Mark Kistler You Can Draw In 30 Days

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In March 2020, Mark Kistler received a call that his son’s school would go virtual by the end of the school year. He started live streaming daily, holding half-hour drawing sessions for hundreds of thousands of children over two months, giving families a much-needed break from the chaos of the pandemic. Now Mark brings these stress-relieving creative activities to life in 25 original lessons, including:

Mark Kistler You Can Draw In 30 Days

Harnessing the transformative and inspiring power of visual art, Half Hour Pencil Power brings together parents, teachers, and kids in their care in step-by-step drawing lessons that can be completed in half an hour or less. Drawing will help your child have fun, reduce loneliness, boost self-esteem and boost creativity, and Pencil Power is accessible, creative and fun for everyone.

You Can Draw In 30 Days

“Mark Kistler has created a series of wonderful, useful, and easy (even for me) drawing exercises that can help children, teens, and families connect with themselves and each other.”

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About the Author Mark Kistler is the author of nineteen books, including You Can Draw in 30 Days and You Can Draw in 30 Minutes. He has worked as a classroom teacher, a mass audience host, an Emmy Award-winning television performer, a popular “virtual” instructor, and a respected art teacher for adults and children. Lives near Houston, Texas. It was August 2014 when I decided I would try painting. I didn’t know how to proceed and searched the internet for ideas. My personality needs a process, step by step, to guide me how. I am not exaggerating when I say that I simply did not know how or where to begin.

I came across Mark Kistler and the book You Can Draw in 30 Days. Bit of a hypocrite, I thought. However, I went ahead and bought his book.

Me Attempting To Draw One Picture Every Day This Summer

I cannot sing the praises of this book enough. It was a miracle for me. Some may criticize his approach as too prescriptive, but if you’re like me and have no idea how to start drawing, this book is truly amazing. The drawing style is not to my personal taste – it’s a cartoonish style – but the book achieves one of the most important things a person like me needs: the confidence and belief that you can actually learn to draw. Finally, drawing is a fine motor skill that just takes practice. Mark’s book will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of learning to draw and walk you through each drawing step until voila! There is a picture on your page. Along the way, you’ll learn the basic rules of drawing to create the illusion of depth. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter and by the 30th chapter I was surprised that the book delivered what it promised – a rarity these days!

You can see in the image above that the first thing Mark wants to do is pre-test. Yes, it was the best I could do. Don’t skip this passage because it’s great to compare how far you’ll go at the end of the book. Even after the first lesson, I was surprised by what I wrote:

The whole process was incredibly fun and I looked forward to the end of the day when I was relaxing drawing instead of watching TV.

Really sad to come to the end of the book because I enjoyed step by step. It took me a while after finishing the book to figure out how to move on and keep learning (perhaps where that over-prescribed criticism comes from). In future posts, I’ll share how I’ve progressed and where I’m still in the process of finding my style.

You Can Draw It In Just 30 Minutes: See It And Sketch It In A Half Hour Or Less By Mark Kistler

By the way, I am not affiliated with Mark Kistler and am not paid in any way. I bought his book and this is my experience and opinion about reading and using his book. I give it 5 stars Mabel! I did the illustrations for my new book myself, because I was on a tight budget and couldn’t afford to pay an illustrator’s fee. The illustrations certainly don’t look like the work of a professional, and that’s a good thing, because they should have been done by a thirteen-year-old narrator. But as I worked on my less-than-perfect pictures, I remembered how much I loved drawing when I was a teenager. I took an art elective in high school and was incredibly talented in many artistic endeavors—painting, sculpture, pottery, screen printing—although I was good at drawing. Perhaps my mathematical mind liked the idea of ​​perspective and vanishing points. Anyway, I had so much fun drawing my last books that I wanted to practice a bit more and finally found this book by Mark Kistler, who is famous in America and on TV.

This book was a good introduction to basic drawing techniques. It’s designed for beginners who lack confidence, so it’s perfect for me since I didn’t pick up a pencil in my thirties. There are thirty lessons that can be done in thirty days, although I didn’t have time to spend every day for a month and so I spread the lessons over three months. Lessons teach the basic “laws” (perspective, placement, overlay, shadow, etc.) that make pencil marks appear on the page as three-dimensional objects, but in a simple and understandable way that ensures quick success and builds confidence.

I passed the first lessons of spheres, cubes, spheres in hollow cubes, pyramids and textures, only unlocking when hitting cylinders. Something struck me about the combination of curved and straight lines. But the book has plenty of practice for each skill over several lessons, so I persevered, bravely making jars of wobbly tomatoes:

Later came interiors and exteriors of buildings in one-point and two-point perspective. Oh, mostly straight lines again, what a relief:

Mark Kistler,

Mark Kistler is a cartoonist, so he also offers instruction on some basic cartooning skills, such as 3D cartoon characters and cartoon hissing, as well as cartoon planets made of volcanic craters and levitating boulders. Then, in Chapter 28, we suddenly had to draw a picture

. It seemed like a big leap, but once I started I realized I was using the same principles and skills I had always practiced. Of course, my first face was just as blurry as a face, but I kept at it for a few days and my face drawings got better and better:

But the last lesson was drawing hands. Do you know what fingers are? cylinder! Even holding a pencil with the right hand while drawing with the left hand is very difficult. I definitely need more practice in hand painting, ideally using someone’s hand as a model.

The good thing about drawing is that you don’t need anything but a pencil and paper. Kistler suggests some other useful drawing tools, but they weren’t expensive. I spent less than twenty bucks on a nice sketchbook, a smudging tool, some pencils, and a great retractable eraser. Kistler is also a proponent of tracing as a teaching method and recommends sophisticated layouts with clear clipboards, dry-erase markers, and easels. I didn’t care, and I honestly didn’t think tracking would help me develop my skills, so I ignored all the tracking tips. There are also extra ‘extras’ in the lessons to build your skills – sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t, depending on how fun or interesting it was. But by the end of the book lesson, I definitely felt more skilled and confident in drawing. I find that drawing for twenty minutes after a long, busy day really relaxes me and makes me want to keep drawing. If you want to learn to draw but lack confidence and don’t want to spend money on expensive drawing lessons, You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Drawing in a Month or Less

You Can Draw In 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way To Learn To Draw In One Month Or Less

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