Mountain Biking Fruita Colorado

Mountain Biking Fruita Colorado – 18 Road Trails puts Fruita, Colorado on the international MTB map! Get the best route suggestions here.

A system of 18 trails in the North Fruita Wilderness has almost single-handedly put the small farming town of Fruita, Colorado on the international mountain bike map. Now the whole city feels like mountain biking! With one of the most famous bike shops in the world, a bike-themed beer, a pizza place founded by bikers, mountain biker murals and a city sign on the ring… very few cities have embraced mountain biking as wholeheartedly as Fruita!

Mountain Biking Fruita Colorado

Route 18’s trails are popular for their fast, flowing descents down the high ridges of the mud and sand desert. On iconic trails like Zippety Do Da and Joe’s Ridge, singletrack runs along treeless desert ridges and drops sharply down the backside of the ridge to return to the next ridge. Easier trails like the Kessel Run and PBR roll down gentle canyons or wrap around the side of the ridge. And for a long-term endurance challenge, consider the Sarlacc Trail or even (gasp) the Edge Loop.

A Washington Bike Company Is Rolling Into Fruita. Find Out What’s Next.

Convenient camping options right off 18 Road have also contributed to the trail system’s tremendous success. Although there are some paid and designated campsites, in the spring and autumn the area is so incredibly popular that most campers descend on the scattered campsites in the small valleys. Sometimes called the “Party Canal,” it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of people camping out on 18th Street on a spring weekend.

This diverse network of single-track trails has become one of the most popular trail systems not only in the state but in

… and maybe the world. This guide will serve as your guide to Route 18 with a variety of options on this iconic trail system. Choose the ways that sound best to you and take your heart out!

This short beginner loop in the North Fruita Wilderness is not only very affordable, but also a lot of fun!

Guided Mountain Biking Tours In Fruita, Co

Zippety Do Da delivers the downhill speed bombs, swing and flow, and visually stunning singletrack ridgeline that put Fruita on the map. Yes, the road is as funny as the name. Fruita’s 18 trails (also called the North Fruita Desert Trails) are almost world famous for their layout and fun factor, and Zippity Do Da is the masterpiece of the entire network. The trail can be ridden one of two ways: either as a loop along with Western Zippity, or as an “out and back” climb along the main dirt road or Prime Cut.

We’ve done both and don’t necessarily have a favorite. The loop is great if you want to get in a few more miles and enjoy the scenery at Western Zippity, plus it adds a few ups and downs before you get to the main Zippity trail. The out-bad-back option is also great fun because you can enjoy the descent even more. Our secret? Find a friend with a 4 wheeler or a truck and a shuttle… that way you can get around in less than 30 minutes. If you come on one of our Fruita tours, you’ll see what we mean.

The trail itself is mostly flat, flowing singletrack that climbs and descends steeper than you’re probably used to. In fact, there aren’t many places in the western United States where you can ride down a trail as smooth and fast as Zippity.

It’s not all steep ridges and super-fast drops. Zippity also includes several open mezzanine rides that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Best Of Fruita Mountain Bike Tour

Want to make it even better? Hit the trail at sunset when the views are incredible and you can see for over 100 miles.

Steve is the owner (and founder) of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures and a regular contributor to our blog. Passionate about providing clients with amazing mountain biking holidays, he enjoys photography and traveling when not working. Although he likes it when he works. Fruita, Colorado is home to some of the most famous desert mountain bike trails in the world! Get a drawer here.

Fruita was once known (or rather, largely unknown) as a fruit-producing town in Colorado’s Great Valley, but thanks to the construction of single-track trails throughout the region, Fruita is now known as one of the best mountain biking spots in the country. the world. !

On an objective basis, it’s hard to rank the trails in Fruita on par with destinations like Whistler, Crested Butte, or even Moab. But if you limit your scope to a certain

Mountain Biking In Fruita: Where To Ride, Eat, And Sleep

Mountain biking, there is no doubt that Fruita is one of the best places for mountain biking. This popularity is largely due to the 18-road trail system in the North Fruita Wilderness, which offers fast, flowing, beginner-friendly trails in expansive terrain. Campgrounds near the trail are extremely popular, making it a convenient spring mountain bike ride for many riders who live on Colorado’s Front Range.

Over the main roads, the Kokopeli area trails offer more technical terrain with challenging rock and downhill. However, some of these trails also offer high flow.

Key trails near Grand Junction are included in this guide. While not technically in “Fruita”, the Lunch Loops trails – and especially The Ribbon – are 100% worth riding when you’re in the area. While they may be looking further on the map, the drive time to Lunch Loops from downtown Fruita isn’t much longer than the drive to 18 Road.

Finally, unlike some cities that might objectively have better trails, Fruita “gets” it. Local business owners and elected officials know what it means to be a mountain biking destination. They rename Fruita’s official city logo and now display it as an “F” in the center of the bike circle. Several downtown bike shops support mountain bikers—especially Over the Edge, whose owner and founder, Troy Rarick, is responsible for encouraging much of the area’s trail development. And finally, local restaurants and breweries — especially Hot Tomato — are

High Speed Flow On Fruita’s Famous 18 Road Trails

About their patrons on mountain bikes. While some of the trails can leave something to be desired, in many ways Fruita sets the tone for other mountain bike destinations around the world.

One of the fastest and loudest point-to-point shuttles anywhere, with wide-open cave rides, ultra-technical rock gardens and big jump and drop opportunities – experts only!

This short beginner loop in the North Fruita Wilderness is not only very affordable, but also a lot of fun!

Zippety Do Da delivers the downhill speed bombs, swing and flow, and visually stunning singletrack ridgeline that put Fruita on the map.

Grand Valley Canyons — Copmoba

Horsethief Bench is the most famous trail in the Kokopelli Trail System, primarily because of the extremely nasty descent on the main trail. The view is also spectacular!

Although easily accessible from the city of Grand Junction, Lunch Loops provides rocky, technical singletrack to challenge even the best mountain bikers.

The Palisade Rim joins two large lollipops atop a brown rock overlooking the Grand Valley for a unique and fun Colorado Plateau ride.

Enjoy a well-built running track on your way to Kokopelli Loops Technical Center: Moore Fun. Join the Western Colorado hotspot for great mountain biking in the hills and fun nights on the town

Can’t Miss Bike Festivals For Every Type Of Rider

Join us in the Western Colorado hotspot for great mountain biking in the hills and fun nights on the town. Fruita’s well-designed trail system with plenty of singletrack awaits us with options for different abilities from intermediate to advanced terrain. Scenic views of the Colorado River along part of the Kokopeli Trail and horseback riding at the base of the dramatic Book Cliffs are among the highlights.

We stayed two nights with the group at better restaurants in the area to reminisce about the day’s adventures. Itineraries can be tailored for private groups of 6 or more and we can easily accommodate riders of varying abilities.

Wind is southeast 4.6 mph (4 KT). The pressure is 1009.3 mb, and the humidity is 59%. Wind is 54. Last updated on May 11, 2023 at 9:53 AM MDT.

Our tours range from moderate to intermediate to advanced in difficulty and tracks can be dirt roads, quad trails and/or single track. Be careful not to choose a ride that is too difficult for your skill level. Call our office if you have any questions.

Of The Best Mountain Biking Trails On The Western Slope

Moderate: Suitable for riders with moderate to good fitness who do some form of regular exercise and ride comfortably for more than 2 hours. Hills and slopes are usually short and you can walk in longer and steeper places. Trail surfaces will change and change with the occasional trail obstacle (rocks, roots, sand) that can be driven or walked on. We strongly recommend that you train for your ride by riding as much as possible to get your

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