Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs – Things to do with families around Colorado Springs – Spend a day at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Just an hour from Colorado Springs, CO there is a unique park – Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. This unique park is one of the best things to do around Colorado Springs and a great way to spend a day with family.

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

Here are some ways you and your family can spend a day or weekend at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs This Weekend

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is not only a unique park, but also has many great places to dine in the park. There are plenty of outdoor dining options, including Cafe 1230 with rooftop seating, View Barbecue and Grill on the Hill.

Track your trip with some fun activities. Most weekends, Thursday through Sunday, the Elk Park Amphitheater offers live music until 4:00 p.m.

One of the rarest watches in the world (1 in 3), this watch is the only watch of its kind in Colorado.

A water clock is a water-powered bicycle that saves time and shows the day you visit. It is a model that stood for 30 years before the 2013 Royal Gorge Fire. It’s a beautiful park and a great family photo opportunity – it’s fun and in the summer photographers can take these photos. For you

Things To Know Before Moving To Colorado Springs, Co

You and your family can find out more about the park at the Visitor Center. There is a poster on the wall showing the number of dinosaurs it took to build the bridge.

In terms of bridges, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park are home to the tallest suspension bridge in America and a real thrill. Standing 956 feet above the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge offers spectacular views of nature and the landscape in itself.

To immerse yourself in this beautiful area, the gondola from the sky rises 1,200 feet above the river to see the incomparable scenery of the park and the surrounding mountains.

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

If you and your family want to travel fast across the clouds, take America’s tallest cable car over the Royal Gorge Bridge and Cloudscraper Park. A hand-held device will fly you at 1,200 feet above the river where you can stop to admire the view from above, and if you and your family really want to get ready to fly, our Royal Rush Skycoaster will drop off. You are at the same height after a free fall of 50 miles per hour in the sky.

Fun & Unique Things To Do For Families In Colorado Springs » The Denver Housewife

Please note that before you consider taking the whole family on a skyscraper or Royal Rush Skycoaster has a certain age / height limit.

Thanks to its many attractions, the park has something for people of all ages and tastes, from the simple to the wild – we are talking about visitor centers, cafes, airplanes, shopping, ropes, skis and the park’s signature bridge. Days of weird entertainment. Home »Things to Do» Weekend Excursions – 10 Best Things to Do in Colorado Springs

During our year-round trip around the world, we will document some of our favorite places in these tour guides and our travel logs so they can be your travel resource when visiting. These places. As you know, we left Austin for Colorado in early December.

If you are visiting Austin, be sure to check out the best things to do in Austin, Texas in your latest tour guide!

Unique And Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

One of the first places on our list is Colorado Springs, high on the Rocky Mountains at Pikes Peak. It’s the perfect place for a long weekend getaway so we have gathered the best things to do In Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs, also known as “The Springs”, is located near the center of the state on Interstate 25 between Denver and Pueblo. It lives at an altitude of over 6,000 feet.

After talking to some locals, we learned that Colorado Springs did not have much snow, which surprised us when we learned. It is also one of the sunniest cities in the state, which is great if you visit Colorado and want a cool, snow-free climate.

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

Springs is known as Olympic City USA because it is the headquarters of the US Olympic Committee and one of the largest Olympic training centers in the country, as well as home to USA Hockey and 50+ sports organizations in the country.

Best Mountain Towns In Colorado (by A Local)

You can see that the military (army and air force) is so present that almost a quarter of the population is military, active duty, civilian soldiers and their families. Colorado Springs and nearby El Paso County are home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

The capital of the state, the city is known as the High Desert; The connection to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains is on the other side of town.

We found a lot of things to do here, so take a look at what we love to do in Colorado Springs!

We called the Cheyenne Mountain Resort our home base during our time in Colorado Springs. No matter what time of year you visit the area, this property is a great place to put your head and explore what it has to offer.

Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs If You Don’t Enjoy Hiking

With an area of ​​more than 200 acres, 18 golf courses, more than fourteen tennis courts, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa and “abandonment of life”. You can explore the 35-acre trails and lakes where you can swim, kayak, kayak or paddle board.

I like this resort because it has a lot of activities for guests. If you like swimming, hiking, boating, exercising, yoga or socializing, playing tennis or just relaxing in the pool there. There is no shortage of fitness opportunities here.

Well-appointed living room with a privileged view of the mountains.

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

While there is no shortage of things to do in Colorado Springs, whether for the weekend or longer, you should choose carefully during your stay. So we work for you and minimize the number of gems you have when you visit Colorado Springs.

Fun Things To Do Near Colorado Springs, Co (2023): Best Places To Visit!

Garden of the Gods is a public park, a national landmark and the number one place to visit, and once you see it, you will know why. Beautiful green mountains and red cliffs that look ugly. This is an area to explore and there are many ways to do this.

You can take the 15-mile hiking trail from the concrete road to every circle where the wind blows through the red rocks, making the Garden of God famous. The park also offers a free daily guided walk. (See Visitor Center.) Cyclists will enjoy the paved bike paths that run on all lanes as well as other off-road trails for greater adventure.

Climbers come to this fact, which offers mountaineering for all skill levels. Visitors wishing to tackle the Red Mountains must have the proper equipment and a permit (free of charge). On the other hand, Ancient Climbing Company offers half-day and full-day private tours for 1-4 people depending on skill level.

For toddlers, the Segway is a fun way to walk around the park. Recommended tours of 90 and 120 minutes are available daily (Note: there are also tours for drivers and Jeeps, and you can walk into the park and explore on your own again).

Best Neighborhoods In Colorado Springs, Co

The Visitor Garden and God’s Natural Center The natural center is more than a hole in a wall. In fact, it is a world-class museum with the latest technology, emphasizing the geography, ecology and cultural history of the region with interactive exhibitions and exhibitions. Suitable for all ages.

Come at sunrise or sunset if you want to take great photos. We arrived about 30 minutes before sunset, the light hitting the red rock made it even louder. We stopped and went down the road to explore the Garden of God and take some amazing photos!

As you drive through the Garden of the Gods, there is plenty of parking and tuk-tuks so you can stop to take photos or park your car on the street. There are many beautiful views throughout the park, so be sure to plan accordingly so you do not miss a day.

Fun Stuff To Do In Colorado Springs

Here is a link to a map of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs with paths, trails, and directions.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado: Hot Springs, Family Fun And Relaxation

This 14,115-foot peak in the Pike National Forest is the most visited peak in North America with over 500,000 people.

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