Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend – Looking for fun activities? In Kansas City is it in the state of Missouri? We’ve got you covered. You might be surprised to learn that this is a great place to stop on an RV trip. From barbecue joints to Union Station, there is something for all ages.

We’ve created a weekend itinerary to help you make the most of your time in Kansas City. We also recommend three campsites for your stay. So as not to waste time let’s see!

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Kansas City is on the western border of Missouri. It is a unique city because most of its area is in the state of Missouri. But some of them are also in Kansas. The city is known for its barbecues, many fountains and its sports teams.

Top 5 Must Do Activities For This Weekend In Kansas City

The city’s jazz history is also pervasive. Famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Mary Lou Williams played here in those days.

There is always activity in the city. Whether it is a musical performance or a meeting. It’s great for families too! There is an amusement park, museum, Legoland Discovery Center, park, train rides. And many free or low-cost items for children to enjoy

Getting around in Kansas City is easy. There are trams and buses that run every day. Not to mention bike and scooter sharing systems available 24/7. These options can help you avoid driving downtown in your RV or trailer.

We had a great time in Kansas City and put together a list of five things you can’t miss. Check out the activities you can enjoy during your weekend there!

Things To Do In Kansas City (besides Eat!)

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is a beautiful and humble tribute to the men who served our country. The museum has a wide selection of war relics. It is open every day and often has special exhibitions.

We enjoyed reading the stories from the perspective of people who lived through the First World War. You can also join a self-guided audio tour. Which gives a lot of interesting information.

If you are traveling with children you will find a brochure in the main gallery that brings children. Go on a scavenger hunt through a world-class collection. They will learn and have fun!

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Union Station was built in 1901 and is an architectural wonder. It is a magical building to explore. There is also a science center, planetarium, cinema and live theater connected to Union Station, open every day. And you’ll find a list of current events and exhibits on this website.

Things To Do This Weekend In Kansas City: June 9 12

Science City has interactive exhibits for the whole family. It is a great place to introduce children to innovative ideas and discoveries. Want more science fun? Let’s go to the planetarium there. They have a special events calendar. This includes an evening laser show concert with regular singing and dancing.

Union Station’s two movie theaters are another fun package for the whole family. The cinema has an 80ft x 53ft screen that shows 2D and 3D films. The City Stage Theater is where you can watch live performances. These include comedies, dramas and musicals, and you can buy tickets through the website for daytime and evening performances.

The unique train station also has a museum. which runs the Auschwitz exhibit until January 2022. Admission starts at $15.

While you’re there, don’t miss the amazing model train exhibit called the Model Rail Experience, located at the back of the building. The details in this small, mega city are accessible to children and adults.

Fun Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids (for 2023)

Tom’s Town Distillery is definitely worth a stop on your trip. Great drinks and food and the atmosphere is great too. There is also a garden courtyard with live music on Sundays.

Tom’s Town produces premium craft spirits including gin, vodka and bourbon, and they also have a shop where you can buy bottles to go and take away.

Taking a selfie in front of a giant bookshelf is a must when in Kansas City. You will find it in front of the public library car park. Each book is 25 feet tall and 9 feet wide this unique work of art has to be seen to be believed!

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

To create a simple structure built in 2004, the community proposed the idea of ​​a huge bookshelf. The public submitted the names of their favorite books. And the library management committee made the final choice, which is now

Fun Things To Do In Kansas City: Your Weekend Getaway Itinerary

Kansas City is known for its jazz music. So a stop at the American Jazz Museum only makes sense. This museum is a great opportunity to learn about the history of jazz in the United States. From souvenirs to events

Permanent exhibitions include interactive touch screens, listening stations, mixing boards and a collection of John H. Baker films. We are sure you will enjoy this museum. It’s also a fun place to introduce children to musical genres.

The Power and Light District is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the Midwest. It is a mixed-use entertainment and lifestyle area comprising nine blocks. The $850 million project has attracted more than 95 million visitors since it opened in 2008 to help revitalize downtown Kansas.

There are many restaurants in the Power and Light District and several live shows a week. It’s a fun place to hang out at night. Where you can eat, drink, listen to live music, shop and much more to help you plan your visit. See the calendar of events on the district’s website.

Fun Things To Do In Kansas City

Kansas City is known for its jazz scene. But it is famous for barbecue. There are more than 100 barbecue restaurants in this city. You may want to plan to eat at more than one restaurant during your visit!

But if you only have time for one, Gates Gates & Sons Bar-B-Que, better known locally as Gates Bar-B-Que, is one of our favorites. It started as a small family restaurant, and thanks to its delicious meat, legendary side dishes and excellent service, it has expanded into a thriving network with six branches.

Currently there is a shortage of ride shares in Kansas City, so if you are there during good weather we recommend using lime scooters or e-bikes, not only as a convenient and affordable way to get around. But also really great!

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Consider bringing safety equipment such as a helmet. And drive carefully through the busy streets of the city. Also, here’s a friendly reminder not to drink and ride a motorbike!

Fun Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids

There are three RV parks in Kansas City that we recommend. All rooms have access to activities. Around the city easily as well as the facilities in the campsite.

Worlds of Fun Village gives you direct access to roller coasters and water parks! The village is close to the Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun theme parks, and the campsite also has a swimming pool and hot tub.

RV sites have full connectivity with 30 and 50 amp electrical services. Call-through sites and reverse sites are also available. The site also has picnic tables, grills and WiFi.

The campus RV park has full hookups with 30 and 50 amp electricity, the campground also has restroom and laundry facilities.

Attractions In Dodge City, Ks

The park is in Independence, east of downtown Kansas City. A number of area attractions include the Cathedral and Christ Community Hall. Harry S. Truman Home, Pioneer Historic Site, Wagon Rides, Civil War Battle Sites, and more.

The website shows that they take reservations online, but right now you can reserve your seat by calling (816) 254-1815 Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Blue Springs Campground is five minutes from Blue Springs Lake. You can choose a campsite with full connectivity. Water and electricity only facilities or electricity only facilities all have access to a toilet. Laundry and playground

Fun Things In Kansas City This Weekend

Being near the lake you will have access to many water sports and beaches. You can also visit historic sites throughout Jackson County or play golf at the Fred Arbanas Golf Course.

Kansas City Bachelorette Party Ideas & Planning Guide

You can choose from 27 full docking sites, 23 electric only sites, and 13 electric and water sites. There are also 18 full docking sites for the first time that can accommodate larger RVs and access to bathrooms and facilities. It’s easy to reserve your campsite online through the Jackson County Parks and Recreation website.

Weekends are quite a time here. But on the contrary, there are many things to do in Kansas City. So you might want to wait a little longer. Especially when you taste barbecue!

We hope this list of events will stop you from wondering if you should go to Kansas City. And start asking yourself when! Busy and family-friendly cities are fun to explore. It offers fascinating history and delicious food.

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