Mountain Biking Colorado

Mountain Biking Colorado – Biking in Breckenridge is a summer must. With so many trails to choose from, it can be hard to choose which trail to ride. Here are four beautiful Instagrammable mountain bike trails in Breckenridge.

Breckenridge has miles of moderate mountain biking trails suitable for riders of all abilities.

Mountain Biking Colorado

The Colorado Trail is the state’s most famous road, stretching 486 miles along the Continental Divide from Durango to Denver. You may not have time to ride everything, though. Part of the Breckenridge section located here is a short drive from the city.

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Directions: At the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road/Lincoln Avenue, take Highway 9 north for approximately 5 miles and turn right at the Tiger Road traffic light. Follow Tiger Road for approximately 1.5 miles and turn left into Dredge Parking. After crossing Chapparal Lane on the right, take an immediate left. Follow the MTBProject directions from the bike parking area back to the parking lot.

A well-maintained jeep road leads through Gold Run Gulch, past the site of Preston Village, with views of well-preserved ruins.

Directions: From the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Street/Lincoln Avenue, head west onto Park Avenue. Turn right and follow Park Avenue a short distance to Watson Avenue. Turn right and park in the large parking lot on the right. Start at Watson Avenue and follow the paved road on the west side of the river. Go 3 miles north to Frisco. Turn right on Tiger Road and follow Tiger Road for 1 mile to Golden Run. Turn right to connect to French Gulch Road. Follow this road to Wellington Road. Turn left back onto Main Street in Breckenridge. To return to your car, take the first right on Watson.

Carter Park, east of Main Street, is a convenient starting point for most of Breckenridge’s local trail system. This loop is fast and fun downhill and a great introduction to this part of the trail system, a classic loop of Colorado downhill. Once you’ve pulled down these short strings, There are many different loops you can create from the same starting point. The routes in this area are well marked, allowing you to change flight paths if you wish.

New Colorado Mountain Bike Trail System A ‘demonstration’ Of Land Possibilities

Directions: Drive or drive east along Lincoln Ave until you reach High Street at the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road/Lincoln Avenue. Turn right onto High Street and drive into a cul-de-sac in the parking lot near the tennis courts and dog park. from the top of the road Follow the single track that zigzags to Carter Park. Cross the water road at the junction at the top and continue along Moonstone Road and up the hill until you cross Moonstone Road. Take a right across Moonstone Road and cross the trail to access the Juniata Trail. At the end of the Juniata; After many climbs, Take the connecting trail to the Barney Ford Trail for a fun downhill hike. Drive from Barney Ford and cross Moonstone Road again and ride the Moonstone Trail or Barney Flow Trail back to the parking lot.

It’s a gentle slope, but there are some fun rocky sections on the way down. Depart and return from the Beaver Run parking lot at the base of Peak 9 at Breckenridge Ski Area. The road is especially busy on weekends. It can get crowded on Sundays, so it’s best to leave early to avoid the hikers. This is a great option, especially if you don’t have a car and are staying in a town near a ski resort.

Directions: Drive from the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road/Lincoln Avenue or drive west onto Park Avenue. Turn left and follow Park Avenue to Village Road. Turn right. Follow Beaver Run Resort to the base of Peak 9 Ski Resort. Turn left directly into the parking lot below Beaver Run Resort. The trail is well marked and starts at the parking lot. Head south on Burro Trail for about 5.5 miles uphill to the junction with Crystal Lake Road. Turn right onto the road and complete the Spruce Creek Road roundabout and reconnect to the descending Burro Trail, which can loop or add nearly another 6 miles.

The Breckenridge Tourism Office represents the common interests and characteristics of its members and the community; We aim to enhance and enhance Breckenridge’s unique character and experience as a world-renowned resort to serve and sustain.

Best Place In Colorado To Ride A Bike: Eagle, Colorado

BLike Breckenridge™️ is a movement born from the soul of a historic mountain town for those who call it home, whether for a weekend or a lifetime. It connects us to each other and can be a part of us all. Fall may be the best season in the Rockies. September and October bring bluebird days to the alpine, and spring is also the best season for cycling. More than 600 miles of local roads should be clear of snow in the next few weeks.

Trail Maps and Tip: Always keep a map with you using COTREX, the nation’s comprehensive interactive trail maps to stay up-to-date on trail conditions. For printed maps and additional information, stop at the Information Center in Winter Park downtown.

Expert Tip: Sign up for the Winter Park Experience Pass and get access to discounts and discounts, as well as an insider’s guide to amazing local adventures and experiences. It is free and can be used on mobile devices.

Winter Park’s Trestle Bike Park is filled with fall pedaling fun. Trestle Bike Park is the fastest growing bike park in North America and the second largest bike park program in the world. The park is open through September and offers downhill and cross-country bike trails for riders of all abilities.

Mountain Biking Colorado

Finally, The best way to enjoy fall is to get into it. From the clear blue skies to the ever-changing colors of the mountain slopes, autumn is a great time for cycling. Whether it’s dominating downhills in one of our bike parks or soloing hundreds of miles of local trails.

Cyclists should not miss this trail, which is widely regarded as a recognized cycling route in the region. This is a 25.2 mile intermediate course that starts at Winter Park Resort. For those who prefer a shorter drive, Fraser’s Rodeo Stadium is also accessible.

This is a beginner to intermediate trail that ranges from 4.4 to 7.4 miles depending on the route you choose. The South Fork Loop Trail is part of the Idlewild Trail system. Access the trail by parking at Sitzmark Campground, located on Highway 40 next to Hernando’s Pizza Pub in Winter Park.

Rogers Pass is a classic bike ride with panoramic views that are worth the climb. The exit and west roads are James Peak; Perry Peak; It takes you along the Continental Divide with incredible views of the surrounding mountains and wildflower fields. With a gentle climb, Rogers Pass quickly climbs above the tree line to give cyclists aerial views of Winter Park and the town of Fraser. In addition, Heart Lake Winter Park Resort; The trail winds overlooking Mary Jane and the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. The view of Jim Creek valley’s fall colors will take your breath away. A day ride to Rogers Pass is enough to get back on the road. But if you want more adventure and beauty; Continue your adventure and hike up to James Peak.

Fall Mountain Biking In Winter Park

Be careful if you go up rocks and steep old roads while cycling.

Colorado Located near the Fraser, the Tipperary Trail attracts both professionals and recreational riders looking for a challenging ride. Rated as one of the top five racecourses in the world by the renowned cycling magazine Velonews, the Tipperary Trail often features in the single track races held at the winter park every summer.

Tipperary Racecourse is perfect for the last ride of the autumn season. The Loop Trail also offers a variety of activities and wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. This trail is a steady and gentle climb, but don’t underestimate the elevation gain. Along streams and beautiful meadows, red, You have to pass through forests full of orange and yellow leaves. old streams, The racing course continues on some classic trails in the winter park area leading to rivers and beautiful aspen forests.

If you’ve ever ridden some of our favorite fall trails; You’ll want to take a few steps to properly prepare your bike for next time.

Mountain Biking In Colorado’s Gunnison Valley

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