of hot springs, Pagosa Springs is a natural gem surrounded by the beauty of the San Juan Mountains. When you visit Pagosa Springs, the San Juan River and 2.5 million acres of national forest are at your doorstep for outdoor adventures.

If you’ve never been to Colorado, start your adventure with these things to do in Pagosa Springs.

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

Home to the Great Pagosa Springs, the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring, Pagosa Springs is a center for natural steam springs. Visitors can find many hot springs and spas along Hot Springs Boulevard downtown. Or dip your toes for free in the hot springs of the pristine Piedra River. It requires a short hike and is best visited after the snow melts.

Snowmobiling In Pagosa Springs Colorado

Pagosa Springs has a lot to offer those who enjoy a long drive no matter the time of year. With 3 million acres of wilderness and national forests, there’s no shortage of beauty to behold off the beaten path. If traveling in winter, check road conditions before entering.

Guides recommend the following trails for the most impressive scenic views: Piedra Road, Wolf Creek Pass, Blanco Basin, Summitville, Elmwood Pass, Pagosa Junction, Mill Creek Quartz Lake Trailhead and Lobo Lookout.

From hiking, biking, rafting, and horseback riding, there are plenty of things to do in Pagosa Springs during the summer!

Take the Piedra River Trail and admire some of the best views Pagosa Springs has to offer. Located 16 miles north of Hwy 160 on Piedra Road, this canyon is a must-see. With trails to suit all ages and activity levels, the Piedra River Trail offers an easy hike with spectacular views.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs

Be prepared for the hike by wearing long pants to protect yourself from venomous snakes and ticks, and don’t forget to carry plenty of water. Although this tour can be squeezed in between other activities, most visitors recommend spending half a day to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery and capture the best views.

Many visitors to Pagosa Springs are surprised to find outdoor adventures all over town, even downtown. The stretch of the San Juan River past Pagosa Springs is loaded with fish several times a year, making it an ideal destination for those who like to fish every day.

If you want to go rollerblading with a stunning mountain backdrop, head to Williams Creek Reservoir from downtown Pagosa Springs. The area north of Piedra Road is known for its kokanee salmon and trout fishing.

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

The San Juan River is a must-see any time of year. In the summer, rent an inflatable tube and float down the river admiring the views of Pagosa Springs.

Summer In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Commercial canoeing tours are also available from May to August. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, riverside trails are great for long, scenic hikes and lead to downtown Pagosa Springs. Along the way, stop at one of several natural hot springs to relax, then head into town for quality dining and local shopping.

Sign up for a Pagosa Springs Outdoor Experience Sign up for a Pagosa Springs Outdoor Tour. This popular tour company offers a variety of activities for all interests and experience levels.

Choose from white water rafting, canoeing, tubing or mountain biking led by trained guides to keep you safe as you explore the best Pagosa Springs has to offer. For those who want to get out on their own, Pagosa Springs offers paddleboard, boat and disc golf equipment rentals.

Visit Treasure Falls and enjoy a Kodak moment. This natural waterfall is most spectacular during spring and autumn when the water is at its peak, but is visited by locals year-round due to its popular hiking trails.

Cozy Mountain Hot Springs To Visit In Colorado

Those who can walk can choose a steep path or a main road. Both options provide a perfect fall vantage point, and those unable to walk will enjoy this natural attraction as Treasure Falls is visible from the parking lot.

Many Pagosa Springs residents choose to visit Diamond Hitch Stables for their family vacation. Located on the outskirts of town, this stable is known for its well-behaved horses and friendly guides. Diamond Hitch offers 30-minute to 2-hour guided hikes suitable for all experience levels from spring through fall.

Many visitors choose to explore Pagosa Springs by land or water, while others choose to take in the sights from new heights on a hot air balloon ride. Rocky Balloon Adventure takes its guests through the canyons and valleys of Pagosa Springs. From the sky, many visitors see wildlife such as deer, chickens and turkeys below, while birds such as eagles, ospreys and ospreys soar above.

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

Some say winter is the best time to visit Pagosa Springs. From relaxing in natural hot springs to skiing down the hill at Wolf Creek Ski Area, there are plenty of things to do in Pagosa Springs during the winter.

Discover Hot Springs And Ancient Cultures In This Colorado Mountain Town

Wolf Creek features fast seating lines and friendly staff, along with lots of new powder. The slopes are clearly marked and range from beginner to expert. For those looking to improve their skills, there are classes for all ages and experience levels.

Afternoon on the slopes, head to the room for hot comfort food and coffee. With the low price of a lift ticket, you can enjoy all the great amenities Wolf Creek has to offer.

Did you think skiing was the best way to enjoy winter? One of the most unique ways to explore the scenery of southwest Colorado is by being pulled through the snow by a team of Alaskan Malamutes. San Juan Sled Dogs offers a variety of dog tours, from private tours to sunset or full moon dinners.

Join our Colorado travel community Enter your email below and receive our free local guide designed to help you live your life and find fun things to do in Colorado. -If you’re looking for a place to play and relax any time of year, you should check out Pagosa Springs, Colorado! Nestled in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, this beautiful mountain town is best known for its impressive collection of hot springs.

The Springs Resort & Spa In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

In the heart of the city lies the Guinness Book of World Records deepest geothermal hot spring. This hot spring sinks 1,000 miles and the town itself is named after the healing waters that reside here. Besides vacations, Pagosa Springs has many outdoor activities and other fun activities.

Chase all the waterfalls, drive the beautiful mountain passes, explore the hiking trails, sample all the local brews, take a great drive and ski the constantly fresh powder. Whatever you’re looking for on your mountain vacation, you’ll find it in the healing waters of Pagosa Springs.

Ready to learn more? Here are 23 things to enjoy in Pagosa Springs.

Things To Do Around Pagosa Springs Colorado

If hiking in the mountains is on your bucket list of outdoor activities, you should definitely drive Wolf Creek Pass through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Over the South Fork is a steep and breathtaking trail that leads to Pagosa Springs, the San Juan Mountains, Wolf Creek Ski Area and the top of the Continental Divide.

A Weekend Guide To A Healing Getaway In Pagosa Springs

I’ve been traveling the world in my Jeep Wrangler for the past three years and during that time I’ve driven some of the most beautiful and scenic mountain roads imaginable. The San Juans will be at the top of my list for places to visit. Their incredible height is unparalleled and you must come to experience it for yourself!

Regardless of the season, Williams Creek Reservoir is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for outdoor activities and water sports.

This man-made reservoir is located within the San Juan National Forest about an hour from the town of Pagosa Springs. It is stocked with salmon and trout. Cool off in the summer by taking a cold dip or hiking, fishing or camping. A popular place for ice fishing in winter.

Wolf Creek Ski Area is Pagosa Springs’ indoor ski resort, known for its early season skiing opportunities and quality powder. Wolf Creek is located at Wolf Creek Pass along High Mountain Road. Colorado has the most snow, averaging 450 inches

Take A Dip In Pagosa Springs

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