Things To Do In Aspen In January

Things To Do In Aspen In January – Not everyone who visits Aspen Snowmass in the winter wants to ski. Skiing or snowboarding may be one of our city’s main attractions in the winter, but there are still plenty of other fun activities to do in Aspen and Snowmass. You can think of what you can do in the winter without skiing, especially in a ski resort. below, In addition to skiing, we bring you the various hiking activities and more that you can do in Aspen during the winter.

A guided snowmobile tour is an unforgettable activity to discover the beauty of Aspen. Snowmobiling is safe for all ages and abilities, with tours led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. The famous Maroon Bells; With hiking options in the Snowmass Wilderness or a fun lunch tour – there are plenty of options for family fun. Check out our recommended tours with the T-Lazy 7:

Things To Do In Aspen In January

Things To Do In Aspen In January

Take a snowmobile trip to Aspen Highlands’ Cloud Nine or Snowmass’ Lynn Britt Cabin for a magical dining experience in Colorado. Both restaurants are very popular and known for their atmosphere. Cloud Nine is a popular restaurant in Aspen known for its daily Veuve Clicquot parties. The Lynn Britt cabin is a family-friendly choice for a cozy cabin with a western theme. Snowcat tours allow adventurers to enjoy this mountaintop experience at branded restaurants. Check out both Snowcat dinner tours here.

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Snowshoes are a great choice for outdoor fitness activities that don’t involve hiking. Both Aspen Mountain and Snowmass Mountain offer guided snowshoe tours that focus on Aspen’s history and Rocky Mountain ecology. Tours are guided on soft terrain suitable for all abilities. Alternatively, you can snowshoe on famous Pine Creek.

Cookhouse Restaurant is a great mountain restaurant. Snowshoeing is a fun option for everyone to soak up Aspen’s beautiful scenery. See tickets here.

Snowmass Mountain offers snow tubing and alpine slides at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola. These activities are fun and ski vacations for anyone at least 38″ tall. The Alpine Coaster is always popular in Snowmass, offering spectacular views of the National Forest through the trees of the Snowy Mountains. See tubing and alpine coaster ticket options

Aspen offers horse-drawn sleigh or wagon rides for all ages and seasons. Whether you’re driving through a snowy field or Downtown Aspen. This sleigh ride adds a special touch to your mountain vacation. Pine Creek Cookhouse Restaurant offers sleigh rides in their gourmet restaurant during the winter. with public and private options; Train and sleigh rides make for a magical experience in our Winter Wonderland.

Best Time To Visit Aspen, Co (monthly Guide By A Travel Pro!)

This is one of our favorite things to do in Aspen besides skiing. Aspen and Snowmass boast both indoor and outdoor ice rinks in the winter. Walking distance from the Aspen Mountain Gondola, next door to the ‘CP Burger’ restaurant, outdoor skating rink or visit the Aspen Ice Garden or Aspen Recreation Center. Snowmass Base Village offers free skiing outside the Limelight Hotel via the Elk Camp Gondola.

What better place to see these views than Aspen and the Snowmass Mountains? The tour is a truly amazing experience that allows non-skiers to see the beauty of the mountain created by skiers and snowboarders. Both Aspen Mountain and Snowmass Mountain have mountainside restaurants and bars with outdoor seating to enjoy the view after a gondola ride. Enjoy panoramic views along the high trails of Aspen Mountain. The tour takes about 15 minutes and tickets can be purchased at

Looking for more to do in Aspen this winter? See our complete winter guide to aspen and snow masses.

Things To Do In Aspen In January

Our winter guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the information you need when planning a vacation in Aspen and Snowmass. Things to do in Aspen in the winter besides skiing include the best ski slopes and more. From the most popular restaurants to our local recommendations; Here’s everything you need to know before visiting Aspen. Home » Things to Do » Best Things to Do in Aspen – Winter Activities for Every Traveler

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Aspen has no shortage of things to do, you can’t leave Colorado without spending time in Aspen, one of Colorado’s premier ski resorts. Like many guests before us, we were not disappointed with what this Rocky Mountain vacation had to offer. From the obvious winter activities (skiing, snowshoeing, snowshoeing, ice skating) to the view from the top of the Silver Queen Gondola, this place is gorgeous and perfect for a weekend getaway.

Like our time in Colorado Springs. (Find the best things to do in Colorado Springs) If you’re looking to spend a long winter break here, we can’t resist sharing all the great things we found in Aspen. Read on as we’re going to cover the best things to do in Aspen in the winter and the best winter activities in Aspen.

Even if you’re not into winter sports, there’s always plenty of fire (hot and hot) to warm your bones between visits. It will be cold, so remember to dress warmly. how cold It hit 3 degrees Fahrenheit one morning. Yes, 3. I had never felt so cold before, and my other clothes were not warm enough, so I slept in my ski suit.

Aspen is high in the Rocky Mountains (elevation 8,000 feet) in the southwest quadrant of the state. Not surprisingly, its name; surrounded by aspen. The town was once a mining camp during the country’s Silver Boom and was later built as a ski resort in the late 1940s. Its current popularity is such that the 7,000 permanent residents are engrossed in winter, when part-timers flock to take advantage of the skiing and other activities.

What To Do In Aspen This January

These part-time residents are often superstars and billionaires, making Aspen home to some of the most expensive digs in America (at the time of writing, 76 of the 342 homes listed are worth more than $10 million). Unless you’re one of the few people who call Aspen home. Book your hotels early as winter can get busy and sell out.

Aspen has a small airport (Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (aka Sandy Field)) and United; Served by Delta and American Airlines. There are direct flights from other US cities or you can fly into Denver and take a quick 30 minute flight to Aspen. You can take the airport’s Colorado Mountain Express to Aspen from Denver International.

Alternatively, you can drive 3.5 hours from Denver or take Amtrak to nearby Glenwood Springs and take the RFTA bus to Aspen. (Note: Highway 82 is the only road in and out of Aspen, and the only road that passes through from the west during heavy winter snows.)

Things To Do In Aspen In January

Winter temperatures range from 10 degrees to mid-30s during the day, and snowfall averages about 23 inches per month. Due to the low temperature, it rarely rains in winter.

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During our stay in Aspen, we decided to lay our head at the Limelight Hotel Aspen. The history behind the modern brick and wood buildings now owned by the Aspen Skiing Company and their lobby; We love the pet-friendly policy and the delicious breakfast.

The property was originally home to the Ski and Spur Bar-Restaurant, a perfect home for local and visiting skiers. In the 1950s, it was renamed Limelight and became a nightclub and diner owned by folk singer Glenn Yarbrough (the Limeliters). Many of today’s famous musicians came here, but the popularity forced him to sell, and the new owners built an extension and modernized the room as it is today.

The rooms are very spacious; our own tables; There was a place to sit and a coffee maker for our morning java before we left. Living/dining rooms to warm up after a long snowy day; Rooms are well appointed with kitchens and dining areas.

My favorite part of the room is the fireplace. I’ll leave it on while I’m in the room to keep it cool and warm. As I’ve said before, it’s cold in Aspen; So the oven is really good and easy.

Things To Know Before Moving To Aspen, Colorado

The hotel has an adventure suite with free shuttles into town or the lifts, and plenty of cruisers and gas bike tires to pedal on the footpaths or around town. The most exciting ride is jumping on Little Nell, the snow cat who takes care of the mountain every night. You can visit.

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