Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today – Known as Michigan’s “Little Bavaria”, Frankenmuth is packed with activities and attractions for the whole family. Whether you’re spending the day or the weekend, this article will help you plan the perfect Frankenmuth trip.

Grab a cold beer at Michigan’s oldest brewery, tour a historic working farm, or visit Brommers, the world’s largest Christmas market. Don’t miss a stop at Michigan’s largest water park. There are so many fun things to do in Frankenmuth, MI.

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

This small German town in Michigan is located in Saginaw County in the Great Lakes Bay Region. The nearest beach is about half an hour by train from Bay City. It’s an easy five-hour drive from my hometown of Cincinnati.

Frankenmuth, Michigan: Things To Do On Your Vacation

Be sure to check out our guide to the Great Lakes Bay Area in Michigan. There are five other cities very close to Frankenmuth that offer tons of fun and activities.

German architecture found throughout the city is linked to its German roots. This German town has Alpine charm, Bavarian-style restaurants, and fun glockenspiels. Take a walk down Main Street to discover Bavarian magic. The accordionist’s music roams the streets, there are beautiful poles ringing in the spring, or you come across historical signs that tell the city’s uniqueness.

Hint: I recommend going down Main Street to see all there is to do. That way, you can stay in a strategic position close to the area you want to explore.

Frankenmuth Brewery has been brewing beer since 1862. Over 150 years of brewing, the beer is incredible. Our tip: Come for lunch or dinner and enjoy their meal with a famous beer.

Plan A Family Visit To Frankenmuth This Fall

There are two sides to every story and there are two different chicken dishes that claim to be “the best chicken dish in Frankenmuth”. In a unique move, the two restaurants vying for the title are owned by the same family!

When deciding which chicken dish to eat at Frankenmuth, Zehnder’s stands out at the top of the list. With its famous Chicken Diner neon sign, world-class hospitality, generous service, it is a popular restaurant with a diverse group.

Instructions: Prepare to eat. Chicken dishes are all you can eat with plenty of side dishes served for the whole family. There is so much food that should not come.

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

Tip: Guests staying at Zehnder’s Splash Village can add dinner at Zehnder’s. They offer a shuttle that takes guests to and from the restaurant. The service does not need to stop as the restaurant is located in the heart of Frankenmuth. It’s also a great time to explore downtown Frankenmuth.

Visit Frankenmuth: 2023 Travel Guide For Frankenmuth, Michigan

Formerly known as Fisher’s Hotel, the Bavarian Inn created the diner. It was sold to the Zehnder family in 1950. The Bavarian Inn is known for its incredible chicken dish, as well as a selection of beers and German cuisine. Dinner is the same as Zehnder’s. An all-you-can-eat family chicken dinner with amazing side dishes.

Tip: Both the Bavarian Inn and Zehnder take reservations. Although both restaurants are large, they are full of buses and large groups of people, so plan accordingly.

Tiny Grandpa’s Farm; It is a historic farm containing several old buildings such as a schoolhouse, museum and workshop. Visitors can walk inside, pet the animals, walk the grounds, and learn about the farm’s history. Kids will love the opportunity to get hands-on with the animals by petting, feeding, and hugging some of the ranch’s tenants.

Take a historical tour with Belle of Bavaria to visit Frankenmuth in a unique way. An authentic paddle steamer takes guests on a scenic one-hour tour. There is also an outdoor seating area with a fully enclosed lower hall with a bathroom. Snacks can also be purchased. Step outside the Bavarian shopping town of Belle River Place and don’t forget your sunglasses!

Bavarian Inn Lodge Frankenmuth, Mi Hotels Gds Reservation Codes: Travel Weekly

If shopping on Main Street isn’t enough, be sure to stop by the River Place Shopping Village for more authentic shopping. Grab a hot beignet from N’Orlins Beignet and Coffee, enjoy a glass of wine at the winery, or pick up the perfect souvenir from the I Love Frankenmuth Store. There are more than 40 shops, restaurants and attractions to explore in this German mall.

See Frankenmuth’s romantic side by riding a horse. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this beloved city up close. Before Frankenmuth became the city it is today, its owners will take visitors on a few excursions into the original community to highlight the historic homes that played an important role.

A to-do list in Frankenmuth is to visit the Cheese House. Cheese House is a unique shop filled with over 250 types of cheese, including chocolate cheese! Visitors can’t choose from a selection of cheeses for a while, but they can still buy them!

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

Hint: The cheese house has a metaphor, not a glockenspiel. Figurinespiel tells a story where various characters appear and disappear. Guests can check out after hours by entering the Cheese House.

Frankenmuth Visitor & Welcome Center

The Holz Brücke (German for “wooden bridge”) at the Bavarian Inn is a lovely feature of Frankenmuth. It now holds the title of the largest wooden bridge in Michigan. Pedestrians as well as cars are allowed to cross the bridge. The 230 ton bridge over the Cass River was completed in September 1980.

More celebrations and events take place during the Christmas season, and visitors can enjoy events in Frankenmuth that offer a year-round Christmas experience.

Frankenmuth is home to the world’s largest Christmas market. Bronner’s mansion is approximately 7.35 acres and is filled with Christmas celebrations. From trees, Santa outfits, lights, decorations, decorations and more. You can choose from over 6,000 customizable designs on the site. A phone call with Santa also lets you see the big man in person.

Next to Bronner is a replica of the Silent Night Church in Oberndorf, Austria. In the church of St. Nicholas sang “Silent Night” for the first time on Christmas Eve 1818. . The chapel is open during Christmas Wonderland Brommer hours.

Things To Do In Frankenmuth

A spectacular light show is illuminated for visitors wandering around Bronner’s in the evening. The lights are on until midnight every day.

One of the best things to do in Frankenmuth, MI is to visit Zehnder’s Splash Village with the kids. As Michigan’s largest water park, it’s easy to see why many families make it their annual vacation. Zehnder’s Splash Village offers two unique indoor water parks with tubing lines, splash zones, mini-zones, lazy rivers and more.

An attached hotel allows guests to stay on the property for family fun. The hotel also has an indoor pool, games room, bar and restaurant.

Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

Tip: Day passes are available for those who don’t want to stay overnight. However, guests staying at the hotel can start using the water park at 12:00 noon on the check-in day and can use the water park until 15:00 the next day.

Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark

Birch Drive is about 6 miles from Frankenmuth and is a great area for a quick afternoon getaway.

Wilderness Trails Zoo is usually on the way to Frankenmuth. This small zoo has many exotic animals such as lions, bears, monkeys and parrots. They also offer zoo-wide feeding stations and feeding stations for pets such as goats, ducks, and donkeys. The zoo has a kilometer cycle so I recommend renting a stroller or bringing it if you have a small stroller.

Tip: Make a reservation for the food station before you leave the office. They can make a difference for you.

If you love shopping, Birch Run Premium Outlet is for you. With famous stores like Adidas, Coach, Ann Taylor, Gap, Nike, Michael Kors and more! This is a place you won’t want to miss for great deals.

Fun Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan • My Michigan Travel

Located at 1-75, this popular restaurant has been serving large portions for decades. They’re famous for their BLTs, which contain half a kilo of cooked meat! Come hungry because there is nothing small in your favorite country. The greeting around Frankenmuth is “willkommen” (meaning welcome in German) and you’re sure to feel the warmth and German inspiration during your vacation in Michigan’s Little Bavaria!

Immerse yourself in German heritage, eat world-famous flavors, explore Michigan’s oldest microbrewery, take an imaginary coach ride and remember what it’s like to relax. You’ll only be in Frankenmuth this weekend and good times are coming!

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Things To Do In Frankenmuth Michigan Today

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