Colorado Springs Vacation Rentals

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Unleash your inner artist and escape to a city sandwiched between a monstrous mountain and a geological wonder built by the gods.

Colorado Springs Vacation Rentals

Manitou Springs is a pocket of progressives and eccentrics in a sea of ​​conventionalities and military men. The Air Force Academy, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (better known as NORAD), and Fort Carson all call Colorado Springs home. But just a few miles west of the conservative city is an eclectic city full of artists, musicians and all good people.

Best Colorado Vrbo Vacation Rentals You Must Visit

It’s a great place to let your hair down and enjoy the historic charm of the old town. You can find gold, play old arcade games or catch a vintage peep show (it’s not as edgy as you think). There are dozens of art galleries, several museums (and even a castle!) and a cogwheel train. If Manitou Springs can claim anything, it’s that you’ll never be bored.

And after all that activity, you’ll need a place to put your feet up and lay your head. Check out the recommendations below for the best cabins and cottages in the area. Whether you need a place for a family gathering or just want a little cabin with a big view, this little town has you covered.

Why you should stay: nature is at your fingertips, even when you shower – there is a skylight inside.

After reading the latest fantasy novel, are you longing for your magical world to escape to? So look no further than the Nest, where whimsy and magic blend in perfect harmony. The house is aptly named as you approach the log cabin nestled among the hemlock trees surrounding the property. A crocodile greets you as you descend the stairs to the main house. Unless your name is Peter Pan, you should be safe from crocodile bites.

Josephine By Vacation Rentals For You Colorado Springs, Co (united States)

Take your dinner and eat outside to enjoy the many birdhouses that surround the lodge. A birdbath and several hummingbird feeders will keep you and your guests entertained for the night. You don’t have to watch TV here! In addition, the house is only a few minutes from the city center and is easily accessible by foot – or by wings if you have one.

Why you should stay: There is no need to book a spa day because this mountain cabin has everything to pamper you.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of Victorian design and mountain cabin views, this unique home fits the bill to a ‘T’. You will immediately feel like royalty when you walk through the threshold of the main house. Plush pillows, cork walls (yes, cork!), custom stonework, and a chef’s kitchen are just the tip of the iceberg.

Grab a good book and sit in one of the armchairs near the entrance as the sun streams in through the large windows. Or if you want to get your blood flowing, you can walk the popular Manitou slope, although I’d say the view is better from the house porch. Then relax your muscles in a private studio with Jacuzzi. This is true! A complete indoor space where you can soak away your worries at any time of the year.

Colorado Springs Vacation Rentals And Airbnb

The extravagance of this yurt cannot be measured. If you’ve stayed at one of Colorado’s mountain yurts, this one could be no different. I repeat – this yurt is unlike any other yurt you’ve ever been to.

Not only does it have an amazing kitchen to suit any chef’s needs, but it also has a spa-like bathroom with a deep soaking tub and heated floors. There’s even a washer and dryer in case you make a total mess of your clothes while you’re out and about in the area.

The sharp corners of this mountain gem may look harsh, but inside everything is warm and cozy. At a whopping 2,400 square feet, this modern rental has more than enough room for six guests.

Every inch of this home has been thought through, and no space is wasted. From the triple sink in one of the three bathrooms to the cascading waterfall on the patio, this home is truly one of a kind.

Colorado Springs Cabins

Bell Rock Retreat’s gray-blue exterior against the red rock for which Manitou Springs (and southern Colorado) is known stands out. What’s even more impressive are the surrounding views, including a unique view of Pikes Peak.

Even in the height of summer, the 14,115-foot peak looks chilly. Lucky for you, you can boil some water in a copper kettle on the wood stove. Or you can be boring and use a regular oven. However, I encourage you to be a non-boring person as you will blend in with the eclectic locals of Manitou Springs.

This stunning vacation home may not be the largest on the list, but with the number of windows found throughout the home, it certainly looks like it. But the real reason to stay here is the proximity to all the famous attractions around the city.

Balanced Rock, Pikes Peak Train Depot, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Manitou Incline and Cave of the Winds are within three miles of the home. There is something for everyone, literally.

Manitou Springs, Co Cabin Rentals From $109

Why you should stay: There are two balconies and two balconies, including one with real chairs. How cute is that?

Are you in New Orleans or the hills of Manitou Springs? If you stay in this Creole-inspired home, you might not know the difference. It has two front porches perfect for sipping your morning coffee or evening cocktail.

And while it may be tempting, I don’t recommend wearing beads to throw at someone who might turn a light on you. I also wouldn’t put it past the amazing townspeople of Manitou Springs to take you up on the offer. Instead, walk from home to downtown businesses to really get to know the quirky locals.

Whether you’re looking for a quick romantic getaway or a honeymoon getaway, a Manitowoc tiny house packs a lot into a small space. Thoughtful design adorns the entire house, including decorative keys that allow entry into this cozy space.

Visit Colorado Springs: 2023 Travel Guide For Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bring your four-legged friends because this tiny house is dog-friendly. Manitou Springs offers several dog-friendly activities, including the Garden of the Gods Walk and even Manitou Cliff Residences!

Onaledge Historic Lodge is one of three owned by the Smokebrush Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit organization that focuses its energies on creating a community of creativity and collaboration. Their property includes Smokebrush Farm, where they grow a variety of herbs and vegetables (including mushrooms!) and also take care of pigs, bees, goats, quail, rabbits, chickens, and ducks!

But if you’re not into farm life, that’s fine. This nearly 5,000 square foot home oozes luxury! With eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, it leaves more than enough room for everyone in your party.

If you bring children, they will love the puppet show or, for the more intellectual, the beautiful chess board. Watch a movie in one of the many leather couches or sit by the fire on huge built-in couches that look eerily like old train seats.

Amazing Vacation Rentals In Colorado Springs [2023 Edition]

And if you want to ride a real train car, take the newly renovated and reopened Pikes Peak Cog Railway!

Manitou Springs may be one of the most progressive cities in the United States, but why not step back into the 1950s with a stay at this mid-century cabin. Exposed beams and whitewashed brick bring this house to life.

Simple and practical furniture perfectly emphasizes the unique design. This house is ideal for those who want to have a longer vacation as they only accept long term rentals. There’s even an office if you can work remotely or need a place to practice yoga every day.

If you find the time stay longer to really experience all that this small town has to offer.

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Take the pedestrian bridge over Fountain Creek to reach the Allison House. This historic house looks like a real dollhouse.

Don’t worry, there are no creepy dolls that will secretly kill you in the middle of the night as they roam the house. Instead, the house boasts refined furnishings, classic design and a large balcony with built-in seating.

Why you should stay: There’s a fully stocked cafe on the third floor, so you don’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen.

It’s no wonder the boulevard is called a modern mansion and icon of Manitou Springs. Over 6,000 square feet of luxury, this home can accommodate 16 adults and four children, plus your friends on four!

Magical Cabin Rentals In Manitou Springs, Colorado

Before you leave, use words like “parlor” and “chesterfield” and “great hall” because the whole house has a historical charm. There will be children

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