Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado – Charming, walkable downtown, river views, great restaurants and breweries seen from the high Rockies. beautiful scenery and stuff Lots to do in Estes Park, making this one of my favorite places in Colorado!

As the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is always popular. But it is a unique city. There are so many interesting sights and atmosphere that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

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Epic Things To Do In Estes Park, Colorado

A 3.5-minute ride on Estes Park’s charming red tram takes you to the top of Prospect Hill, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

The tram is one of the most popular attractions in Estes Park. So plan to go off-peak to avoid the crowds!

It is open from May to September. and is only open on weekends in September. (depending on the weather)

Despite its small size, Estes Park is one of the smaller downtown areas. Our favorite in the US

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Charming architecture beautiful views of the river and the joy of walking (In our case a cup of coffee in hand), along with restaurants and shops selling everything from common souvenirs, homemade traps, to local art.

If you enjoy using historical treasures Don’t miss Fall River Jewelry and Antiques!

Whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir or a handwritten letter from George Washington (seriously), you’ll find something to remember.

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

Built in 1913, the Park Theater is one of Estes Park’s most famous buildings and a must-see while in town. (cross the river in the center and you will find it)

Estes Park, Co: Best Things To Do, See, And Eat

If the weather is not good during your vacation You can add movie screenings here to activities in Estes Park.

To experience the beautiful night sky near Estes Park It’s worth going outside!

Estes Park has several breweries. (Plus a small bottle of wine), so you won’t have any problem finding a good burger. and local beer after a long journey

Great Thompson/Fall River Walk The Estes Park River Walk is one of my favorite places in the city.

Estes Park Colorado Summer Guide 2021

A combination of all the city’s charms. Combined with the beauty that people come to Colorado, Estes Park is one of the best places to visit in the United States.

While there are many ways to enjoy the heights and high canyons of the Rockies during your trip to Estes Park, horseback riding is the best!

Moose can be found in Estes Park, from the visitor center, to the golf course, to the river.

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

This is one of the most exciting things to do in Estes Park. But should keep a safe distance. (Minimum distance of 25 yards recommended) as visitors are known to often bill too close.

Rocky Mountain National Park • Grand Lake Chamber

One of the most interesting times (But also dangerous) moose spotting usually begins in mid-September and lasts about a month.

This local museum is dedicated to the history of Estes Park. It presents oral history and describes the history of the region from the old cottages to the early 20th century.

Estes Park is home to some of the most scenic byways in the United States, from RMNP’s Trail Ridge Road to the popular Peak-Peak Scenic Byway, the oldest scenic byway in Colorado!

One of the most unique things to do in Estes Park is a visit to the beautiful 19th century log cabin built in 1885 by Enos Mills, the “Father of Rocky Mountain National Park”.

Things To Do In Estes Park In Winter (adventures For The Whole Family!)

Tours are by appointment only. So plan ahead if you want to experience Estes Park!

The magnificent Stanley Hotel sits high above Estes Park and was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Light.

King was inspired to write a book based on his experience staying at the Stanley Hotel with his wife at the end of the season. when they were only overnight guests at the hotel

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

Before going to Estes Park, we had never read The Flame, so we gave it a shot with Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, and it really made the Stanley experience more interesting. (Although it is worth noting that the film was not shot there) …

Fun Things To Do In Estes Park Colorado

Grabbing a drink at a historic whiskey bar is a great way to get around quickly.

If you want to stay longer Consider booking a tour – the hotel offers both historical tours during the day and paranormal downtown tours at night.

There are several rafting companies in Estes Park that will take you to the Poudre River or Colorado River for a fun adventure on the water.

The peaceful and beautiful Lake Estes is just steps from town. and is the perfect place for a leisurely morning walk.

Little Hiccups: 12 Things To Do In Estes Park With Kids

For those traveling with their dogs to Estes Park, across the road from Estes Lake you will find the Estes Valley Dog Park with water for kids!

Family rides like bumper boats and go-karts, fun Colorado-themed games like Gems and Fun City make this a great place to spend an afternoon with the family.

Where to eat in town could have its own Estes Park blog post, but you have to have a pie! deserves a special mention

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

This homemade pie shop has been wowing guests since 2006 (location moved to Estes Park), and their fruit pies are still some of the world’s favorites.

Estes Park Co Lodging

Breakfast is served daily. and delicious food But seriously – don’t miss the pies (I personally love cobbler).

Actually If you rent a cabin or accommodation with a kitchen Do yourself a favor and get a big meal on your first day in town. And when you get home from each trip

Of course, no list of things to see in Estes Park would be complete without mentioning the reason everyone came here in the first place: Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)!

Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its beautiful lakes. Opportunity to see wildlife beautiful mountain top Scenic drives and, of course, legendary hikes, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the five most visited national parks in the country: both are breathtakingly beautiful and have something for everyone…

Fun Things To Do In Estes Park With Kids (for 2023)

Estes Park is a 10-minute drive from the nearest entrance to the national park. And it is one of the best places to go to RMNP.

There is no shortage of accommodations in Estes Park. From luxury riverside log cabins to motels. comfortable hotel and even the most famous hotel in America (according to The Shining).

No matter what type of trip you like. This classic Colorado mountain town has a lot to offer.

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

With limited downtown parking and proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, this was a good choice for us. And everything we recommend is within walking distance of downtown Estes Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Discovery Lodge – first we decided to stay at this hotel recently. This is for an important reason: our dogs welcome rangers!

We loved it enough to book again for a second visit. Although with a prime location less than 10 minutes from downtown and perfect views, many locals flock to the nearby Estes Park Golf Course. It is therefore a good holiday destination.

Niki’s Resort – With beautiful architecture Including the glass wall in the lobby. makes it possible to see the mountain view in full excellent service and warm features such as stone fireplaces in some rooms. Niki’s Resort is a great place to stay in Estes Park.

Although the resort is far from Estes Park, there are restaurants for light and tasty meals.

Fun Things To Do In Estes Park Colorado

The Stanley Hotel is the ultimate in classic and luxurious accommodation. For classic locations and elegant storytelling, you can’t beat the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

But reserve carefully. Since there are many buildings in the property, you want to make sure you remember the room you booked!

For example, if you want to stay in the main building, don’t book the Aspire Residence (closer and just as beautiful).

Things To Do Around Estes Park Colorado

While downtown Estes Park is within walking distance. If you choose a hotel near the city You can walk to eat and shop. And you need a car to effectively navigate Estes Park and its surroundings.

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