Hiking In Southwest Colorado

Hiking In Southwest Colorado – As the sun approaches the southern hemisphere, the world around Colorado begins to change. We are seeing a few warm days and starry skies adorning our ancient city. Soon, the lush green forests will turn golden, and the first winter storm will herald what we’ve all been waiting for: the fall of .

Autumn is a special kind of gold rush, hunting for hidden aspen forests and places that show the beautiful colors of the changing seasons. Last year we talked about the seven best places to see fall colors. Now let’s talk about the best mileage. Whether you plan to drive, hike or walk to paradise, here are the best ways to see it.

Hiking In Southwest Colorado

If you’ve spent any time in southwest Colorado, you know the skeptics. The Million Dollar Highway, along with Cascade Creek and Lime Creek Road, are unforgettable driving experiences. We couldn’t resist even one mention.

Southwest Colorado Trails Recreation Topo Map: Latitude 40°: Amazon.com: Books

Million Dollar Highway is 70 miles from downtown Ouray. The road climbs and passes through three different passes: Coal Bank, Molas and Red Mountain Pass. If you can relax during the sharp turns and steep descents, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery in the country. Stop at the top of each hill and see the Scenic Overlook signs as you drive. Spend a full day enjoying this tour, which is always popular from late September through October, and be sure to check out the Million Dollar Highway guide.

Rough, rugged, scenic and wild, La Plata Canyon is a favorite trail for four-wheel drive vehicles. Located 20 miles west of town, this beach is famous for the trail to the Notch, which offers stunning views of Junction Creek and the mountain peaks.

No matter what time of year you visit Silver Canyon, you’ll find streams, waterfalls and wildlife galore. But the time spent visiting the changing seasons and these beautiful ideas will be painted in gold. Even if you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, there are several ways to try this ride. Several businesses in town offer car rentals, or you can book a private tour where you can learn local secrets and history along the way.

If you enjoy Purgatory Mountain Resort in the winter, you’ll love discovering the dirt trails hidden behind the slopes this fall.

Off The Beaten Path Places In Southwest Colorado

Like driving on a winding road of gold, oranges, reds and yellows, consider Hermosa Park Road as the starting point for your spontaneous adventure. Like aspen branches, the dirt road that began as Hermosa Park will split again and again. Take a highway or a path you’ve never taken before to discover private and hidden views to enjoy on your own. There is no wrong answer as to where to turn; you will find camps on the banks of rivers, abandoned mines, historic wooden cabins and trout streams at each river crossing, each perfectly surrounded by its aspen forest.

Last year, we highlighted the Animas River Trail, the Animas Mountain Trail, and the Colorado Trail back to Gaddis Rest as some of the best fall trails nearby. Looking through downtown, these three trails take you up, out, and around some of the tallest parts of quintessential Colorado fall.

The Plans del Purgatorio area can be used as a day trip or as a starting point for a wonderful hike in the San Juan National Forest. This 16.3 mile trail leads to the Chicago Basin Trail and then to the Chicago Basin, a campground with four peaks over 14,000 feet.

Whether you spend a day, a night, or a whole week outside of Purgatory, you will enjoy the vivid colors combined with the blue waters of the Animas River and the green grass of the alpine meadows.

Hiking And Camping Southwest Colorado: Vallecito Creek Trail

In addition to the best views of the aspen forest near the Hermosa Cliffs, Goulding Creek also offers access to one of Colorado’s most visited summer spots. This is one of the best paintings you can find if you want to see wildlife, so please respect this area, it looks straight out of a fairy tale. There are 32 switchbacks on this 6-mile hike, each one worth the effort. As if it couldn’t get better, you’ll find that Trimble Hot Springs Resort is just off the beaten path.

If all the journeys in the world could start and end on land, it would be like Elbert Creek. Starting at 8,500 feet, this trail has great views of the Needles Range and Twilight Peak. Views of the Animas River are similar to those of the Animas Mountain Trail, but most of the 9.7-mile Elbert Creek Trail remains private. You don’t have to go all the way to enjoy the falls, but be aware that the sight de resistance is the Purgatory rocks at the top of the road.

If the trail starts near Coal Bank Pass, you can bet we’ll be spending a lot of time there this fall. Engineering Mountain, the monster at the top of the 550 Freeway, is easy to get to when you leave your wheels on the ground. The total length of the trail is 12.7 miles and climbs gently to the slopes at the base of Engineer Mountain. The trail takes you through the forest, past mountain ponds and bulls, and offers great views of the mountains behind you.

Cabins I, II, III and the Westview Loop are hidden gems that are perfect for mountain biking above the Colorado Trail terminus. Continue on Junction Creek Road for four miles to find a one-lane road that seems to circle all of the scenic spots. They are often ignored, meaning don’t be surprised if you go an entire day without seeing a soul.

Silverton Hiking Guide Favorite Hikes From Silverton, Colorado Kelvin B. Kent 943727251

A wild fire a few years ago gave Haflin Creek a unique habitat where you can find a beautiful aspen forest. This route is considered challenging for both mountain bikers and hikers, climbing about 3,000 meters in less than 8 miles, but if you follow it, you will be able to enjoy several of your favorite sites. From the forest to the rocky mountains above the Animas Valley, this trail is very rewarding, ending with a beautiful view of Mount Baldy. Ready to hit the road in Colorado’s Blue Lakes? In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know before you hit the road, including ride times, what to expect along the way, and more!

If we make a good hike, it will include green trees, flowing rivers, endless mountain views and sparkling blue seas. And the Blue Lakes Trail in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado checks off everything on that list!

This hike was at the top of our list for Colorado and getting it done during our two months in the state required a lot of patience and planning as we had to wait for the snow to melt before we could hike the entire trail. . But the wait was 100% worth it!

Check out our Blue Lakes Adventure Adventures. You can also view all of our Colorado events on our YouTube playlist.

Mesa Verde National Park In Southwest Colorado

Blue Lakes is one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve done in the US, sometimes rivaling Glacier National Park with its San Juan mountain peaks and THREE Gatorade-colored lakes.

And in this guide, we’re sharing everything you need to know before taking this tour, including directions, stops, when to do it, the route, and more!

Note: This book contains affiliate links, which means that if you follow the links provided and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. We’re recommending products that we love the most, that we use on our travels, and that we think you’ll benefit from!

The Blue Lakes Trail is considered one of the best hikes not only in the San Juan Mountains, but in all of Colorado, which is a great compliment to a country full of adventure. The hike includes three lush green lakes surrounded by several 13,000-foot peaks, including Sneffels Mountain, Dallas Peak, and Gilpin Peak. Even without the lake, the mountain views on this trip are amazing!

Hermosa Creek Trails Repaired After Fire, Erosion Damage

But like many trails in Colorado, this hike has become famous for its beauty and scenery

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