Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend – If you’re on a budget, Colorado Springs is one of the best places to visit. Whether you’re traveling with the family or on your own, there’s plenty of free entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

You can easily reach your bag and have a blast in Colorado Springs (COS). To help with that, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the city’s favorite freebies. Check your budget when exploring the beautiful Pikes Peak region.

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

For outdoor enthusiasts, Colorado Springs is the perfect place to get your nature fix, especially on a budget. Even if you can’t climb to the top of Pikes Peak for free, there are plenty of other park options to explore and explore. Here are some of our favorites:

Best Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods – The most popular tourist attraction and geological formation in the Springs, Garden of the Gods attracts millions of visitors every year. The Minaret Rock Formation is the beginning of this outdoor park, which also has several kilometers of hiking trails. They offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

There are well-equipped sections that are easily accessible for wheelchairs or other disabled persons. It also gives a clear view of the rocks. This park is a must visit on your next trip to the Springs.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space – If you want to avoid the crowds in the Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a great option. With miles of hiking trails and outdoor rock climbing opportunities, this park is a favorite among Colorado Springs residents.

Palmer Park – The best part about Palmer Park is the number of choices. In addition to hiking trails and scenic spots, the eastern edge of the park has sports fields and playgrounds. For a day full of outdoor fun, Palmer Park is a great choice.

Fun, Family Friendly Things To Do In Colorado Springs

North Cheyenne Canyon – For steeper and more challenging trails, North Cheyenne Canyon Park is a great park to compensate for the spectacular scenery. Seven Bridges and Mount Custer are two of the most popular, but whichever direction you go and whatever time of year you visit, you can find yourself in the woods.

Bear Creek State Park – If you have a dog, you must visit Bear Creek State Park. It offers one of the best parks in the region, as well as a great nature center to educate you about the local flora and fauna.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park – One of the largest open spaces in Colorado, Paint Mines Interpretive Park is located one hour east of Colorado Springs in Calhoun. Open layers of jasper and selenite give these colorful stones their name. With 750 acres of land to explore, it’s perfect for the whole family.

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

Fountain Creek State Park – Just 15 minutes south of Colorado Springs lies the small town of Fountain, which offers one of the area’s most beautiful parks. Fountain Creek State Park has miles of hiking trails, as well as a nature center where children and adults can learn more about the ecosystem of these wetlands.

Best Things To Do In Winter In Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a little culture on your trip to Colorado Springs or want to soak up the history of the area? When visiting the Pikes Peak region, there are tons of free museums, galleries, and art that have something for everyone to enjoy. Prices are reasonable, so check out the top museums in town.

Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum – Want to preserve the history and culture of Colorado Springs? A museum you must visit is the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Housed in a centuries-old city hall building, this free museum offers changing exhibits and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

Old Colorado City History Museum – Old Colorado City History Museum The Old Colorado City History Museum is a free museum that will help you learn more about the city’s history. For example, did you know that Old Colorado City was the original capital of the state of Colorado? Learn interesting facts and see wonderful historical art at this small museum.

Penrose Heritage Museum – The Penrose family has done a lot for Colorado Springs. In addition to building the Broadmoor, he was responsible for many of the buildings and activities that have come to define the city, the creation of the Pikes Peak Highway and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Outdoors & Climate

Explore their heritage and view art from the private collection of Julie and Spencer Penrose at the Penrose Heritage Museum next to Broadmoor.

Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum – If you’re looking for a unique experience, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum is a little different than most car and transportation collections. Instead of focusing on memorabilia, this museum focuses on everyday people who love to ride motorcycles.

Art Galleries – Downtown Colorado Springs has several art galleries to enjoy in Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs. For an overview of the theme, see the Best of Fountains gallery.

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

Sculptures and Street Art – Another interesting aspect of the Springs’ art culture is the wealth of sculptures and maps that line the streets. Street Art is an annual city event to showcase local artists, with artworks placed on the city’s sidewalks.

The Best Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Art Walk – Every first Friday of April through November is the Colorado Springs Art Walk, which offers buses to art galleries. Starting at the Cottonwood Art Center in Colorado Springs, shuttles take art lovers between three downtown areas that showcase local art.

Free Shows at Stargazers Theater – Enjoy free shows at Stargazers Theater, a local event center with a unique dome design and great sound. They host free shows every month, so check the calendar to see if you can catch one on your next trip to the fountain.

Colorado Springs has free tourist attractions for all interests, including those interested in the American military and American sports. If you’re looking for some of these activities, check out the places below.

United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs is a military town. The area includes Peterson Air Force Base and Fort Carson, along with the US Air Force Academy north of the city.

Five Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

For those interested in military culture or those interested in joining USAFA, a tour of the campus and a tour of the beautiful structures, such as the Cadet Chapel, is free.

Peterson Air and Space Museum – Another impressive military site is the Peterson Air and Space Museum at Peterson Air Force Base. This free museum is open to civilians or military personnel interested in learning more about the history and heritage of the United States Air Force.

USA Olympic and Paralympic Training Center – If you are an athlete or sports fan, consider attending the USA Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. This growing community has earned Colorado Springs the nickname “Olympic City USA,” and athletes from all over the world come to train at the center.

Things To Do Around Colorado Springs This Weekend

Take a free tour of this amazing complex and learn more about Olympic history.

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An advantage of visiting Colorado Springs is the number of wonderful historic sites to explore. Walking around and seeing the different architecture in the area is priceless. Historical symbols are often placed to explain interesting details. Here are our favorite historic sites.

Old Colorado City – The oldest part of Colorado Springs, Old Colorado City was founded in 1859 during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Although it is now a neighborhood of Fountains, much of the historic architecture remains intact. Walking down Colorado Avenue is a joy to see the unique shops and restaurants that now occupy these impressive structures.

Manitou Springs – In the late 19th century, many tuberculosis sufferers came to Manitou Springs for the mineral spring water and fresh mountain air. Much of this small town remains intact, with many buildings adorned in Victorian-era architecture.

Explore the city’s charming parks and streets to spend a free day exploring the secrets of Manitou Springs.

Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado Springs, Co

Downtown Colorado Springs – We’ve already talked about many forms of art

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