Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer – Aspen, Colorado is a year-round resort that offers countless activities in the Rocky Mountains. From Aspen’s outdoor activities, culinary scene and wellness opportunities, a visit to this tranquil destination is ideal for body, mind and soul.

Love visiting Aspen when the weather warms up! In fact, my late spring trips during their secret season (May/June) reminded me of the importance of relaxing and rejuvenating in the mountains – especially after such a rough year.

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

If you’re looking for great things to do in Aspen, Colorado during the summer and spring months, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Aspen Travel Cost

I used Maroon Bells Outfitters to book a morning ride at T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen. There are many other times and times, but we opted for the morning 1 hour walk through a grove of aspens and along the melting snow to our excursion.

Hike or ride the Silver Queen Gondola up Mount Aspen and head to the summit yoga deck for mountain yoga (open in summer).

If your accommodation doesn’t line up with the course schedule, try stretching and meditating alone on one of the peaks! These moments of solitude can be truly healing.

This is a moderately difficult hike with little or no shade (unless you’re used to heights). Bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and show up early in the morning for the best experience! The views are worth the climb (3 miles in and out).

Aspen Summer Vacation

For access to waterfalls, interesting rock formations and trails, you must visit the caves. If you want a tough but scenic adventure (and have a 4WD), you can also travel by independent passage.

Downtown Aspen is a walker’s paradise. Getting around is easy, cars are pedestrian-friendly, and the architecture is memorable and attractive. I love walking the brick streets and taking in the sights, sounds and colors of the aspen trees. While you’re there, visit the farmers market, art museum, and stop at the Opera House.

I didn’t try it the last time I was here, but I plan to go next time! Whether it’s whitewater rafting or white water rafting at the North Star Reserve, adventure diving sounds like it would be right up my alley on a hot and sunny day.

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

If you want to get to Aspen, Aspen Highlands or Buttermilk Ski Resort without hiking, here are some top experiences to choose from.

Visit Aspen Snowmass: Best Of Aspen Snowmass Tourism

Each has a different schedule, but all offer epic views. I took the Buttermilk Summit Express during Secret Season and loved it!

Whether it’s for adventure or as part of a healthy routine to unwind your body and mind, if you love the outdoors, you’ll love Aspen’s abundance of hiking, walking and biking trails.

Retreat to the John Denver Reserve in East Aspen with easy access to lush landscaping for a peaceful getaway. This free zen garden features flowing streams and river channels for meditation!

You can’t leave without trying one of my favorite Aspen restaurants! Since I visited Aspen during the warmer months (70 degrees F every day!), I love the view of Aspen for the view of downtown and the scenery, and wanting to maintain social distance, eating outside is best choose!

A To Z: 26 Activities To Do In Aspen, Colorado

To visit Maroon Bells, you can book a Maroon Bells bus from Aspen Highlands and join one of their many walking tours.

Maroon Bells really has something for everyone: with easy and easy short trails for non-hikers, medium and long distances for those looking for a more physical challenge, there is something for everyone and lots of scenery to offer explore.

There are so many things to do in Aspen, Colorado, and this list is a sneak peek of my favorite Aspen things to do on an Aspen road trip!

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

If you just want to print and follow a detailed itinerary, here is my 5-day Aspen itinerary where I share all the amazing things I did during my spring visit to Aspen. You can modify these details to suit you! Looking for fun things to do in Aspen this summer? From hilltop yoga to food experiences, art festivals to hiking tours, this beautiful and vibrant city comes alive in the summer. Aspen is the perfect year-round destination. Browse our 48-hour guide to the best places to stay, eat and explore in Aspen, Colorado:

Amazing Things To Do In Aspen, Colorado In Summer/spring

Aspen has a great reputation for winter, and the famous Aspen Snowmass Resort offers some of the best skiing in the world, attracting skiers from around the world each winter . Home to Mount Aspen, known locally as Ajax, this mountain town draws visitors during the winter for its incredible skiing and snowboarding experiences. But Aspen isn’t just a winter destination, and if you haven’t visited this picturesque town in the summer, you’re in for a real treat. As the locals say, come winter, stay summer.

Lesser known is the city’s large summer cultural scene, which embodies the Aspen philosophy that the city strives for more of its unique spirit. Aspen Idea is a vision for a community centered around the mind, body, and spirit, originally created by Walter and Elizabeth Papke during the city’s cultural renaissance in the 1940s. Today, that spirit manifests itself in a summer jam that includes a mix of events, cultural events and a real focus on community, the arts and exploring the natural beauty of the area. Aspen in the summer has a sense of peace and tranquility that I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. Put on your Lulu Lemons and explore what the city has to offer this summer.

Summer in Aspen offers real opportunities for outdoor recreation and getting back to nature, with everything from rafting to hiking, fishing, golfing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning and rock climbing. You name it, Aspen has it. Aspen has a vibrant summer events calendar, with events at the Aspen Institute of Arts and Culture attracting an international audience throughout the summer. Read on to discover the best things to do in summer in Aspen—and how to do it in style.

In summer, Aspen offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit all budgets. If you want to live downtown, here are our top 3 picks:

Aspen Honeymoon Ideas For Adventurous & Outdoorsy Couples

When in Aspen in the summer, you can’t miss Jerome. One of Colorado’s finest luxury hotels, the recently renovated Jerome Hotel is the perfect Aspen getaway, offering fine dining, elegant accommodations and a world-class spa. The oldest hotel in Aspen, the Jerome Hotel is a boutique hotel with a unique mountain aesthetic… Aspen. Accommodations, from deluxe rooms to luxurious suites, have been newly renovated with custom furnishings, luxury bathrooms and 24-hour room service.

We really like the design of the hotel. Stylish and contemporary, each of the hotel’s bedrooms is individually designed and pays homage to the hotel’s past. Jerome’s is also a foodie’s paradise—featuring some of Aspen’s best food, and The Living Room, led by executive chef Rob Jack, showcases ingredients from local farms. Here’s where to go in the summer – grab a drink at J-Bar, an old west-style saloon, and sip on some of the best Negronis in town.

Aspen’s 5 star luxury The Little Nell Hotel is ideally located with the city of Aspen at its front door and Mount Aspen at its back – perfect for summer mountain activities like hiking, yoga and biking. .As one of the best luxury lodgings in Aspen, this hotel’s amenities are astounding, featuring a heated outdoor pool and hot tub, 24-hour room service, ski concierge (in winter) and a superb restaurant. If you need a luxurious base in Aspen, the hotel offers complimentary bicycles, city transportation and an on-demand concierge team to help manage your stay.

Things To Do In Aspen During The Summer

This hotel clearly has some local character. Little Nell captures the spirit of Aspen with the feel of a luxury private residence, with stunning suites, grand lobby, lounge and their restaurant, Ajax Tavern, all with an eye for design. The facilities are great. Little Nell has 92 rooms, 52 rooms, 26 superior rooms and 8 suites, renovated in 2017 with a modern calcareous feel. We’re talking private balconies, gas fireplaces, and luxurious patios. Want a room with a view? All rooms have views of Mount Aspen, the Red Ridge or the Continental Divide, Durant and Spring streets or the courtyard and pool. We love their signature restaurant, Nell, which has been acclaimed for unique design elements like a wine glass wall, large artwork and custom lighting. This is one hotel you don’t want to miss.

Towns Like Aspen, Co

I love the vibe of the Limelight Hotel in Aspen. It’s a modern, contemporary hotel and it’s just perfect

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