Golden Colorado Mountain Biking

Golden Colorado Mountain Biking – Even in the days of hardtails and ruts on old mining roads, Roaring Fork Valley bikers knew they had a special place to ride. Recently, the unique feature has been recognized. In January 2020, the International Mountain Bicycling Association named Aspen Snowmass and Roaring Fork Valley as an IMBA Gold Level Travel Center, the organization’s highest honor—and one that is rarely given. It’s the first gold-level horse center in Colorado and only the fifth in the country (and as far as we’re counting, the seventh in the world – both non-US gold centers are in New Zealand).

In short, the Roaring Fork Valley offers a complete bike package—trails for all levels and types of riders, as well as a full complement of destination facilities. Specifically, the criteria for gold level designation includes a wide variety of trail types, ample mileage, and the potential for many quality trail experiences. The area’s strong sustainability ethos and diverse range of accommodation, restaurants and bars, bike shops and things to do other than cycling were also factors. So what does the greater Snowtree area offer to riders that have made IMBA so worthwhile? More than 300 miles of single trails, from the easy swings of the 2-mile Discovery Trail in Snowmass Village to the proven lands of the Government Trail, a local classic that connects Aspen and Snowmass. Hundreds of miles of two-track or wide dirt tracks, offering a backcountry feel as well as the opportunity to look out safely every now and then to enjoy your surroundings. And an extensive network of paved multi-use trails—like the 42-mile Rio Grande Trail—that runs the length of the valley along the former railroad trail—connects cities and most trails, so you can take any number of trips. put together without ever . leave the hall.

Golden Colorado Mountain Biking

Those with full bike gear will appreciate the options they have for swapping things. Put on body armor and take your downhill bike to the lifts to ride the Snowmass Bike Park, offering 3,000 vertical feet of downhill trails built for all skill levels, as well as a fitness park. A cross-country mountain bike works well for the vast majority of trails from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, not just the more infamous epic climbs with long descents. For the young (and young at heart), the BMX tracks at Crown Mountain Park in El Jebel – including a Strider track for smaller riders – can provide hours of fun. Or stand your ground on a cruiser or e-bike and eschew exercise in favor of a race on the valley’s vast network of paved trails. It took many years to reach the IMBA Gold level and the cooperation of several local entities, but we would be remiss not to mention the dedicated volunteers – most of whom are passionate riders themselves – who help build, maintain and restore trails – that goes the extra mile. perfection.

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The criteria for a gold level equestrian center include a wide range of trail types, plenty of mileage, the potential for many quality trail experiences, as well as a sustainable sustainable ethos and a diverse selection of accommodation, restaurants, bars, and bike shops. . , and things to do. Colorado has so many places that mountain bikers can enjoy riding and absolutely love. From the western slope to the starting line, you’ll find mountain bike trails that will amaze you with their expansive views and intoxicating scenery. Here are some of the great mountain bikes around the Colorado Rockies.

There are so many interesting trails to choose from that you might be confused about where to start. While you really can’t go wrong, there are some that are worth exploring every season, while others are best for another day. From singletrack to fire road, Colorado has the best mountain biking options.

Spring through fall Colorado is one of the most popular destinations for mountain bikers. Make sure you fit your bike before embarking on an unforgettable road trip. Or if you don’t have your own set of wheels, consider renting one at home or buying an affordable mountain bike. Many models from well-known manufacturers cost under $500. Now let’s take a look at must-visit places in this mountain biking season.

This multi-use road is popular with pedestrians and cyclists. The total distance is almost 500 miles of challenging alpine terrain from start to finish. To complete the entire Colorado Trail, you must be able to withstand the distance. Commitment is also necessary for such parties to end, if you decide to do it, push it and see it through.

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For those looking for just a slice of Colorado’s most iconic trail, the Silverton Trail in Durango features great singletrack with epic mountain views and no desert detours. It does involve some serious vertical climbing though, as there is more than one mountain pass. A more accessible area is located in Cuan na Byatach.

This is another great trail in Colorado that has a great view of the lock. Doctor’s Park is 14.2 miles long with light traffic along the paths. Offering some long-distance scenery, it begins with a vertical fire road 2,500 feet uphill and turns into a dual loop trail at the trail’s high point at 10,877 feet.

Starting outside of Crested Butte, this road will be full of rocks, roots and plenty of corners, so be alert and ready for whatever comes your way. At the end, the path slopes suddenly and you have to go downhill. This is the most technical part of the trip, but after you cruise to the bottom, enjoy a swim in the Taylor River to cool off.

This is a single track cycle path with wonderful scenery of valleys and mountains. Cycling can be intense and takes a toll on the body, so be well prepared with water and snacks.

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Located outside of Salida west of town, the trail is fairly flat as you begin your hike to Monarch Crest. The road is quite smooth and there are no big rocks to deal with. After a quick climb on the double track, you should stay on single track. Here you will find some rocks and roots that you need to go through.

Buffalo Creek has single and double trails. You can tour all day at Buffalo Creek. It’s big! And Pine is a cute little town located just south of Highway 285, not far from Denver.

Better yet, why not make a weekend adventure out of the speculator camping you’ll find along the way? Once there, you will see majestic rock formations, rugged landscapes, and beautiful mountain peaks.

This is also downhill single track and has a playground for dirt bikers. Among the services provided while on the trip are restrooms, a place to drink water and refill. It gets hot here in the summer and there is very little shade. Many technical trails are easily accessible from the city of Grand Junction.

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The Lunch Loop is a great network and is usually rated as challenging, although you’ll find something for everyone from Greens to Blacks. Keep an eye out for tight corners, some are blind. Runners also do the Lunch Loop, aptly named for its convenient nature. There are toilets on site and dogs are allowed.

Horse Gulch in Durango has a great trail, which is usually dry and hot in the summer. Therefore, it is recommended to have plenty of water with you. Beginners and others can use this trail depending on the route you take.

Some of the trails featured in Horse Gulch include Sugar, Telegraph, Snake Charmer, Raider Ridge and Power Line.

This track is near Aspen and is the most famous track there. It’s dirt and gravel singletrack with an elevation of 8,400 feet, so the temperatures are cooler.

Hours: Golden, British Columbia

You’ll enjoy the 19.7 mile trail even better in the summer and fall seasons. It may take you between 2 and 4 hours to complete the journey. As a moderate trail, you can also bring your dog here. Walking and jogging are also popular on the government trail.

Steamboat Springs offers beautiful single-track bike trails with everything from farm views to alpine forests to feast your eyes, ears and senses. Some of the trails the Yampa Valley offers include:

Year-round, you can take in the exciting network of floating trails at Phil’s World in Cortez. There is no fee to access the 17 miles of trails located on BLM lands in southwestern Colorado. You’ll be able to ride 2,000 vertical feet on these single tracks, although the terrain is relatively flat as you ride over mesa peaks and through cool canyons.

Every level you will find suitable mountain bikes here,

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