Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado – “Eat, drink, be merry” is a motto in Fort Collins. You can find restaurants, cafes and delis on every block. Downtown offers a variety of local dining options in a very scenic, romantic setting. In warm weather, you will find the restaurant’s terrace full of people enjoying their good food and company. Enjoy some of the best food you will ever eat in “The City of Charm” in Fort Collins.

Silver Grill is Northern Colorado’s oldest restaurant and serves legendary breakfasts and lunches daily. Hardwood floors, large windows overlooking Old Town and famous cinnamon rolls give this charming restaurant a special place in the heart of Fort Collins. A great choice to be on a Fort Collins food tour.

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

Enjoy private tastings of artisanal extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from around the world.

Rainbow Restaurant Breakfast/lunch Fort Collins Menu In Fort Collins, Colorado, Usa

Waffle Labs Liège waffles are currently the best waffles in the whole city. They are absolutely amazing. They are made from yeast-fermented flour and imported Belgian granulated sugar. When baked at a certain temperature, the sugar pearls partially melt inside the waffle and caramelize on the outside for the perfect combination of soft flavor and firm texture. In one bite, you feel a very small jolt of sugar that goes well with all the salty options.

Check out Fort Collins’ largest craft brewery and a pioneer in the craft beer industry. Tours are available, but book soon. You can make a reservation online. Free tours last 45 minutes, while the paid tour takes you deeper and includes beer samples in the last 90 minutes.

Made with tiny chocolates in Fort Collins, the experience is handcrafted right here in Fort Collins. Here you can enjoy homemade decadent truffles and chocolates, and on cold winter evenings try their chocolate tongs, which are like a thick cup of hot chocolate, all made in-house.

Jax Fish House (not to be confused with Jax Mercantile, Co.) serves fresh seafood with a specialty in oysters and cocktails. Chef Kevin Grossi has a remarkable dedication to quality. It’s one of the few (if only) kitchen staff that takes field trips to Fort Collins’ small farms to learn about our farmers, produce and communities and incorporate that into our ever-changing seasonal menu. Want to support local food? Dine at Jack’s Fish House.

Amazing Things To Do In Fort Collins, Colorado

Socia is the place to be in Fort Collins for carefully crafted cocktails, sommelier-selected wines and charcuterie. Located at the entrance to Old Town Square, below an Old Town shop, Social is designed with a soft modern/industrial decor to focus on quality food and drink.

Third wave coffee is gaining traction in Fort Collins with a growing artisan community, including Harbinger Coffee, committed to changing the way you think about coffee. Exotic, delicate and intoxicating; Coffee in its purest form can be a life-changing experience. Harbinger Coffee is dedicated to that experience and to showcasing some of the best coffees from around the world from some of the best roasters across America.

A local staple since 1976, Rainbow Restaurant is located on Laurel Street near Old Town Fort Collins, just north of Colorado State University. The restaurant specializes in traditional dishes along with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for breakfast and lunch. Every dish at Rainbow is homemade from start to finish and prepared with fresh ingredients. Try the pumpkin French toast or tempeh saute, and don’t forget to check out Rainbow’s garden patio, consistently ranked as a Fort Collins favorite!

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

Enjoy artisan cheeses, charcuterie, chocolates, crackers and other related items. You can walk in, take a seat and enjoy cheese flights paired with wines and beers made from near and far.

Family In Town? Take Them To These 26 Fort Collins Restaurants

Beau Jose Pizza is the only place you can get authentic Colorado style pizza! Their pasta is made fresh throughout the day and contains locally produced honey which is used as a natural sweetener instead of sugar. Beau Joe’s is known for serving pizza by the pound, which means the portions are large and you won’t leave hungry. The restaurant offers one of the largest salad bars available throughout the day. Try and find out what Colorado style pizza is all about.

Ginger and Baker is housed in the more than 100-year-old Northern Colorado Feeders Supply building. The attractive space includes a coffee and cake shop, two restaurants, the Cafe, the Hideout, Teaching Kitchen, Wine Cellar, Tasting Room and Social Room. It’s safe to say that Ginger and Baker is food heaven for variety seekers.

Housed in a 130-year-old building, the farmhouse at Jessup Farm is a casual eatery with a focus on elevated scenery and wholesome farm food. With a quarter acre and a chicken coop in its backyard, The Farmhouse prides itself on seasonal, made-from-scratch menus and is a leader in customer service in Northern Colorado.

Searching for Fort Collins restaurants each day ends up being an enjoyable activity when visiting your destination because there are so many delicious dining options! Restaurant…

Best Things To Do In Fort Collins

Take Fort Collins’ quirky craft culture, mix it with a thriving food scene, and you have an increasingly popular food truck culture. Experience over 70 food trucks roaming the streets…

Colorado Beer Infused Cooking presents “75 Beerlies Collaborative recipes from top chefs and brewers in Fort Collins, the craft beer capital of Colorado.

There is something special that makes the city so special. For Fort Collins, it’s craft beer and the culture that has grown around it. This post contains affiliate links, including (possibly) Amazon Associates links, and I may receive a small commission if you click on one and make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and allows the site to continue working! Thank you for understanding.

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado has an incredible food scene full of restaurants, bars and cafes. In this article, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite places in Fort Collins and show you lots of delicious photos.

Best Neighborhoods In Fort Collins, Co

I hope you have some snacks and your passport with you because this post will make you hungry and thirsty enough to get on the plane to Colorado to visit Fort Collins!

Made from shipping containers surrounded by creative greenery, this modern food market is perfect, especially if you’re dining in a group where you all like something different. As a vegetarian, I always appreciate a dining area (indoor or outdoor) with lots of options.

Churn Ice Cream in the center of the exchange serves delicious ice cream in all flavors (vegan and dairy). They even make a dog for your four-legged friends!

If you have a sweet tooth, then Fort Collins Donut Co (or FoCo DoCo is the native Colorado slang) is the place for you. I recommend salted honey.

Best Lunch In Fort Collins, Co (2023) — 15 Top Places!

This cozy whiskey/bourbon bar on Linden Street is perfect for a creative whiskey cocktail or a warming glass of Old Elk.

They have won awards for their Old Elk Bourbon. They also have a delicious bourbon cream called Nooku that tastes like Baileys. Of course I loved it.

The staff are great and will create/recommend a cocktail to your liking. I highly recommend Super Bloom, a giant ice cube full of wild flowers floating around; Instagram friendly and delicious.

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

This bean-to-bar chocolate shop is a chocoholic’s dream. They make their own chocolate using ethical ingredients.

Corporate Parties Ft. Collins

They have chocolate from all over the world, from Ghana to Madagascar. They know everything there is to know about taste, texture and chocolate.

I bought a bar of chili chocolate, sea salt chocolate and Ecuadorian chocolate. They were all delicious. If you can’t decide what chocolate tasting flights offer (the dream!).

Not only do they sell chocolate bars, but truffles, hot chocolate, syrups and more. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to please your taste buds.

It seems strange to mention a hotel on this list, but they have so many great dining options at the Elizabeth Hotel that I couldn’t leave it out.

Essential Fort Collins Dining Experiences

Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market is a wonderful outdoor space with a cafe, local craft market and wine bar/restaurant. There’s something about the abundance of natural light, beautiful tile floors, and open floor plan that makes you want to spend the day on your laptop with coffee and/or wine.

This cafe is right next to the Armstrong Hotel. They also have another location at The Oval. They serve everything from avocado to toast, Buddha bowls and more. All ingredients are fresh and as local as possible.

I had their veggie breakfast burrito which was huge (hard to finish) and the perfect amount of spiciness. You order at the counter and they give you a number (if you’re ordering food). There is outdoor seating which is great when the sun is out

Places To Eat In Fort Collins Colorado

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