Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan – In this summer paradise, you will easily collect the best summer memories in the next few weeks. Take our annual challenge to see how many of these fun things you can check off before work day.

It’s a beach every day this summer. Choose from 14 public beaches. Jump in Lake Michigan, play beach volleyball, build a sand castle, run the giant dunes, have a picnic, read a book – the list of simple pleasures is endless. When you’re at Weko Beach in Bridgman, stop by to hear the trumpet play from sunset to a memorable day at work. It is the end of your heart’s day.

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

Along the wide street, just steps from Silver Beach County Park, are three of Southwest Michigan’s most family-friendly areas. In addition, here you will find the most famous pizza in the area. Four places to visit!

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Lively with music and 48 beautiful hand-carved cars and 2 cars, the Silver Beach Carousel is the happiest place for all ages. Enjoy summer by grabbing a bag of hot popcorn, a movie and a thirst-quenching drink from the snack bar before you leave!

The Charybdis font is a free-flowing pad. GREAT! Check out our events page for special plans to stop by the park, including free summer movies after sunset on Saturdays.

The curious children’s discovery zone presents children in kindergarten through fifth grade with their interactive climbing, water, touch and travel experiences. Visit their website for ticket information.

Hungry? Just one of the many family restaurants in St. Joseph and those around him – many with whom he wanted to sit. Silver Beach Pizza is located next to the train tracks. Your kids will be wide-eyed as the freight trains and Amtrak trains pass by!

St. Joseph, Michigan With Kids

Guess on the restored little train before the whistle blows! Eden Springs Park, once known as David’s home, offers a $3 train ride through this former amusement park, which is being gradually restored. Training tours run every weekend, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from noon to 5 p.m. I hope you can catch an 1800s style baseball game on the diamond steps from the train station when you visit. Go Echo!

It’s summer and there’s no better place than Southwest Michigan to enjoy a little something sweeter. As you wander along our crowded Lake Michigan shore, you can’t avoid the delicious smells from our bakery, ice cream, fudge and bakery shops. Which is pretty clear from the line most nights outside Kilwins in St. Joseph! Our plan? Treat yourself every chance you get. Also, when the Berrien County Youth Fair is held the second week of August, come and enjoy the family atmosphere, shows, stalls and mmmm, honest, good food!

The beginning of Hidden Pointe Amusement Park. They take turns challenging themselves to play minimum golf on the 18 hole course, which is fun for all ages. Then there were cages, arcade games, a new 1,000-foot cart track, and the Eddie Cole Jumpshot basketball trampoline. There are plenty of snacks and ice cream available to replenish your energy.

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

Rain or shine, tick the clock at the new laser tag Slackers Race Fun Center in St. Josephus Play arcade, laser tag, bounce houses and more. Need a summer birthday party or a place for a family gathering? Here she is!

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Do you want to experience a part of Scotland? Another place to experience the skills of the wanderer is Weltra’s Folly at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks. This 18-hole, blown on the Hi-putting green at St. Andrews in Scotland, is family friendly and is considered one of the 10 largest putting greens in the world and the largest not attached to a course. Children can play, but only adults can enjoy the drink craft game Journey.

Whether you’re learning the game or playing scratch ball, make time to visit one of Southwest Michigan’s ballparks. This is your chance to say you’ve had the same turns with Paul Broadhurst, Steve Alker, Kenny Perry and Lou Holtz over the years.

Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Reserve, collected on 105 acres in St. Joseph River in the Nile and Buchanan area is a delightful combination of landscape gardens and nature reserves. The railway garden, children’s garden, sculptures and the Sims Learning Center are among the must-see highlights.

The Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven is home to five floating displays of replicas and historic ships. You can view the fleet from the docks or go out on the water. The cruise in the picture of the 1810 ship, Friends of Goodwill, is something that will be talked about for years. The museum also offers a Harbor Trail along the Black River, other experiences of maritime history and a paddle board nearby.

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Stop at one of the many farm stands, farmers markets, and pick your own farms in Southwest Michigan. Here you will find the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables you will ever bite into.

Kayak and canoe rentals are the perfect way to explore not only the shores of Lake Michigan, but also some inland trails. Of course you can put watercraft in these rivers.

For it was convenient, and the weekend now. And don’t let today’s economy ruin your summer vacation. Enjoy some of these free activities in Southwest Michigan to help keep your summer vacation costs down. There are many ways to make life easier so you can spend more fun times with family and friends this year!

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

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Whether for a day, weekend, family vacation, group trip, destination wedding or business meeting, download the SW Michigan app. Helping you plan the perfect South Michigan vacation, road trip or weekend getaway! Ever been to southern Michigan? We are here to help you make the most of your stay. Follow this beginner’s guide to plan your first winter trip to Michigan and make sure you check all the top attractions, restaurants, sights and places to see, and check places off your bucket list.

First you have to sleep somewhere. Our full service hotels in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and Stevensville are almost everything on your list. Visit our facility and book your stay.

You’re on vacation, so treat yourself to the best restaurants in Southwest Michigan! Here are some options that locals and tourists enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best art galleries, Southwest Michigan is the place. The Makers Trail (as they call it a collection of breweries, wineries and distilleries) has over 40 locations. Each location offers a unique experience from vineyard views, outdoor beer gardens and live music to wines based on sounds, historic buildings and local food. See a list of cities and transport services here.

Student Activity Center

Check out the Creator Trail early September through April awards! Pick your Trail Pass Makers and collect stamps for each destination you visit. Collect 10 stamps and get the first prize.

There’s a lot to see and do in Southwest Michigan, so we’ve narrowed it down to the best attractions and sights.

This is a must-see while you’re here! Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan fill the sky with beautiful shades of pink, red, yellow, and gold will be the perfect end to your day.

Fun Things To Do In Southwest Michigan

Here in Southwest Michigan, we’re famous for our beaches, which means you’ll go to at least one while you’re here. Even if you don’t visit in the summer, you should see Lake Michigan Beach.

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The largest lake in Michigan, 200 feet in diameter, under a cliff in St. Joseph and just steps from downtown and Silver Beach. Water cannons spray 35 feet in the air and run every 15 minutes. It’s fun for the whole family and the best thing is that it’s free!

Huge sand formations rise 260 feet above the lake. If you make it to the top, you’ll be able to see one of the best views of Lake Michigan (and even the Chicago skyline).

Many people travel here to experience the countryside and find the freshest fruits and vegetables. You will love our family farms and you will love the fresh taste of the fruits even more! Many farms also offer fruit for picking, so you can pick it yourself and eat it straight off the tree.

Take out a kayak or paddle board (SUP) from Third Coast Paddling and explore Paw Paw. You’ll have a great time with friends and family, and you’ll also get a great workout. Do you have your own kayak or SUP? You can find travel options in our water route guide.

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