Pueblo Colorado Mountain Biking

Pueblo Colorado Mountain Biking – Pueblo is becoming a major cycling destination, thanks to racing teams like the Gravel Locos, who will return to the city in 2023 after a successful maiden race in 2022.

Bicycling in Pueblo Tourism in the Pueblo region has increased steadily in recent years, offering many great places to bike.

Pueblo Colorado Mountain Biking

A great place to start your biking adventure is by leisurely pedaling down Pueblo’s historic Arkansas Riverwalk.

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The Riverwalk features a lake, a fairway, and a creek on the Arkansas River for boating, and various shops and restaurants along the waterfront. The 32-acre waterfall attraction is free and accessible 24 hours a day.

Liberty Point, one of the most beautiful spots in Pueblo, is a public park that offers great views of Pueblo Reservoir, Greenhorn Mountain, and the Wet Mountain Range. Liberty Point is the highest elevation in the city and offers a vantage point that shows incredible sunsets.

Road biking is one way for cyclists to enjoy the Pueblo in the great outdoors, and Steel City is part of an unusual race that takes place for about three months each spring and summer.

Every year, cyclists from all over the United States ride the TransAmerica Trail, a 4,215-mile route from Oregon to Virginia, with Pueblo being the largest city on the coast-to-coast route. Many runners stop in Pueblo for a day or two because it is considered an intermediate point of interest.

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Also in the spring, the Pueblo Classic Chilly Criterium and Steel City Road Race attract some of America’s best racing cyclists, who come down to Pueblo and race downtown on designated tracks.

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Mountain biking is also a major recreational activity, and Lake Pueblo State Park boasts some of the highest-rated mountain bike trails in Colorado.

The most popular is the Voodoo Trail, which runs for 8.7 miles. Another is The Duke and South Shore Loop, which is 6.3 miles and takes about two hours to complete.

Southern Colorado Trail Builders

In addition to road biking and mountain biking, gravel biking is also popular in Pueblo, and Pueblo has excellent gravel roads to accommodate cyclists.

Gravel bikes are similar to 10 speed road bikes, gravel bikes have fat tires to handle whatever gravel roads throw at them including gravel, mud, grass, hills, sand gravel, rock gravel , potholes, uneven dirt roads. further. .

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Fabian Serralta is the founder of Gravel Locos, a Texas-based group of gravel riders looking to organize races in communities with good gravel systems.

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“When I learned that Pueblo had some of the best gravel trails, I began to investigate the possibility of having gravel races in Pueblo and discovered that the town has many hotels, restaurants, shops and things to do,” says Serralta.

“Competitors often travel to cities with family and friends, so not everyone travels, so everyone needs things to do in their free time.”

Serralta says 480 riders participated in the 2022 Gravel Locos Pueblo event, and the 2023 race is scheduled for September 30. There’s plenty of fun before and after the race, so the festivities take place Thursday through Saturday.

“We have four routes that cyclists can choose from,” he says. “There are courses of 30, 60, 100 or 150 miles, and the start and finish of all the races are located in the town of Pueblo.”

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Serralta adds that a former Tour de France competitor participated in the 2022 Gravel Locos event and praised Pueblo.

“Ian Boswell is a retired Tour de France cyclist who rode the 2022 Pueblo race and said it was one of the most beautiful and varied courses he had ever experienced,” says Ceralta. “And Boswell is used to racing in France, Italy, Spain, the Pyrenees and the Alps.”

The Pueblo Race also benefits a charitable cause each year, with the 2022 race raising $10,000 to purchase equipment for the local Red Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

“Gravel racing is a better change of pace than other bike racing,” says Ceralta. “Pueblo is a great city to host these types of races, and we look forward to coming back for many years to come.”

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Want to learn more about living and working in Pueblo, CO? Check out the latest edition from Pueblo, Colorado. Start with our round the world road map to explore our detailed guides with GPS maps and inspiring photos.

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We recognize indigenous peoples as the traditional custodians of this land. Another Ute, Cheyenne and Jicarilla Apache Land flag

Adam has been mountain biking for 20 years and has been spreading the word about outdoor activities as a community organizer for a decade. He currently serves the local community as president of Pueblo-based Southern Colorado Trail Builders.

Nishiki Pueblo Bike 24 Inch 7 Gear

Nearly a century ago in southern Colorado, recreation sites as we know them were born from the ashes of tragedy. After the Ludlow massacre, the steel company, the US Forest Service and the city of Pueblo, Colorado partnered to create the first designated recreation area on national forest land. Adventure Origins Overnighter celebrates this story.

The road into the foothills is a gentle climb past working farms and relics of rural life. You’ll feel every bit of that work life as you head up Highway 78 out of Beulah, the last unpaved road in Colorado (CO 78/Pine Drive sees minimal traffic). If you want to split this trip into three days, there are scattered campsites about ⅓ of CO-78, across from the San Carlos trailhead. There is no water in this place, but there are good views from its north side.

Davenport Campground is a recommended overnight destination, and its campsites are a throwback to the classic USFS camping experience. This area is known as America’s alpine playground! The turn-of-the-century stone and wood kitchen has been restored and is ready for post-trip restoration and gourmet dining. From Davenport, this route leads into Squirrel Creek Canyon, the most technically and historically significant part of the trip. Expect thick sections of hiking, old cabins and campfires, and impressive canyon peaks. End the ride in Beulah on the Carhart Trail, which is exposed in sections and ends at a steep, gentle incline. A nice descent back to Pueblo after the short hike from Beulah.

Bonus: enjoy a solar barbecue on the way out of Pueblo and say hi to Jan at Beulah’s Stompin’ Grounds Cafe on the way back.

Video Update: Beware The Jumping Cactus🌵

Although the first day’s 4,000-foot climb occurs late in the day, the trail isn’t exceptionally long, though the technical sections along Squirrel Creek Canyon are numerous and difficult. Water and snacks are also available in Beulah and at Isabel Lake, a few miles south of Camp Davenport. Parking in Pueblo must be done with common sense and municipal care (no property in sight); we suggest parking on the east side of the Pueblo City Park tennis courts in front of the houses.

Trail Development – ​​This trail was inspired by the history of the area and a new trail built to improve accessibility in Squirrel Creek Canyon. Southern Colorado Trail Builders volunteers put more than 2,500 hours into building Carhart Trail in 2018 and 2019. The trail was created by board members to share their love of the area and its rich recreational history.

This route is part of the Local Overnighter project, designed to expand our growing list of routes around the world, the first and largest of its kind, and

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