Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January – Winter can be the perfect time for a fun Colorado vacation. With so many snow sports in the Rockies, there is no shortage of ideas and destinations. Below are nearby towns, skiing, hot springs, tubing, and ice skating.

Colorado is a winter paradise and a world-class destination for snow and ice activities. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and hot springs will make your vacation in the Rocky Mountains unforgettable.

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

One of Denver’s fastest growing and most popular neighborhoods, Summit County is full of activities. As far as cities go, the neighborhoods are relatively compact, so getting around is easy. Free transport connects the cities.

Things To Do In Denver & Colorado This Weekend: January 14 16

The place is surrounded by majestic mountains, endless entertainment and various commercial enterprises. You can go ice fishing on Lake Dillon or go dog sledding in Breckenridge. Take a break from the slopes and shop at Silverthorne Mall.

West of Summit in Eagle County, Vail Valley is home to two popular ski resorts: Vail and Beaver Creek. Both offer first class skiing and comfort and are only ten miles apart. Vail Pass is popular for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

What Vail and Beaver Creek lack in historic towns, they make up for with two of the best ski villages in the state. Both are full of traditional and tourist shops and activities. The restaurants are great and can be found in both Vail and Avon where Beaver Creek is located.

If you’re going to ski in Aspen, chances are you’ll exit I-70 at Glenwood Springs. It is home to the largest hot spring pool on the planet and the Sunshine Mountain Resort. Aspen is 45 minutes away and has four ski areas within minutes of each, all accessible with one lift ticket.

After Warm Start To Snow Season, Colorado Resorts Look For Relief

You can fly right over Aspen Mountain into downtown Aspen, one of Colorado’s most beautiful mountain towns. Aspen is full of all kinds of high-end stores. Housing can be found for any taste, and the further from the city, the cheaper. Try Carbondale for a good night’s sleep at an affordable price.

In the winter, there’s nothing like Yampa Valley, Steamboat Springs, and some of the best skiing in Colorado. There are a few gems outside of Steamboat, but there’s no reason to leave this snowy paradise. Everything you need is nearby!

Downtown Steamboat has enough restaurants, bars and shops for the casual visitor. There are also mountain villages with plenty of options to sleep, eat and play. If you fly into Steamboat, you’ll land in Hayden, but you’ll probably never reach downtown, a few miles in the other direction.

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

Grand County is all about sweeping vistas, towering peaks and open countryside. Its main resort, Winter Park, attracts travelers from all over the world with its world-class ski slopes. On the other side of Winter Park are the original roller coasters, sleds and Mary Jane bowls. Located just north of Highway 40, Granby Ranch is family-friendly, with easy-to-learn trails and night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays.

Things To Do In February In Colorado

Winter Park is the largest city in the state with beautiful mountain villages and diverse towns. You’ll find everything you need from shopping, dining and affordable housing. Fraser is quite close to midnight.

There are several Front Range towns worth visiting for their winter entertainment. Next time you’re passing through Idaho Springs, relax at Indian Hot Springs or go snowshoeing in the Arapahoe National Forest. Georgetown hosts ice racing on its icy lake. Take advantage of the large frozen lake for ice skating or fishing at Evergreen.

Good skiing is available in Loveland and Eldora. Loveland Ski Area has about 1,600 skiable acres. Although Eldora is only 600 acres, it has professional slopes and skiing. Its nearest city, the Netherlands, offers a lively atmosphere that is always worth a visit.

A unique area in southwest Colorado, the San Juan Mountains are rich in history and beautiful scenery around every pass. The landscape is home to ancient Anasazi settlements, remote mining towns, natural hot springs and ski resorts. Cities are sometimes an hour away, but the trip is always worth it.

Wonderful Winter Vacation Spots In Colorado

You can go skiing and then go to the hot springs one day and the cliffs the next. Each city offers a unique experience and complex of entertainment. Drive along the San Juan Scenic Byway and see it all.

Central Colorado offers an escape from the many resorts, yet is within walking distance of Denver. If you are driving from the Front Range, you will first pass through Leadville, Buena Vista, or Salida. All are connected by Highway 24 and offer a variety of services without congestion in congested cities.

Ski Cooper is located 10 miles from downtown Leadville and offers a fun mix of terrain and spectacular views of Massive Mountain and Elbert. Buena Vista is 34 miles south of Leadville and has two hot spring resorts, Cottonwood and Mount Princeton. Just south of it are Salida and Monarch Mountain with 1,600 acres of ski trails.

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

Crested Butte is a true hidden gem in the Rockies. It’s a five-hour drive from Denver and worth every penny to avoid the crowds. This resort has some of the most challenging and experienced terrain in the state.

Grand Lake Winter Visitors’ Guide: Where To Eat, Drink, & Play

Crested Butte has a mountain village and historic town. Gunnison is thirty minutes from CB and offers additional shopping and entertainment.

Known for its vineyards and beautiful countryside, Colorado’s Western Slope is often overlooked in the winter. Grand Junction is a great base for exploring the area. You can visit the Colorado National Monument and see the world’s largest flat-topped mountain.

Powderhorn is an exceptionally fun mountain to ski with soft snow. It’s just north of Grand Mesa, where there are plenty of trails for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Thanks for browsing the best Colorado winter vacation ideas. Have a great time exploring the Rocky Mountains and beyond.

Winter Driving Tips For Colorado’s Rockies

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Join the Colorado travel community. Enter your email address below to receive our free monthly guide to help you find fun things to do and live in Colorado. – Are you ready for a winter break near Denver? Most of Colorado is winter country from November to April, which is why we consider it the best skiing destination in the world. I think our place is also the best in the world for winter hiking. We have over 140 day hikes near Denver, but not all of them are easy winter hikes, so we’ve identified about 20 of the best winter hikes that are easily accessible and perfect for families looking to go in the off-season.

Easy walks can become difficult when the weather settles down, so walk wisely this winter.

Things To Do In Denver Colorado In January

You’ve probably seen this picture, but maybe you don’t know how to get there: The Crystal Mill. Built in 1892 during the silver boom, the legendary Old West stands tall in the backcountry of the White River National Forest, but remains as dangerous as ever. The Crystal Mill remains one of the most photographed places in the state.

The 20 Best Winter Hikes In Colorado With Stunning Views

Easy parking. Soft accent. Three miles each way. And a ghost town? The Mayflower Gulch Trail gives you all that and a beautiful valley. On top of all that, the hiking is good for families, especially if you’re curious about the Old West. The Great Ravine invites visitors to wander and discover the land … and …

One of the commendable features of hiking the Beaver Brook Trail, which caters to a wide range of abilities and interests, is its ease of maintenance. Need a short walk to clear your mind? Take the first view and rotate it. Are you ready for the test of health, mental and physical? Press forward to the highest point of the route described in this article…

Hawthorn Hill is shaped like what riders often call a “sweat loop” and forms a bridge between the 16th section of the climb and the Seven Bridges, Mount Kinea climb. The speed is just as impressive as the drive itself – the headlines appear within minutes of leaving the highway. And if the parking lot is full, other options await…

The Seven Bridges Trail, very popular in the summer, takes hikers across North Cheyenne Creek several times, past and over Cascading Falls. The route described below follows the Seven Bridges Path to loop around Mt Kinnea, reaching the junction with Buckhorn Climb. These two

Magical Ice Castles In Colorado: Winter Fun For The Entire Family

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