St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend – Families looking for fun activities for kids in St. Louis, they are lucky! In addition to the city’s beautiful history and culture, the city offers a variety of fascinating attractions for the whole family.

Families visiting St. Louis doesn’t have to break the bank anymore! In St. Louis is full of free activities, including many world-class museums, zoos, parks, and attractions.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

The fun for the kids in St. Louis 1. Hear the beat at the National Blues Museum

Fun Things To Do In St Louis, Missouri

Music-loving families should not miss a visit to the National Blues Museum, located in downtown St. Louis.

From offering live concerts to displaying souvenirs, the museum puts on a great show. Real history and plenty of great listening opportunities to immerse yourself in the uniquely American music known as the blues.

Located in the beautiful and expansive (bigger than Central Park!) Forest Park, St. Louis showcases an impressive art collection that rivals other “big city” methods, and admission is free!

And while there is a lot of art to see, your children will enjoy scavenging in the gallery completely engaged and connected with the art at all times.

Travel To St. Louis L Missouri L St. Louis Vacations

While in Forest Park, you can also take a boat trip, visit St. Louis (free!), St. Louis (free!), the Missouri History Museum (free!), enjoy a picnic lunch, play on the park’s structures, walk the streets, or go to a show at the outdoor Muni Theater. There is so much to do in this 13,000 acre park!

The Old Courthouse in St. Louis is surrounded by the Gateway Arch and the view is beautiful. After snapping some photos of its beauty, head inside to see our country’s remarkable civil rights history.

The Dred Scott Supreme Court case took place in the Old Courthouse in 1846 and led to the beginning of the American Civil War. Families can also attend performances, walk through historic buildings, and learn about the property and slave laws that inspired the Civil War.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

The history of the first person from St. Louis lived at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, across the river in Illinois.

A Guide To The Best Jazz And Blues Clubs In St. Louis

At Cahokia Mounds, families can follow a trail to explore 100 feet of archaeological remains from the 1200s. An interpretive center, video equipment, gift shop, and restaurant complete the experience.

Add a touch of excitement to your vacation in St. Louis on a historic cruise on the Mighty Mississippi River.

After boarding a replica of a 19th-century paddle-wheel ship, you’ll board a Tom Sawyer or Becky Thatcher while enjoying views of St. Louis. Louis and Gateway Arch. There is a history of riverboats, a traditional piano, and plenty of food and drinks on board.

Tip: The Gateway Arch boat is operated by the Gateway Arch Foundation, the company that operates and sells Arch tickets. Packages including all attractions are available at promotional prices.

Fun Things To Do In St. Louis: Weekend Travel Guide

Illinois across the river! Read about the top 10 things to do in Illinois with kids.

Whether you’re an Anheuser-Busch fan or not, a visit to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery is a must in St. Louis. Louis. Free (yes, free!) tours are offered daily to the complex, which first opened in 1852.

Tours for all ages include access to historic buildings; a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process; and the chance to pet the world famous Clydesdale horse. You can even interact with Bud, the playful Dalmatian speaker.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

Enjoy a complimentary glass of beer to complete the tour. Children and non-drinkers can choose soda and other specialty drinks.

Top Things To Do In St. Louis

Tip: There’s plenty to do on site, from photo and gift shops to full meals at restaurants. Tours run every few minutes during peak times.

Loyalty to the Cardinals is strong in St. Louis, where you’ll see red everywhere during baseball season (and beyond).

Busch Stadium, originally from St. Louis Cardinals, located in the heart of the city and within easy reach of many major hotels. Ballpark Village’s shopping and dining area is the perfect spot for snacks and souvenirs before or after the game.

Stadium tours are offered throughout the year, and game day tickets are perfect for introducing your child to the historic bird at bat.

St. Louis, Missouri Weekend Travel Guide

Known as one of the most popular Trekaroo zoos in the United States, St. Louis is home to an amazing variety of animals, including cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, mongooses, giraffes, bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, orangutans, kangaroos, and seals.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Want to know the best part? Visiting St. Louis Zoo is completely free!

Other on-site activities include a petting zoo, sea lion show, Zooline and Sting Ray touch zone.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

Without a doubt, the most desired part of many family trips to St. Louis visited the unique, trendy and beautiful City Museum.

Things To Do In St. Louis This Weekend

Don’t forget the name of the museum. This 100 year old factory building is a playground, team park, art gallery, almost entirely made from found and recycled materials!

Kids will love exploring the miles of slides, bridges, hidden passages and tunnels. A circus or a garage can be fun if you want to sit down. Do you want to visit the roof? There is a school bus and a Ferris wheel – you can go down the slide on top of the building!

Designated a national park in 2018, Gateway Arch National Park is home to the 200-foot, beautiful Gateway Arch, built to commemorate the Lewis and Clark expedition. Visiting is the most popular in St. Louis with the kids.

Major renovations, a new lobby, and a revamped museum experience make a visit to the Arch an immersive and educational experience. The view from the top (ticket required) is beautiful and the 60s themed tram/carousel ride is worth the price of admission.

Free (and Cheap) Things To Do In St. Louis

Be sure to spend time reading the exhibit to learn about western expansion. The extensive museum shows all aspects of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, including its impact on Native American culture.

Art and nature lovers visit the Laumeier Sculpture Park for free. Follow the paved path to find statues everywhere.

Favorites are Big Eyes or larger-than-life deer. There is even a special area for children where children can gently touch the sculptures. If you like hiking, Laumeier offers hiking trails with works of art that you can admire along the way.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

At one point, the St. Louis Union serves 10,000 train passengers daily. Today, the renovated Union Station is a family entertainment center.

Everything To Know About Missouri’s Gateway Arch National Park

Enjoy a view of the city from 200 feet up on The Wheel. Take a ride on the carousel with horses and even rhinos or giraffes. Challenge yourself with mini golf on the 18-hole course, get lost in the glass maze or conquer the high ropes course.

Aquarium St. Louis, located in St. Louis Union Station is a great place for families. Your underwater marine tour allows visitors to explore the 120,000-foot aquarium with more than 13,000 animals that live in the river and sea.

Take the time to learn more about these creatures through hands-on experience. Dip your toes in the water and watch Doctor Fish gently tickle your hand.

Watch Archer fish spit water to get their food. Catch stingrays and sea anemones. Sleep behind the scenes to watch them eat sharks, rays, and other fish friends.

St. Louis Adventures

Take a walk through the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the best botanical gardens in the country. Whatever you do, don’t miss a walk in the Japanese Garden for peace of mind.

Keep the kids busy by feeding the giant koi fish. Fish food can be purchased at the gift shop.

Magic House is truly magical for children. This children’s museum is located outside St. Louis encourages children to learn while having fun.

St Louis Things To Do This Weekend

Act like your hometown, want to be the next president or vice president, create storable artwork, make music and more!

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Did you know that crows can talk like parrots? Or are peregrine falcons the fastest animals? Find fun things to do and get to know each bird – they have their own personality!

Look out for special events where you can meet lots of locals. Visiting the sanctuary is free, but a donation is recommended.

Don’t be surprised when you see bison, deer, and elk roaming the countryside from your car. It was like we were back in Yellowstone! This is another free event, but donations are accepted.

In addition to the free attractions listed above, the following places also offer free tickets. In St. Louis also hosts many free special events; check the calendar at There’s plenty to do in Lou if you’re on a budget. St. Louis has many state-of-the-art free museums, free zoos, inexpensive resorts, and more. Here are some fun activities in St. Louis that is free or

The 15 Best Things To Do In St. Louis, Missouri

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