Places To Stay In Arenal Costa Rica

Places To Stay In Arenal Costa Rica – Costa Rica Discover the lush green luxury hotel Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa, ten minutes from the town of La Fortuna. The tranquility of our rainforest surroundings and the waters of Titoku Hot Springs provide a peaceful environment for exploring the beauty and exciting activities of Arenal Volcano National Park. Set in 10 hectares of green countryside, our hotel overlooks the crystal clear waters of La Palma and the Quiro creeks, Surrounded by lush, vibrant gardens and private hot springs.

Relax in one of the 53 spacious air-conditioned rooms designed for couples or families. Two “Juliet” balconies with panoramic volcano and mountain views in all guest rooms; hydromassage bathtubs; mini bars; Coffee machines, Cable TV and free wireless Internet are included. Complimentary services for guests include breakfast and valet parking.

Places To Stay In Arenal Costa Rica

Enjoy warm and personalized service during your stay with us. Massage at Nidin Spa; Escape for a spa therapy or beauty treatment, or take our free shuttle to Titoku Hot Springs, where hotel guests have free access to the heated hot spring pool. Or spend the day at our beautifully landscaped free-floating pool. Enjoy award-winning local and international cuisine and impressive volcanic views at Heliconia Restaurant; Or collect poolside cocktails in the garden at Orquídeas Restaurant. Bar El Higueron and Sport Bar Carajillos are ideal for informal meetings.

Arenal Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Meetings, For weddings and special events; Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa offers customized meeting planning and catering; Offers two different rooms combined with team building activities and tour design assistance and special rates for guests staying at the hotel.

Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa guests can enjoy the hot springs on site or use our free shuttle to Titoku Hot Springs, which offers free access to hotel guests.

When planning your trip to Arenal Volcano and any of the many nearby attractions and activities; Our staff will advise and help you plan your trip.

Especially for nature lovers. The highlight of the trip is a boat trip on the Frio River, starting in the small town of Los Chiles, 4 kilometers from the Nicaraguan border.

Where To Stay In La Fortuna Costa Rica: Best Hotels In Arenal

The Arenal Suspension Bridge is a new tourist attraction in La Fortuna, 4 km west of Tabacón, in a 250-hectare primeval forest.

This adventure takes you to the largest lake in Costa Rica, located at the base of the Arenal Volcano, and will be awe-inspiring from the moment you leave your hotel.

The moving Sky Tram gondolas glide smoothly through the rainforest and offer endless views as you climb up the mountain.

In this activity we will visit snake and frog ponds and appreciate the nocturnal behavior of the species.

Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa Review: What To Really Expect If You Stay

This is an experience you will never forget. crazy twists and turns Wild jumps and lots of adrenaline coursing through your body.

Costa Rica has one of the richest bird diversity in Central America, and you can see many species of birds at Arenal Natura.NEW! Our amazing Costa Rica destination tool will help you find your unique preferences, We filter 66 itineraries by nearly 150 criteria to help you quickly and easily decide where to go in Costa Rica based on your wants and needs. Learn more here and on our sister site, Check out the tools at DIY Costa Rica.

Hello friends! We are Tico (Costa Rican) born and raised. Former rafting guide and wildlife and wildlife photographer; Author of published guidebooks; Writer Nikki and Tico (Costa Rican). We are a happily married and adventurous couple in our 16th year exploring Costa Rica together. (Click here to read our full profile.) In addition to writing this Costa Rica travel blog, We are also the team behind several other Costa Rica-based projects:

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Arenal Kioro Hotel, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica ရှိ အကောင်းဆုံး Ziplines- Arenal နှင့် Monteverde 6 နှိုင်းယှဉ် Costa Rica ရှိ အကောင်းဆုံး ဇစ်လိုင်းများကို ရှာဖွေနေပါသလား။ ဤနေရာတွင် ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည် နှိုင်းယှဉ်ကာ ဆန့်ကျင်ဘက်ပြု၍ နံပါတ်တစ်ခုကို ကမ်းလှမ်းသည်။

Baldi Hot Springs Hotel & Spa From $127. La Fortuna Hotel Deals & Reviews

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