Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December – Our unique and beautiful location is nestled in the Animas Valley and surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, with amazing sights and attractions. We help you find these gems!

From skiing to snowshoeing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December

It’s a small town, but there are many interesting things to discover. Here are 10 winter gems to celebrate the season.

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Ice climbing is a lot like rock climbing – on ice. Tools used are crampons, picks and ropes. Your guide will probably have ice clouds to climb. Explore the beautiful Cascade Canyon. If you’re not familiar with this sport, read on! Hike along mountain cliffs past frozen waterfalls cascading over stunning canyon walls. Professional guides will show you the way and ensure your safety with easy routes and unparalleled views.

Snowshoe the Colorado Trail to see some of the best views in Southwest Colorado. This 1980 trail starts off easy and is 480 miles long, a paradise in the winter months. But we recommend only 8 miles. Goody’s Rest is the highlight of the trail overlooking the Animas River Valley and Junction Creek. Or start at Molasses Pass and snowshoe either side of the Colorado Trail for spectacular views of the Grenadier Mountains. There are trails in all the mentioned places, all you need is warm clothes and a good pair of snowshoes for a wonderful trip through fresh powder.

This wonderful hot spring is located 9 miles north of State Route 550. Snow-capped mesas of the Animas Valley, 17 massage, facial and body spas. Mix in wine or beer as you relax, soak in the scenery.

Beautiful and iconic West Gore 12ers and 13ers, La Plata Pass has amazing trails and snowmobiling to do. The area is unique, full of stunning mountain views and wooded hiking trails. Snowmobile rentals are easy with Snowmobile Adventures.

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Unlike many reservoirs across the country, it is maintained year-round. This makes the area ideal for ice fishing, where Limon Reservoir is famous for its gold medal waters. There’s nothing like pulling a beautiful cut across a half-frozen lake. Have you ever ice fished? Along with your regular fishing rod and tackle box, stock up on ice fishing rods and reels as they last longer in colder temperatures. Add ice to the ice cube tray (easy to use) and mix it up!

Located half a mile south and 28 miles north of Purgatory, it is a prime ski resort. This is a historic mountain lodge that feels like you’ve stepped back into the old mining days of Southwest Colorado from the moment you step into the warm, cozy room-like atmosphere. The interior features reclaimed wood lines, and a large picture window with an engineered mountain view serves as the backdrop.

For a truly spectacular sunset, head to the Fort Lewis College campus where the Roman Trail is located. Walking paths encircle the entire campus, with benches placed at strategic points along the way. It’s a high point above the La Plata mountains that offers a golden-orange, cloud-filled sky that makes the sunset even more magical.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December

What do you hear Footprints and bells ringing in a quiet winter landscape? You can hear it from Buck Livery, which runs beautiful racehorses. Located 20 miles from downtown, this local barn has a team of experienced riders who will make your western riding experience one to remember through beautiful scenery only seen in Colorado.

Take Care, Durango Tourists. Wear A Mask Or You’ll Be Talkin’ To The Covid Cowboy

Purgatory Resort is the base for great skiing, and climbing the Alpine Hell is a must. At 4,000 feet long and 40 feet in the air, it sits at the base of a ski lift. This is probably the most unique way to see the mountains, with a fresh blanket of glistening snow covering everything. Get your ticket on arrival at the resort. More information can be found on their website.

Located about 15 minutes west of downtown, Hesperus Ski Area is open until 9 p.m. Enjoy the snow at sunset. Buy lift tickets outside the lodge. It’s the largest night ski area in the Southwest, where spectacular lights illuminate the trails and make the snow glisten.

Colorado is definitely a destination for nature lovers, especially those who love to explore all that winter has to offer. We locals embrace it wholeheartedly! There’s a lot to love about winter, and every year there’s always something new and exciting to do along with the tried and true attractions.

Why a true winter wonderland. Be sure to add some (or all) of these winter gems to your itinerary for your next trip to this beautiful city.

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Moxie is a renowned Barking tour director. When he’s not scribbling on printer paper or running around the office, you can find him pondering David Hume’s packaging theory while trying to figure out why the neighbor’s cat uses a litter box instead of a tree. Let it snow! We’re about to kick off another official winter season in Durango, Colorado, and if there’s one thing we know about Durango, it’s how to have fun in the cold. If you’re done with winter chores and don’t need to work during these cold months, this is for you. Whether you’re an aspiring skier, want to try your hand at snowboarding this year, or finally bite the bullet and buy a snowboard, here’s where to shop for your gear! As always, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #dodurango to be featured on our page! We want to see what playing in the snow is for you.

This is probably obvious to most people, but we had to include it because who doesn’t want to spend a weekend at Durango Ski Resort/Purgatory Mountain Resort? With the ability to ski at any level from beginner to expert, Purgatory is the perfect mountain for those who want to enjoy the snow. Be sure to stop by the Power House after a few runs—it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors. If you haven’t already purchased a season pass, we recommend purchasing one so you can take advantage of every turn on the mountain. If you want to learn more about ski resorts like Hesperus, Wolf Creek or Telluride, check out our 2022/2023 ski season update. Next, if you’re a total adrenaline junkie, check out our tips for skiing in Durango this winter.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter than the adrenaline rush of downhill skiing, you should definitely try skiing in Purgatory! The Durango North Center, located at the base of Engineer Mountain, is your perfect choice for exploring more than 23 miles of stunning terrain. You can buy a cross-season or one-day pass. If you want to invest in winter skiing, we also recommend visiting Lake Valcito! The Vallecito North Ski Club is committed to preserving the area around the lake. With amazing features like these, why wouldn’t you want to become a member? Get your membership here.

Things To Do In Durango Colorado In December

Snow driving is a must try for those who have never experienced it. However, buying your own snowmobile can be a bit pricey, so unless you’re completely invested in the idea, we recommend renting or taking a guided tour. Purgatory Resort offers snowmobile tours for the whole family! With the option of riding with someone or flying solo on your own motorcycle, snowmobiles take you down the mountain. Not to mention, snowmobiles offer a new way to explore untouched terrain and powder snow. Explore snowmobile adventures and book your tours

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