Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend – Blending nature and urban beauty, Seattle offers tons of fun activities for all types of travelers! We’ve spent a lot of time in the city and we’re sharing our favorite things to do in Seattle to help you plan the perfect trip. We also offer some unique Seattle day trips and lodging options.

Seattle is a city that both city dwellers and nature lovers appreciate. And with the ocean on one side and majestic mountains on the other, Seattle has no shortage of fun things to do.

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Along with the undeniable natural beauty, the food, art, and music are reason enough to bring your swag to this Northwestern Northwest town. NOW

Best Things To Do In Seattle’s Pike Place Market

We spend most of the year in Washington state and have made several trips to Seattle where we spend our weekends in fun (and mostly cheap!) activities. We can’t wait to share our favorite places in Seattle with you!

Some are well-known must-see tourist attractions, while others are local secrets you won’t find in guidebooks.

Find out where to enjoy this epic view of Seattle (for free!) in this guide to the Emerald City.

Whether you’re visiting Seattle for the first time for a weekend getaway or are exploring the Pacific Northwest looking for fun things to add to your bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Definitely to Seattle.

Seattle, Wa Vacation Rentals From $64

We’ve created a PNW bucket list full of fun and unique activities. From epic outdoor excursions to off-the-beaten-track dining, we have something for every traveler!

If you want a short list of the best things to do in Seattle, here it is:

Interested in more ideas? Well you’re on vacation my friend because this article is BACK with the best things to do in Seattle and all the inside tips!

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

I’m a huge art fan and the Fremont Troll is a must-see when in the area. In true troll fashion, this evil beast dwells under a bridge in the Fremont neighborhood. You’ll find it tucked away just north of the George Washington Bridge.

Top 5 Best Nightclubs In Seattle [updated 2023]

Tip: After snapping photos next to these Seattle landmarks, don’t forget to explore the Fremont neighborhood! Cruise the water and dream of living on one of the houseboats docked on the waterfront, and check out the many cool shops in this neighborhood that calls itself ‘the center of the universe’! 2. Hide the bubbles on the wall with Post Alley Gum

Seattle is full of photo spots and photo booths, but the most famous (and accessible!) is arguably the Post Alley Gum Wall.

While it’s certainly no secret, the Wall of Teeth is a must-see when visiting Seattle. Also, it’s right next to Pike Place, you can’t miss it.

Bring a pack of dice to take a good picture and guess how many of the dice are hanging on the wall:

Fun Things To Do In Seattle With Kids

Don’t get too close to the wall… I don’t think I need to explain why. Choose to put some tough rubber compound on the wall and everything else, or (like us) find a trash can that can be put out in the street for a thorough clean.

If there were an award for Best City and Best Coffee in America, Seattle would take home the gold medal.

Stroll around Seattle and find amazing cafes that serve great strong beer.

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Zab! If you really like coffee, this Seattle Coffee Culture tour sounds perfect! 4. Meet Mount Rainier in a hot tub

One Day In Seattle (perfectly Planned By A Local For You)

It takes something special to wake up before sunrise, but we bet the experience is worth the extra effort.

When the sun comes up, flying in the warm air of Mount Rainier is a dream.

You start before dawn and have the opportunity to see the cotton sky from several thousand meters. Not only do you fly in front of Mount Rainier, you also soar over rivers, lakes and forests.

I was invited to a Seattle Ballooning hot air balloon ride and was blown away by the incredible experience (

Fun Things To Do In Seattle With Kids On A Family Vacation

I wrote about the hot Seattle weather for anyone wanting to book a flight. Based on my honest thoughts about the experience and what to expect on the plane for interior design tips (e.g. what to wear!).

With only a few balloon companies in the area, we chose Seattle Ballooning for the following reasons:

Choose from a variety of flight options (from private jets to original group flights of 8-10 guests). One thing is certain; This will definitely be one of your Seattle experiences.

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Shrink! We have a 10% discount for everyone who orders a hot air balloon from Seattle Ballooning. Enter the code “2soles” when paying!

Pam Wall Seminars

Known about the city. After years of traveling the world, we’ve realized that the best way to get a taste of local cuisine is through a culinary tour.

We’ve done food tours in many cities around the world (from Bangkok to Reykjavik) and we really do

! I mean you get a taste of the best places to eat and also know where to find the local cuisine.

If you want to taste the best of pike, visit this market with the chef!

Best Indoor Play Spaces For Kids Around Seattle And Puget Sound

Not only do they specialize in all things food, they also visit 9 different craft stalls and offer a taste of PNW.

“I enjoyed this experience with Eric because it included great food, Seattle history and interesting information about the market. After living in Seattle for so long, I’ve learned a lot about the market that I didn’t know. I highly recommend it.” !” -Beth, February 2023

If you’re a vegetarian (or interested in plant-based foods!), don’t miss this popular tour.

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

“Plant-based nutrition does not have to be a sacrifice. Restaurants often forego plant-based dishes, leaving vegetarians with a confusing choice between salad and fries. This tour fixes that.”

The Best & Worst Times To Visit Seattle In 2023

This unique tour allows guests to experience the best vegetarian cuisine Pike Place has to offer. In addition, the guide provides all information and tips about this historic market as well as interesting facts and stories about the food culture of the Pacific Northwest.

“No ads – the Pike Place Plant-Based Tour was awesome! I really enjoyed her knowledge of the market’s rich history, the wide and varied cuisine, and the friendly interaction with the local vendors. You can tell she respects them all. I” I’ve lived in Seattle for a long time, took a trip with a friend who was visiting from out of town, and now we both feel very connected to this wonderful city. Thank you, Will.” — Kat, January 2023

Even if you don’t have an appetite for food (see above), a visit to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without visiting this famous market.

Perhaps the most famous farmers market in America, Pike Place is a Seattle must-see.

Cool Things To Do In Seattle On A Quick Trip

A popular attraction here are the fishmongers, who come together to celebrate the new day when a customer is shopping. I remember visiting Pike Place as a kid and being in awe, and I’m glad to see the fish is still around almost twenty years later. Grab your camera to capture these flying fish because they are so much fun!

If seafood doesn’t appeal to you, stroll through the rows of fresh produce, local cheeses and artisanal goods and you’re sure to find something you like.

Book a photo tour to places where you see the pike from a different angle and take your own amazing photos. (A great souvenir from my time in Seattle!)

Seattle Fun Things To Do This Weekend

For an experience where you meet locals rather than tourists with cameras, head to one of the city’s lesser-known farmers’ markets for breakfast or a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Free Things To Do In Seattle

If you’re in Seattle on a Sunday, check out the Fremont Sunday Flea Market and we don’t think you will be disappointed!

With nearly 200 vendors selling antiques, antiques, and other goods, this is the perfect place to browse the rare treasures (and smell the delicious food!). The best market in Seattle (in our opinion) is open all year round, shines or not. It’s been around since 1990.

If you’re looking for a farmers’ market without the tourist crowds, head to the University Quarter for a daily market.

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