Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky – Finding outdoor activities in Northern Kentucky is easy – after all, there are plenty of outdoor activities and our Kentucky and Cincy area is full of natural beauty. If you’re looking for new outdoor activities, we’ve got you covered, from mountain biking and art walks to horseback riding and disc golf. Lace up your hiking boots and get out with a list of the best outdoor activities and attractions in Northern Kentucky!

Whether you’re feeling the need for speed or just want to take a gentle spin on the tree-lined streets, cycling outdoors at NKY is a lot of fun. Here are some ways to enjoy your favorite sport.

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

How can you ride a bike when you don’t have a bike? Find a red bike and rent one. All-day rentals cost $10 for regular bikes; All you have to do is check the station every two hours. If you want to try an e-bike, you can use the app to search for a small e-bike light in a certain area.

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With 700 acres of trails, forests, scenic overlooks, a lake and a museum, Devou Park in Covington, KY. It has a lot to offer. A fun way to explore is on two wheels. You can also rent a bicycle with a helmet. Park trails lead to scenic picnic areas and playgrounds, manicured golf courses and favorite fishing spots.

If you like mountain biking, there are 8 kilometers of back roads (also good for walking). Logging processes are monitored daily; You can check the status here.

This easy 2 mile trail follows the Licking River above the levee in Covington, Kentucky. As you walk along this dirt and gravel road, you will see 17 seals, as well as drivers and other river cruises. The best way to access the trail is at Randolph Park and behind Holmes High School. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Get out on the water! Northern Kentucky follows the Ohio River and is bisected by the Licking River, which cuts the border between Covington and Newport, Ky. Add to that our beautiful lakes and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time on the water.

Favorite Things To Do In Kentucky With Kids

The Ohio River is a great place to take a river cruise with amazing views and dining options.

BB Riverboats offers daily cruises from Newport Landing. Choose from tours that include lunch or dinner or one of their special vacations or experiences. Their flagship is the Cincinnati Master, an air-conditioned three-story Victorian-style building with an upper floor. The 3-story Queen reflects the charm of a riverboat era, complete with dining, dance and bar areas.

If you’d like to paddle your own boat, there are several marinas on the Licking River. Find the list here. If you don’t have a kayak, you can rent one at AJ Jolly Park in Campbell County. The park has a beautiful lake and rentals of boats (both single and double), paddle boats, kayaks and paddle boards. More information and prices can be found here.

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

While disc golf can be a very competitive sport, it is great for beginners. All you need is a course, a disk and a hand. The game is set up a little like golf and involves throwing a Frisbee-like disc into a certain area (called a tee) into a hole (called a hole). The number of strokes needed to move the disc from the tee to the hole is your score for that round.

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Northern Kentucky’s landscape includes rolling hills, abundant forests, beautiful river crossings, and native flora and fauna. We have places to go easily or request a ride. Come explore nature with us!

The paths in Florence Park are 6 meters wide and paved, making them ideal for anyone looking to add some nature to their day. It’s a wheelchair and a dog chair and the dog on foot also loves it. Younger visitors will also enjoy the park’s menagerie of rock animals. You will find rabbits, giant tortoises, alligators and baby hippos. Children can climb on the animals, providing a great photo opportunity.

The Doe Trail runs in Covington around the 50-acre lake. Bring food to enjoy at one of the picnic areas.

The Walsing Trails Valley is located near Independence and offers a variety of habitats (river, meadow, woodland and swamp), meaning you’ll see a variety of flora and fauna. There is a bluebird nest box on the way, so if you time it right, you might even see a chick.

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Devou Park also has miles of paved trails that take visitors through the rolling hills and playgrounds, golf course and Prison Lake. Be sure to visit the viewing area at Drees Pavilion for spectacular views of northern Kentucky, the Ohio River, and Cincinnati. In addition to the skyline, this ADA accessible area includes benches, picnic tables and a shade pavilion.

For experienced hikers, there is a long trail at AJ Jolly Park – there are actually 9.5 miles. You can check the map here.

Devou Park offers moderate hiking trails that are also used by mountain bikers. You can find the full list here.

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

The trail in Fort Thomas is considered “moderate” in difficulty and rewards hikers with nearly a mile of secluded forest and occasional views of the Ohio River. Some of the oldest trees on the trail date back to the 17th century.

Indoor Things To Do In Cincinnati And Northern Kentucky

Boone Cliffs State Refuge in Burlington has “moderate” or “hard” unmarked trails through old growth forest and 20-40 foot high cliffs.

If you’re looking for a fun way to tour downtown Kentucky, take a private tour. You’ll learn the stories behind the iconic Riverside Drive, learn more about the flood relief prints, and stroll through downtown Covington looking for monuments and statues, interesting shops, bars and restaurants. All tours, along with guided tours of the art exhibits, are free and available on the NKY Art Tours website.

It’s time to cast the bait on the net and cast the line in the water. There are many places to fish in NKY. Here are some of the top picks:

The Florence Aquatic Center is a great place to cool off and splash around. You can float on the lazy river, slip and slide or high speed, splashing in the water in two or under one of the “fanbrellas”. There is a plunge pool, sunbathing area, sunbeds and a family bathroom. Take a water break to eat where you stand. In addition to being a member, you can get a day of water fun.

Cincy Region Food Scene

You don’t need a special card or clubs to play putt-putt. Northern Kentucky has many golden courses to set up a family without problems. There are three areas we work on (light strokes).

Boone Links Golf Course has added 18 holes of mini golf to its backyard. Weather permitting, it is open year-round.

The Putt-Putt Recreation Center in Erlanger has 36 holes that can be played for fun or as a friendly par 2 tournament.

Fun Things To Do In Northern Kentucky

Florence’s World of Golf has been a local favorite for nearly 50 years. Their beautiful 18-hole mini golf course is themed around Kentucky landmarks such as Louisville Slugger clubs, Thoroughbred horses and bourbon.

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When you’re out in nature, history is all around you, yet it’s often invisible. Centuries-old trees take root in Kentucky’s soil as wildlife grows, grows and sometimes dies. Humans also play an important role in the history of our planet. Here are three great things that bring natural history to the fore, helping us understand nature on a deeper level.

The Visitor Center at Big Bone Lick State Historic Site is a great place to see the area’s natural history up close. Follow the path of explorers through megafauna excavations and dioramas with descriptions of ice age drama at salt and sulfur springs.

Live bison herds can also be found here, although you may have to search a bit to find them as they tend to hide in the shady areas around the park. The European bison is the living mammal that connects us to the Ice Age.

AJ Jolly Park Nature Center is a closed facility, but you can take what you learn along the way. Thanks to the exhibits in the center you will be able to identify leaves, birds and even a drop of different animals. Cool and disgusting at the same time, right?

Unique Things To Do In Kentucky

For young people, the NaturePlay area at the Behringer-Crawford Museum brings history to life in a fun, hands-on way. Archaeologists can dig up discarded bones or climb giant trilobites in prehistoric times.

This historical imagination game is inspired by the life of immigrants from centuries ago when children discover a cabin for two children and a replica ship. The museum often hosts educational programs at NaturePlay, including story time

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