Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in America. Even better, there are tons of things to do with kids in Colorado Springs. Admire the breathtaking views; Learn about the area’s gold mining history; Take a challenging hike and soak in one of the iconic hot springs that give it its name.

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

It’s amazing how many things there are actually free things to do in Colorado Springs. for example, The Giant Garden (1400 acres) of The Park of the Gods is free to enter. The weather was surprisingly mild. It is therefore classified as an alpine desert. As a result, the Springs has a mild, dry climate and over 300 days of sunshine each year.

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The peak tourist months are June through August, but Colorado Springs is a great place to visit in the winter. You’ll find that the winter months are gentle and full of great family activities.

There are many things you should know before visiting Colorado. situational awareness; Then enjoy these free things for your kids. – in Colorado Springs.

Tip: Opening dates and times are subject to change at any time. Please always check before embarking on attractions or tours.

The Garden of the Gods is the most beautiful place in Colorado Springs. Image credit: Susie Kellogg

Events & Things To Do For Kids In Colorado Springs

Open year-round, Garden of the Gods is a registered National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs. An American icon, The Garden of the Gods features 300-foot-tall rock formations set against Pikes Peak, Colorado’s most famous 14ers. It is recognized as the most visited place in the area.

In addition, educational activities can be found at the Visitor Center and Nature Center and Museum. Here you can find interactive galleries to improve your knowledge of structures. Geology Whether you’re interested in ecology or cultural history, you’ll find what you’re looking for. trust me Your family will leave an educational and divine garden that rivals anything you’ll find in a classroom. You might be surprised that this attraction is one of the completely free things to do in Colorado Springs.

If you are planning to visit the Garden of the Gods, you must visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It’s not free, but it’s very interesting and educational. Here you can walk around the grounds and enjoy beautiful views of Broodmoor and the city of Colorado Springs.

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Anyone interested in the history of places they travel to should visit the Pioneers Museum. Photo credit: Pioneer Museum

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As a stay-at-home mom, I can assure you that history is very important. That’s why the Pioneer Museum is so important to me. It is the only organization that collects and studies the extensive history and culture of the Pikes Peak region and Colorado Springs. That’s why it’s one of the best free activities to do in Colorado Springs.

The Pioneer Museum is open year-round and has exhibits and events detailing the region’s long history. The museum’s ever-changing exhibition schedule includes Western art; ancient cloths Plains and Pueblo Indian Culture; We introduce a variety of topics including space exploration and more.

One of the most unique places in Colorado Springs, Paint Mines Interpretive Park is a mine field full of educational activities. Photo credit: Susie Kellogg

Recognized as a unique experience, Paint Mines Interpretive Park is one of El Paso County’s most popular open spaces. Located on 750 acres on the eastern plains of El Paso County, these deposits bear evidence of human life dating back some 9,000 years. Colored clays are used for pottery and ceremonial paint.

Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs In The Winter

The park has amazing geological formations, including spiders and caves formed by venomous activity and natural forces. Restroom in the park a four-mile walk; Includes many interpretive signs and natural wonders. In short, homeschoolers. students Scholars and educators alike will love this educational gem. This makes the Paint Mine an invaluable addition to any list of free things to do in Colorado Springs.

Colorado State Many public fountains to drink in Manitou Springs. Photo credit: Susie Kellogg

Where can you find the springs that give Colorado Springs its name? It’s actually in Manitou Springs. There are currently eight fountains open to the public, each with its own flavor and strength.

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Centuries ago, tribes from the Plains and the Mountain Utes celebrated the healing and spiritual powers of mineral springs. The drink is believed to be a gift from the great spirit Manitou.

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Free Mineral Springs brochures/maps; Be sure to stop by the Manitou Springs Visitor Center for detailed information tables and sample cups. that’s true, Free water fountains are one of the most amazing free things to do in Colorado Springs.

Extreme song The Manitou Incline is an endurance test for the best of the best. Photo credit: Susie Kellogg

So you think you’re a walker? Located in Manitou Springs, the Manitou Incline will test your endurance and your perseverance. It is considered an extreme path and not for the faint of heart.

The Manitou Incline rises nearly 2,000 feet in less than 1 mile. Therefore, Not considered a beginner’s course. However, people (or climbers) from all walks of life have successfully conquered it. This is the most difficult road in the country and runners, military It attracts Olympic athletes and climbers from all over the world. Most importantly, the Manitou Incline is renowned for supporting those who take intense exercise and make us look at our current body shape.

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Like the Pikes Peak Highway; The Gold Belt Scenic Byway is nationally famous. It is a National Scenic Byway through Colorado’s Gold Country. Located only about an hour from Colorado Springs, this is a convenient trip.

When you go on the Golden Ring Scenic Tour, You will relive the historic travel routes of the world’s greatest gold rush. Beautiful scenery on every road. There are beautiful landscapes, from mountain parks to crimson canyons. This is one of the best free things to do in Colorado Springs.

Although it is possible to drive all year round, tourists should be careful. All-wheel drive is required to navigate Shelf Road and certain sections of Phantom Gorge. People with trailers and RVs are discouraged from driving the entire route.

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

The academy is open to the public free of charge throughout the year. How does it feel to be a trainee? Enjoy the views of the tracks, attend a sporting event and even visit the Cadet Chapel, known worldwide for its unique architecture.

Pikes Peak In Colorado Springs

For more information on what is open to the public, visit the USAFA website. Another great educational addition to the list of free things to do in Colorado Springs.

This makes Cripple Creek one of the best free things to do in Colorado Springs. ok In the late 1800s, Thousands of fortune seekers headed to the Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak region in search of the nation’s last gold rush. Now, more than a century later, You can make your own discoveries at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center.

The center offers 11,600 square feet of exhibits that appeal to both children and adults. Immerse yourself in the good old days of the world’s best gold camp. Check the Cripple Creek website for a list of current shows. You’ll find Cripple Creek open year-round.

Beautiful, thanks to the Street Art Program of Colorado Springs. Original and original local art is everywhere in downtown Colorado Springs. Visitors can enjoy a seamless immersion between outdoor beauty and local art. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains while embracing the region’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Best Things To Do After Dinner In Colorado Springs

The fair began in 1999 as a way for locals and visitors to enjoy world-class art without the need for expensive galleries. Every year, artists create unique and captivating pieces in hopes of being seen downtown. Each year the committee’s central community theme is reflected in each work selected for presentation.

Lots of fun and education at Focus on The Family Visitor Center. Image credit: Focus on the Family.

Open year-round, the Focus on the Family Visitor Center has welcomed more than 5 million visitors since it opened in 1994. The visitor center is full of fun and excitement. From the Kids Korner playground to the Whit’s End Soda Shoppe, kids and adults alike will be entertained.

Free Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

The episode was written specifically for KIDS Radio. A free CD at home is sure to become a family memory. Be sure to take advantage of this great addition to free things to do in Colorado Springs.

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